Are you experiencing picture issues on your Alba TV which is requiring you to complete a retune? Are you wondering to yourself; ‘How do I update my Alba TV’.

If the picture quality on your British-made TV has become pixellated, or your TV’s reception is intermittent, you may need to complete a retune or possibly a reset of your Alba TV to refresh its settings and improve the functioning of your Alba TV.

We have created this easy-to-follow guide for you to be able to complete the necessary steps on your Alba TV, so you can get it back to functioning properly.

How do I retune my Alba TV

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How do I do a full retune on my TV

Retuning your Alba TV will make sure you are up to date with receiving all the channels available to you. It is recommended that you complete the retune steps every month or so (except when the weather conditions are extremely unfavorable)

Step 1. Click on the ‘Menu’ button (this may be the ‘Home’ button)

Step 2. Go through the options until you get to ‘Settings’ and click on this

Step 3. Once you have selected the settings option, click on ‘Installation’ (it may say ‘Tuning’ depending on your model)

Step 4. You will now be able to choose ‘Automatic Channel Scan’ in the options tab

Step 5. Now select ‘Digital Aerial’

Step 6. Click on the ‘Yes’ option to confirm you want to complete the scan

Step 7. Confirm by clicking on ‘Update’

Your Alba will now complete the scanning process. Once it has been completed, you will need to confirm the country you are in. (the rest of the tabs can be kept as ‘Any’)

You can now click ‘Save’.

How do I reset my Alba TV

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How do I reset my Alba TV

A ‘Factory Reset’ will wipe out all of your TV’s saved information that you have opted for previously, you will have to set up your Alba TV as if you had just purchased it.

Step 1. On your remote, click on the ‘Menu’ button

Step 2. With the right arrow button on your remote, scroll through until you can select ‘Setup’

Step 3. Under setup, click on ‘Reset TV’

Step 4. You will now have to confirm you do want to go ahead with the reset, by choosing ‘Yes’

Step 5. Your Alba TV will now complete the reset process

Once this has been completed, you will need to tune your smart TV again.

Note, if you do not want to lose your TVs data, you can do a soft reset first to see if that will improve your pictures’ quality and reception.

To do a soft reset, all you need to do is unplug your TV from the plug point and wait for around 60 seconds. Afterwhich, plug your TV back in.

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How do you update a Alba TV

Update Picture

How to update Alba TV

Updating your software on your Alba TV is a quick and easy task, and can be completed in 5 easy steps;

Step 1. Click on the ‘Menu’ button on your Alba remote

Step 2. Use the right arrow to sift through until you get onto ‘Setup’

Step 3. Now use the down arrow to click on ‘Software Update (USB)’

Step 4. Your Alba TV will automatically find the latest software update available

Step 5. You will now see instructions come up on your screen, follow these to complete the update process

Is Alba TV a smart TV

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If you have purchased an Alba TV, you should already know that is in fact not a smart TV, so no streaming apps would be able to be downloaded.

If however, that is something you would like to have access to on your TV device, the Alba TV does support a streaming stick like an ‘Amazon Firestick’ that you can plug in the back of your TV to give you all the necessary streaming apps, like Netflix.

With your Alba TV not being a smart option, it is crucial that your signal works at its finest level to ensure you are able to pick up all the best channels.

 So why is Alba TV saying no signal?

Your HDMI cable or port may be faulty, or the cables are connected too loosely. If you are using the incorrect source or input on your TV, you won’t be able to pick up the channels on your screen.

Try swapping your cables to a different port and make sure your aerial is not damaged.

If your Alba TV is trying to search for the channels ‘Over the Air’, you will need to change this to ‘Cable Channels’ which can be updated in the menu section of your TV.


If you have misplaced your Alba TVs TV guide, you can click here for an online copy.

With Alba being a UK brand owned by Sainsbury’s, it is a popular TV brand amongst the British population.

We hope this guide has helped you retune your Alba TV to get the very best image quality, and channel options as effortlessly as possible, and provided you with all the necessary information for resetting your TV without any confusion.