Have you currently been a user of Sky Q, but now wanting to upgrade your TV to Sky Glass, but unsure whether or not your Sky Q will be compatible with the smart TV?

With Sky Glass and Sky Q being somewhat different in their features, it’s an important question to ask before you think of changing up your whole media system.

We have generated this easy-to-follow guide to assist you in understanding if Sky Glass will be compatible with Sky Q, and provide you with everything you need to know if you are thinking about switching over.

Is Sky Glass compatible with Sky Q

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Is Sky Glass compatible with Sky Q

If you have just purchased a Sky Glass TV while currently having an account on Sky Q, the two are compatible with each other and are just a matter of switching over from one account to the other.

Your Sky Q account will stay active up until you have activated your Sky Glass, only then will the switch take place, so you will not have to be concerned about not having your service active while you complete the changeover.

Once you have activated Sky Glass, your Sky Q box and any other equipment you may have will stop working and will need to be returned back to Sky.

So can you use Sky Glass with Sky Q?

Yes, you can, as ultimately, you will be switching over from one service to the other. You are also able to revert back to Sky Q after you have made use of a Sky Glass account.

What’s the difference between Sky Q and Sky Glass

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If you are swapping over from Sky Q to Sky Glass, there are a few changes that will take place;

Box is plugged into your TV 4K HDR TV with everything included
Satellite dish required No satellite dish required
Works over an internet connection Works over an internet connection
Voice remote Voice remote
Multi-screen available with mini boxes required Multi-screen available with stream pucks required
Content is downloaded to the box Content is streamed straight away
Standard internet speeds required Faster internet speed is required, 10Mbps is the minimum
4K HDR Image quality 4K HDR Image quality
Recording function available No recording function is available

There may be a few differences when it comes to comparing Sky Glass and Sky Q, however, they both do offer the exact same content available depending on what subscription you have opted for, with their on-demand services, all of Sky’s content, and 3rd party apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

If you are one that doesn’t like to be stuck in a contract, Sky Glass provides a 31 day ‘rolling contract’ option whereas Sky Q will require you to sign in to an 18-month contract.

Can I switch to Sky Q?

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Can I switch to Sky Q

You may have changed from Sky Q to Sky Glass, and now want to go back to Sky Q, or you have decided you just don’t want to use Sky Glass and prefer Sky Q.

Can you revert back to Sky Q on Sky Glass?

Yes, you can, although, there are certain steps you will need to complete to ensure your Sky Q is in working order.

  • Your Sky Q remote will need to be paired with your smart TV

To pair your remote;

Press down on 1 and 3 at the same time > Hold down for 3 seconds > Once you see a ‘Connected’ message click on ‘Continue’

  • Ensure your Sky Q remote has the VOICE function

Once your Sky Q remote is paired to your Sky Glass TV with the voice function, you can proceed with a reinstallation of the Sky Q box.

Note, your Sky Q remote will not be able to do the following on your Sky Glass TV;

  • Control Volume
  • Mute
  • Standby options

For in-depth steps to complete this reinstallation, click here. 

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Can you have Sky Q and Sky Glass at the same time

You will not be able to have both Sky Q and Sky Glass activated at the same address.

If you have made the decision that you want to change to one or the other, your current subscription will be canceled.

Sky does provide you with a 31 day cooling period, where you will be able to cancel the new subscription if you change your mind, and give your Sky Glass TV back without incurring any additional charges.


With Sky being Europe’s biggest media content company, they are becoming one of the most popular streaming services available to the public.

Introducing Sky Glass, which does not require a satellite dish, and has everything included in the TV itself is one of their main attractions for users to upgrade from Sky Q, and having them compatible with each other makes switching over that much easier.

We hope this guide has given you everything you needed to understand the difference between Sky Q and Sky Glass, and how you are able to switch over between the two.