Getting straight into the point: if Amazon Fire Stick Error Code 5505 appears on your TV screen, the issue is with the location settings. But why does it happen? And more importantly, how to fix the issue? We will be discussing it all. But before that, let’s have some elaborate discussions.

Amazon Fire Stick is a pocket streaming device. Find a TV (or any display device) with an HDMI port, plug the Fire Stick into it, and connect to the internet. Boom! Now you have access to all your favorite streaming services like Prime videos or Netflix. Since the Fire Stick is a portable device, its network connection changes when you travel with it. And that sometimes causes a network error. When that happens, Amazon fire stick error code 5505 appears. Don’t get scared. We will guide you to the fix through this article.

All right, that’s all for the monologue. Let’s jump straight into the topic now.

What Happens When Amazon Fire Stick Error Code 5505 Arrives?


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Answer is, there is no content showing on your Fire TV screen when the error happens. Error code 5505 is assigned for video or application unavailable errors. That means you cannot stream any video with your Amazon Fire Stick. That must be an irritating situation for you. However, if you know how to fix it, you have got nothing much to worry.

Remember error code 5505 appears when there is no video available. But when Fire Stick is unable to load a video, that’s not related to 5505 error. That’s a Decryption Failure Error. They are two different types of issues, don’t get puzzled between them.

Why am I getting a 5505 Error on Amazon Fire Stick?

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At this point, you may ask, why am I facing the issue in the first place? That’s a valid question. Before fixing an issue, you must know the reasons behind it. Besides, getting full knowledge is always better. So here are possible causes that let Amazon Fire Stick Error Code 5505 appear on your TV screen.

  1. Have you recently traveled to another country with the Amazon Fire Stick? Then you perhaps forgot to change the country settings. Check it now.
  2. But you didn’t travel with it! Oh, still check the location settings. You probably have the wrong location setting for Amazon Fire Stick in the Amazon account. Or, if you are using a refurbished device, there is a good chance that it has previously saved settings.
  3. You checked all of that, and still the issue remains! Okay, let us think. Umm.. did you check internet connection or network settings of your residence? By the way, do you have VPN (Virtual Private Network) turned on? Check them. It can be an issue too.

No doubt, Amazon Fire Stick is an amazing gadget. You can have all your favorite streaming services in your pocket and travel with them. However, like any other electronic device, you still face some dysfunctionalities using a gadget as amazing as this. For example, someday you might discover, your Fire Stick remote is not working. Another day, you see an 8056 error while trying to update an application. These are usual things, and all of those issues are fixable. So do 5505 errors. In the next phase of this article, we will guide you to fix the Amazon fire stick error code 5505 in all possible ways.

How to Fix Amazon Fire Stick Error Code 5505?


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Imagine you bought this portable streaming device to watch your favorite shows even if you are away from home. Alas, you have traveled to another country, and the videos are unavailable! That is definitely annoying. But don’t worry, there is a solution to this.

Fixing the issue isn’t that tough. All you need is some patience to follow the step by step guide we are going to show. The following steps will lead you to fix this Amazon fire error.

Step-0: Check Internet Connection

Make sure you have an active and stable internet connection. It’s a precondition to fix the error. Also, turn off VPN if you use one. Have you done those already? Okay then, we are going into more technical discussions now.

Step-1: Look into the Country Settings

Now you need to check your country settings, whether you selected the correct country name. If not, then execute the following to change the location.

  1. Visit and go to “Content and Devices”.
  2. Then login to your Amazon Account.
  3. Once logged in, go to the account setting, and you will find “Country/Region Settings” there.
  4. Now that you have found the Country Settings, just click on the “Change” button. A form will pop up then.
  5. The form requires basic information like your name, address details, and contact number. Fill the form and hit the “Update” button.

If the update is successful, there is no issue with location settings anymore. You reached halfway through. Follow a few more steps to get rid of the error.

Step-3: Re-register the device now

Now you are in the final third of the fixing process. You are just one step away from fixing the Amazon fire stick error code 5505. You have to Register your device to complete the process.

  1. Navigate to the Settings >> My Account again. There, you will see a “Register” option. Click there (since you already have an account) and proceed with the next procedures.
  2. Enter the credentials (Email & Password) it asks for, then hit the SIGN IN button.

And with that, you have registered the Fire Stick again in your Amazon account.

Wrapping It Up


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Once you re-register the device following this method, the error must be gone! You have the access back. Now sit back on your couch and enjoy streaming all your favorite movies, tv shows, and everything that you like.

So this was the EasyFix for Amazon Fire Stick Error Code 5505. We hope this article helped you get out of trouble. If yes, then you might find other articles on the site helpful too. Explore the site to get the easy fix.