Are you having issues with your Amazon Fire Stick remote and is it not working properly? This remote is a little different from the ones that you normally use around your house. Therefore, it can be difficult for you to figure out what’s going on with it.    

Amazon Fire Stick is a portable device that plugs into your TV’s HDMI port. It gives access to your favourite photos, games, music, TV shows, and movies. It comes with a brand new Fire Stick, remote, power adapter, USB cable, two AAA batteries, HDMI extender, and a user guide.

Amazon Fire Stick is in direct competition with Chromecast and Roku. However, Fire Stick users have reported some issues with the remote that can leave you stranded. You can use this guide for some easy fixes before contacting Amazon customer support.    

Do Firestick Remotes Go Bad?

amazon fire stick remote not working

Amazon Fire Stick remote is practical and very easy to use. However, the remote can go bad at any time. The problems can start after several weeks or months of usage. 

It is also possible that your Fire Stick remote malfunctions as soon as you unbox it. The best thing to do here is to send it back to Amazon at once for a replacement remote. You can still use the Amazon Fire Stick by using their TV remote app for Android devices and iPhones to keep enjoying your TV shows while your replacement remote is on the way. 

Why Is My Fire Stick Remote Not Working?

amazon fire stick remote not working

Have you been wondering why your Fire Stick remote stopped working all of a sudden? It can happen due to a lot of reasons. Let’s take a look at a few of these reasons.

  • The most common reason for a Fire Stick remote to go bad is its batteries.  If your remote has a low battery charge or the batteries have been inserted improperly, it can cause your Firestick remote to stop working.
  • Your remote isn’t paired with your Fire Stick.
  • Your remote is at a distance of more than 30 feet from the Fire Stick. 
  • You may have obstructions that reduce the range of your Fire Stick remote.
  • Other Bluetooth enabled devices in your home might be causing interference with your remote.
  • Your replacement remote is not compatible with the Fire Stick.
  • Water damage or other internal/external faults can cause your Fire Stick remote to stop working.

What Do You Do When Your Amazon Fire Stick Stops working?

amazon fire stick remote not working

Now that you know the common reasons for the issues in your Fire Stick remote, it is time to find out some of the easiest ways to fix your remote.

Replace Amazon Fire Stick Remote Batteries

Quite often, your Fire Stick remote only needs a new set of batteries to work again. Open the back cover of your remote, remove the old batteries and install the new ones. However, make sure that you don’t install them backwards. After installing the new batteries, check that your remote is working. If not, move on to the next fixes.

Do A Complete Power Cycle For Remote and Fire Stick

Whenever you are not able to connect your remote to your Fire Stick, The easiest fix you can do is to power cycle your Fire Stick remote. To do this:

  • Remove the back cover of your remote
  • Take out the batteries and wait 10 seconds
  • Put the batteries back in and check that your remote is working again
  • If not, Go over to your TV and unplug it from the wall or unplug the power from the Amazon Fire Stick itself
  • Wait about 30 seconds
  • Plug the TV or the Fire Stick back on and wait for the Amazon Fire Stick to appear on your TV
  • Take your remote and try to control Fire Stick once again

Try To Pair Your Fire Stick Remote Again

The next fix to get your remote back to working order is to un-pair and pair it again to the Amazon Fire Stick. 

  • Power on your TV and Fire Stick.
  • Press and hold the Home + Back buttons at the same time for 10 seconds and release them to unpair the Fire Stick remote
  • Press the Home button again for 10 seconds to pair it to the Fire Stick again and then release the Home button.
  • Repeat the above steps a few times until you can control your Fire Stick with the remote.

If you got a replacement remote and you can’t get it working, try to pair it through the following procedure.

  • Go to your TV settings –> Controllers and Bluetooth devices.
  • Select Amazon Fire TV remotes and then select Add new remote.
  • Your TV will start searching for a new Fire Stick remote via Bluetooth
  • On your new remote, hold down the Home button for 10 seconds to pair it to your Fire Stick and to appear on the list.

Remove Obstructions and Interferences

If you are using your Fire Stick remote from a long distance, it won’t work. Try to minimize the distance by moving your TV closer or use the remote under 30 feet of distance from the Fire Stick without any obstruction in the way. 

Secondly, you can move away from other Bluetooth devices to other rooms in your home or you can switch them off to check if any interference from these devices is causing your Amazon Fire Stick remote to malfunction.

How Do I Reset My Fire Stick Remote?

amazon fire stick remote not working

The last thing you can do is reset your Amazon Fire Stick remote to fix the issues. To do this on your remote:

  • Press & hold the Left button and Menu button simultaneously for 15 seconds
  • Release the buttons and wait 60 seconds
  • Remove the remote’s batteries
  • Unplug your Fire Stick and wait 60 seconds
  • Put the batteries back in the remote and plug in your Fire Stick on the TV
  • Once the Home screen appears, press & hold the Home button for 40 seconds and release the buttons
  • Wait another 60 seconds for setup to complete


Hopefully, this guide helped you figure out why your Amazon Fire Stick Remote is not working. If your remote still does not work, look for any physical damage or check if your remote is compatible with your Firestick. Good Luck!