Are you getting an iPhone error code 1035 while trying to set up visual voicemail greetings? Do you know which factors cause this error to emerge on your screen? In this article, we have listed different troubleshooting steps to fix the error.

If you have set up a visual greeting message, people who are calling you will hear this message before being offered an opportunity to leave you a voicemail on your iPhone. However, quite a few users are reporting that when they try to set up the visual greeting message, they get the “ error 1035” error.

This specific error doesn’t let the users save their greeting messages and indicates that either the voicebox message is not set up correctly or the feature has been reset due to an iPhone software glitch.

Why won’t my voicemail greeting save on iPhone?

As mention above, the iPhone 1035 error occurs due to an issue with your voicemail settings. Therefore, you may need to do a fresh voicemail set up to fix the error. However, users have reported that the following causes didn’t let them set up new voicemail settings.

  • The network settings on your iPhone are glitched which is not letting your voicemail work properly.
  • The most common reason for the 1035 error is an issue caused by your WIFI network. Switching to mobile data often fixes the error.
  • You have set up your voicemail through iPhone settings and not through your carrier settings.
  • Your cellular data is having issues connecting to your carrier network.

How do I fix error 1035 on iPhone?

iphone 1035 error fix

To fix the iPhone error 1035, try the following troubleshooting steps.

Restart your iPhone

Restarting your iPhone can fix a lot of issues and errors as it clears background processes and temporary cache files that can be hindering your iPhone voicemail to run smoothly.

To restart your iPhone, press and hold the side and volume button until you see the power off slider. Drag the slider to turn off your iPhone. Next, wait for 30 seconds and then press and hold the side button on the right to turn on your iPhone.

Turn Airplane mode on and off

Your iPhone can throw the 1035 error code if it is having connectivity issues to your WIFI connection or cellular network. Some users found out that the easiest way to fix the error is by turning the Airplane mode On and Off. When the Airplane is turned On, your iPhone loses all WIFI and cellular connectivity.

To do this, swap done the notification bar on your iPhone main screen and tap on Airplane mode. Now wait for 30 to 45 seconds and tap on Airplane mode again to turn it off. Next, try to set up or update your greeting message on your iPhone and see if the error persists.

Switch to cellular data

Sometimes, your home network or WIFI connection is the reason you are getting the 1035 voicemail greeting error on your iPhone. To fix this issue, you may need to switch your WIFI to Cellular data. Your carrier cellular data can be a good choice for voicemail settings.

  • First, turn off WIFI on your iPhone
  • Next, navigate to iPhone Settings and tap on the Cellular option
  • Toggle the button next to Cellular data to turn it on
  • Now try to set up or use voicemail and see if that method fixes the iPhone error

Update iPhone to latest software version

A lot of iPhone users had success fixing various errors by updating their iPhone software. Software updates address specific bugs and errors that could be causing hardware and software issues. To update your iPhone software:

  • Go to the iPhone Home screen and then navigate to its Settings menu
  • Scroll and tap on the General option
  • Under the General options, tap on Software update
  • Now your iPhone will look for the latest software update
  • If an iPhone update is available, download and install the update and then restart your iPhone

Where are iPhone voicemail settings?

Quite often, iPhone users set up voicemail through their phone settings. However, this method sometimes won’t let the callers hear the greeting message. As voicemail is related to your carrier, therefore, the best way to set up voicemail is through your carrier. To do this:
  • Turn off WIFI on iPhone by swapping down the notification bar and tapping on the WIFI icon
  • Now locate the Phone option on your iPhone home screen
  • Bring up the iPhone keypad and press and hold 1 to automatically navigate to voicemail settings
  • Next, enter your voicemail password and set up your voicemail and its visual greeting messages
  • Finally, quit the setup and restart your iPhone to let the changes take effect
The above method may not work for setting up voicemail on all carriers. You may need to look up specific steps on how to do it by visiting your career website or contacting your carrier help center.

How do I reset my carrier settings on iPhone?

If a fresh voicemail setup did not fix the iPhone error 1035, your carrier network settings on your phone might be the culprit. Therefore, you may need to reset your carrier settings to renew all the network-related information stored on your iPhone. You can do this by the following method.
  • Go into your iPhone Settings menu and tap on the General option
  • Scroll down to locate the Reset option and then tap on it
  • Under the Reset sub-menu, tap on the Reset Network Settings option
  • Next, your iPhone will restart automatically to save the new carrier information
  • Now try to set up or update your visual greeting message and check if the error is fixed


A visual voicemail is a great way to let your callers hear custom greetings while they wait to leave you a message. However, your callers can only hear the greeting if you are able to set it up in the first place on your iPhone. We hope that this guide helped you fix the error 1035 code so that you can set up a new visual greeting message with ease.