Are you confused about why your Freeview Box is not recording properly as it always does? Here lies the best solution to get started with your recordings again.

It is a distressing situation to be in as a user when your digital TV recorder fails to record your favorite shows or movies. We have seen most of the time that the devices encounter problems in the recording when they’re low in storage. Besides, a few temporary bugs have also proved to be a reason behind recording failures. Luckily, when we talk about the recording issues with the Freeview boxes, the solutions are convenient enough to get everything back on track really quickly.

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Best Ways to Fix the Freeview Box Not Recording Issue

#Fix 1: Restarting Your Freeview Box

freeview box not recording

  • At first, turn off the power to your Freeview box
  • Unplug the power cables
  • Wait for 3 to 5 minutes before plugging the power cable back
  • Turn on your box and check if it is recording properly now.

#Fix 2: Delete Some of the Recordings

freeview not recording

  • Launch your Freeview Digital TV Recorder
  • Navigate to the recording library
  • Use the arrow down and up keys on the remote to move to the recording you’re comfortable deleting.
  • Once you’ve selected the desired recording, press the red button to delete it entirely
  • Hover over to the new screen and check if your Freeview is recording everything in an appropriate manner

#Fix 3: Updating the Device’s Software

update your Freeview DTR

No matter which utility tool we talk about, using the latest version is something very crucial to the overall performance scenario, and Freeview is no exception. It is thus necessary you check for regular updates and install one as soon as it gets live.

The only thing you need for updating the software of the Freeview DTR is a USB memory stick. Head over to the support section of the manufacturer’s website. Now check for the availability of any new software version. In case you get one, download the same and install it using the USB memory stick.

#Fix 4: Factory Resetting your Freeview Unit

Reset Freeview when not recording

Are you done getting rid of old recordings and updating the software to the latest version? Still, your Freeview unit fails to deal with recordings? If yes, you’ll need to perform a Factory Reset and ensure your device faces no issues recording any future program.

  • Launch the Freeview Digital Tv Recorder
  • Press down the “Menu” button
  • Find and tap the “Settings” option.
  • Scroll along and navigate to the option that says “System” and tap “OK.”
  • After that, select the Factory Reset or ‘First Time Installation” option.
  • Follow along with the on-screen instructions to conclude the entire procedure successfully.

Final Words

So, if you’re having trouble recording your favorite shows using the Freeview DTR, use one of the fixes mentioned above to get the issue resolved in no time. Although in some cases, a quick restart or deleting a few old recordings can help bring effective outcomes, at times, you might also need to reset the entire unit and have the Freeview box recording issue resolved.