Is your Insignia Fire TV not connecting to Wi-Fi? Are you stuck dealing with a petty issue when you would rather enjoy your time off? You don’t have to dwell on this for long since we’re here to help you solve this issue effortlessly.

Amazon launched the Fire Stick TV as an all-encompassing device that allowed your everyday and ordinary TV to turn into a smart TV capable of downloading the latest apps without any expensive hardware. This allowed countless people to enjoy YouTube, HBO, and even Amazon’s own Prime Video streaming services. 

Best Buy’s LED TV brand, Insignia, took this a step further by including Fire TV as its base software model. This meant that Fire TV functionality for the first time was available without needing to purchase the Amazon Fire Stick. This was a welcome change as smart TVs became a norm, and the outrageous steep prices dropped.

Wi-Fi connection issues! Why?

Insignia Fire TV Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

With the inclusion of Fire TV, it unfortunately meant that a fair share of problems also came to the Insignia Fire TV. One of the issues users commonly faced was the Fire TV Device wasn’t connecting to the internet. We have all used countless devices that require an internet connection. Sadly, there have been numerous times we have faced internet connection issues using these same devices.

Why are internet issues so common? If you’ve experienced Wi-Fi issues over the years in multiple devices, you realize there could be a multitude of reasons. Let’s look at some of them here.

Your location  is probably the biggest factor when it comes to how your internet performs. Optical fiber lines travel under the sea, and the more speed an ISP wants to provide, the higher they need to budget to get their bandwidths from the underwater lines. Developed countries have multiple lines allowing fast internet connections for a lesser cost while developing countries suffer from slow speeds and therefore connections drop.

Slow internet speeds can often cause your devices to drop its connection, which explains why you may randomly experience failure to connect to the net.

Why does Insignia Fire TV not connect to Wi-Fi?

wifi not connecting

All devices that connect to the internet will face this issue at one point. Understandably, there are several reasons why you might get Wi-Fi connection problems. With our help, you can figure out the root issue without going over hours of troubleshooting and aimless actions.

Some reasons why your Insignia Fire TV won’t connect to Wi-Fi are:

  • A minor glitch in your Insignia TV
  • Server issues
  • Faulty cache issue
  • Wi-Fi router issue
  • Faulty Fire TV remote connection

In the following section, we will go through the most common ones so you can return to your favorite shows.

How Do I Fix Insignia Fire TV Not Connecting To Wi-Fi?

Fixing wifi for Igsinia not connecting

Restart Your Insignia Fire TV

Simply turning your Fire TV off and then on can quickly solve your problem. The Wi-Fi issue, as with any other device can be simply due to overuse of your TV for a short time. A simple restart should set it straight.

Restart your Fire TV using the dedicated power button. If it somehow doesn’t switch off, you can unplug the power supply directly and reattach it.

Power Cycle your Insignia Fire TV

Sometimes turning off your Insignia Fire TV isn’t enough to get all the electrical power out of its system. Small packages of power can occasionally disrupt the correct restart of your Insignia Fire TV. When this happens, you need to Power Cycle your Insignia Fire TV.

To do this:

  1. Unplug your Insignia Fire TV from the power outlet.
  2. Press and hold the dedicated power button for 30 seconds up to 2 minutes.
  3. Plug the TV in after a while, still holding the power button.
  4. Wait until the loading screen appears, then release the power button.

Once you complete these steps, you need to resync your Fire TV remote again by pressing and holding its home button for 30 seconds.

Restart your Wi-Fi router

restarting wifi router

The internet is connected to your Insignia Fire TV via your internet router. If your router is experiencing some bug or technical issue, then it would be logical to fix the router before trying anything else. The most common way to troubleshoot your Wi-Fi router is to restart it. 

You can either switch it off and then on after 10 seconds, or if the router is inaccessible to you, you can access it via the ISP menu using its IP address such as You can check your IP address on any other device by checking the “Information” tab on your Wi-Fi connection. As long as you can access the ISP menu, you can restart your router.

Disconnect other devices

A lack of bandwidth can cause connections to drop in some devices while maintaining it in others. In this case, the unfortunate device to drop is your Insignia Fire TV. When everyone uses Wi-Fi, the internet spreads thin and is shared across all the users.

Disconnect any devices that are not in use from the internet. If that doesn’t work, temporarily disconnect all devices connected to your internet.

Remote Fix

A rather unorthodox fix is using your Insignia Fire TV remote to reestablish connection. Once you receive the “unable to connect to network” message in the Fire TV settings, press and hold the home button of your Insignia Fire TV.

This will bring up an unknown bug and prompt a message in the bottom right corner saying “new remote connected.” We will use this bug to our advantage because, hopefully, whenever you try to connect to the Wi-Fi, it won’t show the “unable to connect to network message”. This hack is temporary and Insignia might correct this soon.

Final Thoughts

Not connecting to Wi-Fi will for all purposes render the smart part of your Insignia Fire TV useless so if your issue isn’t still resolved, get in touch with Insignia customer support ASAP. We hope our guide solved your problem of Insignia Fire TV not connecting to Wi-Fi. 

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