Stuck on Amazon Fire Stick error code 8056 while updating your Fire Stick firmware or apps? Here is how to fix the issues with the streaming device in no time.

Shortly after the Google Chromecast success, Amazon launched the Fire Stick and garnered a lot of attention and popularity from media consumers and tech enthusiasts, as the Fire Stick TV offered much more features than the Chromecast. The main advantage of the Fire Stick over the Chromecast is that the Fire Stick comes in with an operating system which is based on Android. The Fire OS brings apps to your old TV along with a TV remote to navigate through the menus.

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But, with all things software and apps, sometimes they do not work as they should. And the Amazon Fire Stick error code 8056 is here not to let you update your apps or the Fire OS.

What is the Error Code 8056?

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The 8056 error code appears when you are trying to update the Fire OS or any apps on the Fire Stick. One of these anomalies will appear when you are stuck on updating your Fire OS or apps.

  • Error code 8056.
  • Update Failed.
  • Stuck on update
  • The process is completed, but it reverts to the updating page.

Fix Amazon Fire Stick Error Code 8056

Not being able to update your apps to enjoy the latest TV shows? Fear not, here are some methods to fix Amazon Fire Stick Error Code 8056.

Restart your router

Restarting your router may fix the error code 8056 on your Fire Stick.

  • Remove the power connecter from your router.
  • Wait for few seconds until all the notification lights turn off.
  • After 10 to 15 seconds, insert the power connector to the WIFI router.

Restart Your Amazon Fire Stick

If you are stuck on the app update screen, restarting your Fire Stick should at least help you navigate through your Fire Stick if not fix the 8056 error code. Restart your Amazon Fire Stick using your remote.

  • Press the centre or “OK” button and the play/pause button together.
  • Press both the buttons on your remote until the screen turns off.
  • Leave the buttons after the screen turns off. 
  • Your Fire Stick will turn back on.
  • You can also restart your Fire Stick by removing and reinserting the Fire Stick in the TV. 

Factory Reset Your Amazon Fire Stick

  • Go to the settings menu on your Fire Stick.
  • Go to the Device Options.
  • Navigate and select to Reset to Factory Defaults. If you have a pin setup, insert the pin.
  • Select Reset and your system will reset.

Change DNS settings on the Fire Stick

If you are still facing with the Amazon Fire Stick error code 8056 after using all the method to fix above, thanks to Amazon and Reddit forums, users have found the sure shot way to resolve the update issues. Changing the DNS settings may be a little tricky for non-techy, we have tried to simplify the process for changing your DNS settings to Google servers on your Fire Stick.

Note down the IP address of your internet router connection

  •  For doing so on Windows 10, click on the startup menu, 
  • Then settings.
  •  Click on the Network and Internet. 
  • Click on “View your Network properties”. 
  • Look for ipv4 and note down the numbers.

Note Down DNS Settings on your Fire Stick

You need to note down the existing DNS settings on your Fire Stick for future reference.

  • Go to settings.
  • Click on My fire TV.
  • Navigate to About>Network.
  • Select your WIFI network and jot down the following details.
    • SSD
    • Gateway
    • Subnet Mask
    • DNS
    • Mac Address for WIFI.

Change DNS settings to Google Servers

  • Go to Settings>Network.
  • Click on Forget Network on your WIFI connection.
  • Press the selector button on your remote to confirm the action.
  • Select the WIFI network and feed in your password.
  • Instead of clicking Connect, Click on Advanced. 
  • Enter your IP address, Gateway and Subnet Mask manually.
  • Enter your IP address and then click on Next.
  • Enter Prefix Lenght and click on next.
  • If you are using a commercial server, enter the numbers in the DNS 1 server.
  • For Google server, enter or in the DNS 2 server feed.

Now you have successfully changed your DNS server.

Final Words

We hope our guide to fixing Amazon Fire Stick error code 8056 has worked for you and you are able to update your apps and firmware.