Are you needing to refresh your Vizio TV, and wondering how to retune it?

A retune, otherwise known as ‘Channel Scanning’ is easy to complete, and refreshes the channels you can receive.

If you are wanting to move forward with a retune because you are needing to improve the quality of your channels, and refresh your reception, keep in mind a retune can involve not only a rescan, but also resetting your smart TV.

There are two options available with a reset, a soft reset or a hard reset, with the latter involving all your data being erased. Completing this action on your TV is always beneficial once in a while as it will help get rid of any faulty software, as well as enhance your viewing experience.

With that being said, we have generated this easy-to-follow guide for you to be able to retune your Vizio TV in 6 easy steps.

How to channel scan on a Vizio TV

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How to rescan for antenna channels on your Vizio TV

Before deciding to reset your Vizio TV, performing a retune is easy to complete, and should update everything you need without losing any data.

If you are using the ‘coaxial‘ input;

Step 1. With your TV switched on, click on the ‘Input’ button on your remote

Step 2. Make sure the ‘coaxial’ input has been selected (It will show as TV or ANT)

(Note, if the input has not been selected, click on the ‘input’ button until it has been)

Step 3. Click on the ‘Menu’ button to access the main menu and choose ‘TV’ or ‘Tuner’ (depending on your model)

Step 4. Once this has been selected, you will need to confirm the correct options of Antenna and/or cable

Step 5. Click on ‘Auto Search’ or ‘Auto Channel Scan’ (depending on model)

Step 6. Once the scanning has been complete, you can click on the ‘Exit’ button

Your channels will now be retuned.

How do I refresh my Vizio Smart TV

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Refresh Vizio TV

Resetting your Vizio TV can be completed by performing a hard reset, which will clear all your TV’s saved data currently on your TV;

Step 1. On your remote, click on the menu button which will have a ‘V’ on it

Step 2. Find and select ‘System’

Step 3. Click on ‘Reset and Admin’

Step 4. Now choose ‘Reset TV to Factory Defaults’

Step 5. You may need to be required to enter a password, this will be 0000

Step 6. Confirm by clicking on ‘Reset’

If you do not want to lose all your saved settings, instead, you can do a soft reset, which will allow you to keep everything as is on your Vizio.

Step 1. Press down on the Power Button of your TV for around 10 seconds

Step 2. While you are holding the button down, unplug your Vizio from its plug point

Step 3. After the TV has been unplugged and the Power button has been held down at the same time, you can plug your TV back in

The resets have now been completed.

How do I update my old Vizio TV

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How to update my Vizio TV

Do Vizio Smart TVs need updates?

Updating your Vizio TV involves improving the firmware software of your smart TV. Completing this update will enhance how your Vizio operates, and get rid of issues that are caused by bugs within your software.

Note, in order to update your Vizio smart TV, it will need to be connected to a stable internet connection,

Depending on what model your Vizio TV is, it will check for updates automatically and perform the update when your TV is switched off. You will know if this update has been successful as the next time you switch your TV on, there will be a pop-up notification confirming it was successful.

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If you need to complete the firmware update manually;

Step 1. Click on the ‘V’ menu button

Step 2. Press the ‘System’ option

Step 3. Under ‘System’ you will be able to select ‘Check for Updates’

Step 4. Your Vizio will now scan for updates

Step 5. If an update is available, you can confirm you want to install it

Leave your TV to complete the update process.

How do I find the PIN code on my Vizio TV

Pin Code Template

Where is the PIN code on my Vizio TV

Finding the PIN code for your Vizio can be done in a few simple steps;

Step 1. Click on the ‘Device’ button on your remote and hold down until the light flashes two times (the LED will stay lit)

Step 2. A code list will come up on your TV screen. Find the code for your Vizio

Step 3. Input the number code with your remote

Step 4. The light will flash once after each number input

Friendly reminder, keep note of what your code is for your TV.

Why does my Vizio TV have no signal

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Why does my Vizio have no signal

If your Vizio TV does not have any signal, it will interfere with being able to connect to your desired channels;

  • The input channel on your Vizio is incorrect
  • The cables are mangled or are connected too loosely
  • Your network connection has interference

So how do you fix a Vizio TV when it says no signal?

  • Turn your smart TV off at the plug and wait for around a minute before plugging it back in
  • Replace your cables if they are damaged (VGA cables seem to be the best)
  • Check to see if your cables are connected loosely, if they are, ensure they are secure
  • Make sure you have chosen the correct input channel


We know how important it is to be able to receive all channel options on your Smart TV. Even though we have access to all the very best streaming apps to watch the latest movies and series being released, there is still a need for watching ‘cable TV’.

We hope this guide has given you all the necessary information and tools for you to be able to retune your Vizio TV so you have the ultimate channel options.

If you would still like to make use of Vizio’s customer support, you can click here.