Is your Philips TV experiencing missing channels, wrong regional channels, or break ups in the video? If so, then chances are you may need to retune your Philips TV. If you don’t know how to retune, we are sharing our full tutorial on retuning a Philips TV with you.

Philips is a globally recognized brand with business activities ranging from health care and food to technology. They have dabbled in a variety of different products, so it’s no surprise to find a fault or two here and there in their development.

Phillips has been making and perfecting TVs since the 1950s. They have innovated and designed TVs from the days of large box CPR units to the flat screen 8K OLEDs that we use today. The software components of their TVs have also upgraded over the years. However, there still may be glitches that we’ll help you sort out.

What is Retuning Your TV?

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If you have never heard the term retune before, it is resetting/defaulting channels of your TV provided by your service provider. TVs, especially modern TVs, auto tune when you first turn them on. But, the traditional way of getting whichever channel or whatever number has always been done by manual retuning.

There may be times when depending on where you’re located, your Philips TV can receive signals of multiple transmitters. When a TV auto tunes, it starts from the lowest frequency it can find at the moment. This can be of concern as that signal may weaken in the long run.

In this guide, we will show you how to do a manual retuning, as the trouble you are facing is probably due to the original auto tuning of your Philips TV.

Why Do You Need To Retune Your Philips TV?

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Aside from the problems mentioned above, retuning your Philips TV can provide an overall customized and personal experience.

Free view channels are TV channels that do not need a subscription to view. They are also known as Free-To-Air channels. Free view channels are usually related to news and sports as they bring in a large enough viewership to support the channels company on ad revenue. 

By retuning, you can select whichever free view channels you want your Philips TV to have and those that you wish to remove. This is also helpful in the case of child privacy and protection. You can retune your channels so that there are no inappropriate channels to view for any child.

Probably the most common reason to retune a TV is due to missing channels. There are so many reasons channels can get lost, such as transmission errors, maintenance or changing frequency. As all these problems are from the service provider side, therefore, there is nothing you can do except retune your TV and hope that your TV catches any lingering frequencies of those missing channels.

How To Retune My Philips TV?

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Please note that while this method may work on various makes and models of Philips TV, their extensive range means that this will probably not cover every model.

You can find the retuning option by pressing the MENU button on your Philips TV remote. If and when asked for a PIN code and you don’t remember your PIN code, enter a default code. Usually, codes like 1111, 1234, and 0000 work.

Now follow the following steps:

  1. Select Setup and press OK on your remote control.
  2. Then search for channels and press OK
  3. Then re-install channels and press OK 
  4. Select your country and press OK
  5. After that select Cable (DVB-C) and press OK 
  6. If asked, select Telenet as the cable provider.
  7. Select Settings and press OK on your remote control before you start the installation.
  8. Please enter the following settings:
    1. Symbol rate mode: Automatic
    2. Frequency scan: Quick scan
    3. Frequency step size: 8MHz
    4. Digital channels: On
    5. If you see the option Free/Scrambled, choose: “Free + Scrambled”
  9. Press the green button on your remote control
  10. Select Start and press OK on your remote control: you will now begin the channel installation.
  11. For Network frequency, enter the value 322.00, select Done, and press OK on your remote control.

Now once you press Done, your Philips TV will begin channel scanning. Once done, a prompt will appear with a “Channel Search Finished”.  Select “Finish” and press OK.

There, you’ve retuned your Philips TV.

Final Thoughts

If your Philips TV cannot retune after following our steps, you may need to contact Philips’s customer support. We hope we solved your concerns on retuning a Philips TV. We also have simple solutions and guides for Retune Your Sony TVRetune a Panasonic Freeview Television , and How to Retune a Technika TV in 5 Quick Steps here.