Do you have a TCL TV, and wondering how to retune it to improve the caliber of your channels, as well as your network connection for the very best reception?

Besides refining the quality of your Roku’s screen display, a rescan is also beneficial for your smart TV’s software as it aids in getting rid of any bugs sitting in the software that may cause interference with the quality of your TV’s performance.

You may decide to reset your TCL smart TV as this is another method to improve your smart TV’s performance, however, a reset involves data being lost and may not be necessary after a retune.

We have generated this guide just for you, to help you get the very best viewing experience on your TCL TV in a few easy steps so you can proceed with watching all your favorite channels on the finest TCL screen.

How to retune a TCL TV

TV remote

How to retune a TCL TV

Retuning your TCL smart TV is a quick and easy process, and will only take a couple of steps;

Step 1. Press the ‘Home’ button on your remote

Step 2. Click on the ‘Antenna Icon’

Step 3. Select ‘Start Finding Channels’

Your TCL TV will now complete the scanning process, which can take up to around ten minutes. The retune will not only update your channel list but also improve the image quality you receive.

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How do I reset my TCL Smart TV

Remote in Hand

How do I reset my TCL Smart TV

If you complete a factory reset on your TCL Roku TV, it will erase all saved data and preferences that you have opted for when you have initially set your TCL smart TV up.

Step 1. Click on the ‘Home’ button on your remote

Step 2. Find and click on ‘Settings’

Step 3. Opt for ‘System’ by using the right arrow button

Step 4. With the same button, find ‘Advanced System Settings’

Step 5. Press on ‘Factory Reset’ and after ‘Factory Reset Everything’

Step 6. A certain code will appear on your screen which you will now need to enter and confirm by clicking ‘Ok’

If you do not want all your saved settings and data to be erased, you can do a Power reset, which will keep everything as normal on your TCL TV;

Step 1. While holding down on the power button on your remote, unplug your TV from its plug point

Step 2. Keep holding down for around 10 seconds

Step 3. Plug your TCL TV back into its power source

The power reset has now been completed.

Where is the reset button on my TCL TV

If you do not have a remote, or you are just wanting to know where there reset button is on your TCL TV, you should have a small reset button placed at the back of your TV, on the left-hand side.

This button would require you to use some sort of pin to be able to press down on the button.

When using this reset button, press down on it for around three seconds, or until your TV screen goes black.

Your TCL will now reset and power up again.

How do I rescan channels on my TCL Roku TV

Man with TV remote

How to rescan TCL TV

Are you wanting to scan for channels on your TCL Roku TV due to finding a few channels missing or you are just wanting to update your channel list?

Before you proceed with the necessary steps, ensure the antenna is connected securely at the back of your TV.

Step 1. With your remote, click on the ‘Home’ button

Step 2. On the left-hand side of the screen, there will be an option list. Select ‘Settings’

Step 3. Find and click on ‘TV Inputs’

Step 4. Select ‘Antenna TV’ (some TCL models may say ‘Broadcast TV’)

Step 5. You will now be able to click on ‘Set up Input’ or ‘Scan for Channels’ depending on your model.

Your TV will now scan for all the channels available to you.

Why does my TCL TV say no signal

Signal Tower

Why does my TCL TV have no signal

Are you dealing with a no signal issue on your TCL smart TV, or have done in the past and now you are wanting to know how to sort this issue out for any future occurrences?

Your smart TV may be experiencing signal issues due to the signal tower experiencing interferences or your cables connected are faulty or not secured correctly, as well as a problem with your HDMI port.

So what do you do when your TCL TV says no signal?

  1. Check your HDMI cable – Move your HDMI cable to a different HDMI input and check the cable
  2. Purchase a new HDMI cable
  3. Complete a system restart of your TCL TV
  4. A Factory reset will update your signal connection

How to perform a System Restart

Step 1. Click on the ‘Home’ button on your remote 5 times

Step 2. Select the ‘^’ arrow and then the ‘<‘ button twice

Step 3. Press the ‘>’ button two times

Your TCL will now complete a system restart.


With TCL smart TV’s being known to last for a minimum of  7 years, it’s good to know how to continuously keep your device updated with the latest channels, and improved software to ensure you get the most usage out of your TCL, as these smart TVs can make it over 10 years if looked after correctly.

Your TCL has been known to have better construction, image quality, and software compared to a Hisense smart TV, so ensuring your TV is updated with the best should not be a difficult experience.

We hope this guide has assisted you in every way possible to ensure your TCL is operating exceptionally, and that you can come back to this directory in the future if you need to do a quick recap.

It’s always good to have the manufacturer’s customer support information at hand if needed for anything else you may be wanting to make sure of.