The Call of Duty Warzone Memory Error 0-1766 refers to a bug that many Xbox users have reported recently. The critical part of the issue is that the specific source of this error is still indefinite. However, according to some experts, the failure of the composer command holds down the reason for this issue. While others also believe that the multiple hardware parts operating together, or even a big chunk of cache consuming a lot of memory, maybe the reason why gamers worldwide are troubled playing the COD Warzone on their Xbox consoles.

Whatever may be the reason, here are some of the steps you may incorporate to solve the error and start enjoying your favorite game on the console yet again.

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How to Fix COD Warzone Memory Error 0-1766

#Fix 1: Resetting your Wireless Network Router

memory error 0-1766

Checking if your wireless connection is working fine is one of the fundamental ways of fixing any issue, and the memory error 0-1766 while playing the COD Warzone is no exception. To ensure your network connectivity is free from any temporary problem, begin with resetting your router.

  • At first, plug out the power cable of your internet router
  • Now press and hold the router’s power button for at least 30 to 40 seconds
  • Once you’re done, plug in the power cable again.

#Fix 2: Clearing the Mac Address

memory error 0-1766

  • Launch your Xbox One’s “Settings.”
  • Hover over to the “Network Settings”
  • Find and tap the option that says “Advanced Settings.”
  • Navigate to “Alternate Mac Address”
  • Now clear the Mac address and restart your device.

#Fix 3: Close Any Game that is Running

memory error 0-1766

If clearing the Mac address didn’t help resolve the memory error 0-1766, the next thing you can try is to close some games that are already running. Although you can wait for your device to suspend any running games, we recommend you force close a game in the following ways.

  • While on your device’s home screen, navigate to the game that you’ve played recently
  • Now have the game highlighted
  • Once done, click the “Menu” button
  • Finally, tap on the “Quit” option.
  • Restart your device and launch the COD Warzone to check if the issue is resolved

#Fix 4: Restoring your Licenses

xbox licenses

  • Launch the “Settings” option
  • Navigate to the “Account Management”
  • Look for the option that says “Restore Your Licenses.”
  • Wait for some moment.
  • Restart your device, and check if it resolved the issue

#Fix 5: Resetting your Xbox Console


Have you tried all the four fixes mentioned above, but still, the memory error 0-1766 continues to bother you? Well then, the only thing you’re left to do is resetting your console altogether.

  • At first, tap the Xbox button.
  • Navigate to “Profile and System,” and under that, select “Settings.”
  • Now choose “System.”
  • Find and tap ‘Console Info.”
  • Select the option that says “Reset Console.”

Final Words

There you’ve it, the best five steps you can take to resolve the COD Warzone memory error 0-1766 in your console. However, it also essential to keep in mind that sometimes these fixes might even fail to solve the issue altogether. In such cases, the best thing you can do is either contact the Xbox Support Team or wait until Microsoft comes up with an official fix.