If you’re wondering how to retune a Sony television, well, then this article is all about answering all the retuning queries.

It is pretty common for TV channels to go missing unexpectedly. All you need to do then is retune your TV and get everything back on track. However, retuning any TV can get a bit confusing for users, and for Sony TV users, the scenes are pretty similar. To ease things up, here is a detailed guide that will educate you about the best ways of retuning any Sony TV, Android, or Non-Android.

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How to Retune Sony LCD TV

retune sony tv

#Method 1: Analogue Retuning

  • Press the ‘Home” or the “Menu” button on your remote
  • Find and tap Settings.
  • Now navigate to the “Analogue Setup” and click “Analogue Auto Tuning” or “Auto Tuning” Option. For some TVs, you might need to go through the “System Settings” or ‘Setu-up” menu to find the analog auto-tune option.
  • Once you click the “Auto Tuning” option, a message displaying “Do you want to start Auto Tuning” shall pop up. Proceed to click “Yes.” 

#Method 2: Digital Tuning

  • Start off pressing the “Home” or the ‘Menu” button on the remote.
  • Find settings and tap “Digital Setup.”
  • Under that, select the option that says “Digital Auto Tuning” or “Auto Tuning.”
  • Click “Yes” or “OK” when the “Do you want to start Auto Tuning” message pops up.
  • Make sure you either between “Antenna” or “Cable” according to your connection.
  • For “Antenna,” the tuning will start immediately, while for “Cable” tuning, you’ll have the option to select, Scan Type, Frequency, or Network ID.

In case you’re unaware of any of the values, here what the default settings look like:

  • Scan Type: Quick Scan
  • Frequency: Auto
  • Network ID: Auto

How to Retune Sony Android TV

retune sony TV

#Method 1: Analogue Retuning

  • At first, press the “Home” button on your remote
  • Look for the “Settings” menu.
  • Under Settings, find and tap “Channel Setup.”
  • Navigate to “Analogue Setup” and click on the option that says “Analogue Auto Tuning.”
  • Once you click that, a message will pop up saying, “Do you want to start Auto Tuning”; click “Yes” and proceed.

#Method 2: Digital Retuning

  • The first thing you’ll need to do is press the “Home” button on your remote
  • Now find and tap “Settings.”
  • Navigate to “Channel Setup’
  • Under that, click on “Digital Setup.”
  • Hover over to the “Digital Tuning” option and tap “Digital Auto Tuning.”
  • After that, you’ll come across the “Do you want to start Auto Tuning” message; click “Yes.”
  • Now select “Antenna” or “Cable,” as per the one that fits perfectly to your type of connection.
  • Clicking on “Antenna” will initiate the auto-tune process immediately, while if you go with ‘Cable,” another menu will pop up.
  • The pop-up screen will allow you to select the Frequency, Scan Type, and Network ID. Choose one according to the service provider and proceed.

How to Retune Sony Bravia TV

retune Sony Bravia

#Method 1: Auto Tuning

  • Press the “Home” button on the remote 
  • Find and tap the “Settings” menu from there.
  • Hover over to the “Digital Set-up” option
  • Under that, search for “Digital Auto Tuning” and tap on that.
  • Now you’ll need to select ‘Antenna” or “Cable.”
  • Click the “Quick Scan” option and tap “Start.”
  • Once done, wait for some moment until your Bravia TV scans the maximum number of channels.

#Method 2: Manual Tuning

  • Press the “Home” button
  • Navigate to the “Settings” menu
  • Find and tap “Digital Set-up.”
  • Select the “Digital Manual Tuning” option
  • Enter the exact frequency of the desired channel and proceed.

Final Words

There you’ve it, a detailed guide to retune any Sony TV. I hope you are now well aware of the proper ways of getting your TV retuned.