Are you in the middle of watching content on your All 4 app, then during an ad playing you get the All 4 error code ‘ALL4-011’ after the advert has finished?

This error code transpires once an advert has played and will stop the current content from being available.

You are now faced with the question is this issue permanent, can it be fixed, and what is causing this problem to occur? This is why we have created this easy-to-follow guide to assist you in understanding why you are experiencing the All 4 error code when you are watching something, and what you can do to get rid of this issue.

What is ALL4-011

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What is All 4 error code ALL4-011

The ALL4-011 error code will appear on your screen after an advert has played while you are currently streaming a show on All 4.

This error code typically shows up as:

  • ALL4-011: This content is unavailable

What does ALL4 011 mean?

Just as the error code states, the content you are wanting to watch is unavailable, even though you have been watching it up until the advert played.

The is because there is some sort of bug that is interfering with All 4 playing its content successfully. The items have not suddenly disappeared off of the apps library.

Why has All 4 stopped working?

This error code transpires after an advert has played because the app is glitching when it’s trying to reload the content you are watching.

The reason for this error code comes from:

  1. The All 4 server is experiencing issues. It may be down for planned maintenance, or, the server has gone down due to a software glitch or corrupted data.
  2. Internet issues will interfere with your All 4 being able to stream properly as the connection will not be good enough to withhold the amount of data that needs to be processed.
  3. Malware software on your device. If you are accessing All 4 via your computer or mobile device, malware may cause issues when you are trying to stream via the app.

Before proceeding with the troubleshooting fixes to eradicate this error code coming up on your All 4 app, check to see if the All 4 app is definitely not down due to server issues by using this link.

If this link confirms that the channel is down, there is nothing you can do other than wait until the problem is fixed.

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How to fix ALL4 011

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How to fix All 4 error code All4-011

Fix 1. Reset your TV

If you are accessing All 4 on your Smart TV, you may need to complete a factory reset on your TV to refresh the connection and get rid of any bugs in your TV’s software.

Step 1. Hold down on the ‘Power’ button for longer then 30 seconds

Step 2. Let go of the button and press it once again

Your TV will now start up again.

Note, unplugging your TV can aid in resetting your device

If you are using your mobile device or computer, switch it off for a few seconds and turn it back on.

Fix 2. Reconnect internet connection

Reconnecting your internet router will refresh the connection between your device and the All 4 server.

Sometimes, your internet can become intermittent if it has been connected for a long period of time without being refreshed.

Reconnecting it will get rid of any bugs.

Step 1. Turn your router off and remove it from the plug

Step 2. Wait for a few minutes before plugging it back in

Step 3. Switch the router on again

Wait for your device to reconnect to your internet and go back onto All 4.

Fix 3. Update All4 app

Your All 4 app may be needing an app update if the one you are currently using is outdated.

Updating your app will improve its performance which in turn can eradicate the issue of the content being unavailable when you are trying to watch it.

You will need to go onto your Play store and find your All 4 app currently installed.

If there is an ‘Update’ option, click on this to override the current version.

Tip, restart your device once the update has been installed so as to refresh all connections and get rid of any remaining faulty software.

Fix 4. Reconnect Samsung hub

If you have a Samsung smart TV, you can reset the hub to help reconnect the connection so your All4 app should stop glitching.

Step 1. Go int the ‘Settings’

Step 2. Click on ‘Support’

Step 3. Choose ‘Self Diagnosis’ and then ‘Reset Smart Hub’

Once the reset has been completed, you can launch your All 4 channel and resume streaming your content.

Fix 5. Uninstall and Reinstall

On Android, you are able to uninstall the app off of your device and reinstall it again. With iOS, the uninstalling step will be deleting the app off of your smart device.

Step 1. Get onto your All 4 app

Step 2. Click on the ‘Uninstall’ option (or delete if you are on iOS)

Step 3. Once the app has been removed, go onto your app store and download All 4 again

Once the app has been downloaded, launch the app again.

Fix 6. Change resolution

If you are watching your content on a high resolution, it may be beneficial to change the resolution on your smart TV to a lower one.

Doing this decreases the amount of data required to process the image you are trying to load.


With the All 4 app being a free streaming service, it is becoming one of the popular options to watch content in the UK and in Ireland.

It’s never pleasant being interrupted by an error code in the midst of watching something.

We hope this guide has assisted you in understanding what the All 4 error code ‘all4-011’ is, and that you were able to bring your content back with our easy fixes.

All 4 do have a customer support number, 0345 076 0191, or you can contact them through their online form.