You have an urgent meeting to attend or an important class to take and you find out that your Zoom is not connecting? No time to waste getting into the Zoom meeting? Is the Zoom meeting significant? You’ve come to the right place! We can help connect you to your Zoom meeting in a jiffy.

Unfortunately, the recent pandemic has created several unfortunate circumstances for the everyday person. Supplies were drying up, and unemployment was on the rise due to lockdown and restrictions by the Government. Many people were struggling to find a work environment without compromising their safety. Therefore,  there was a massive increase in video conference applications with Zoom at its forefront.

With Zoom and other similar video conference applications, the now-familiar remote work and education trend began. Zoom had amassed millions of downloads in a short period, resulting in workload on their servers increasing and thus, resulting in many errors/problems, such as Zoom not connecting to a meeting.

Why is Zoom not letting me join a meeting?

cannot connect to zoom

Server loads, as mentioned before, are usually the most prominent factor in hindering access to meetings on Zoom. However, there can be several other reasons why Zoom has no connection to a meeting. 

Zoom requires an active internet connection to operate as it is an online video conference app. It doesn’t always use your network package to connect because some packages don’t support video. Failing, low speed, or absent Wi-Fi’s won’t work. A stable, moderate to high  internet connection is required by Zoom for you to be able to join any meetings.

Factors that may lead you to not connecting are:

  • A pre-set firewall is blocking access to Zoom’s IP address.
  • Incorrect DNS settings.
  • Router problem.
  • Outdated application.
  • A bug in your device.
  • Other Internet issues.

If you have encountered the culprit of this error, or even if you don’t have a clue, we guarantee by following the subsequent steps, you can get back into your Zoom webinar without missing much.

What should I do if Zoom is not connecting

zoom not connecting

Server delay issues

As mentioned above, Zoom servers take on huge workloads. When multiple large meetings are in order around the globe, even Zoom servers can crash. These crashes can lead to server errors like not being able to join a meeting. 

So, if you’re getting this error, the majority of the users probably are too. It’s best to wait until Zoom fixes its servers and brings them back online.


Clear multitasking to solve Zoom not connecting

Clogging of RAM can occur if you use multiple apps at the same time. This can cause unknown glitches in your device, causing Zoom to not connect to any meeting. To solve this, clear your multitasking tab.

You can access this by:

  • Double-tapping the home button/swiping up on your iPhone or pressing the bottom left button on your Android device.
  • Tap to clear all apps.
  • After that, reopen your Zoom app, and you will be able to access your meeting. 

For a laptop, PC or MacBook, you should close all your running software as they use up any free unallocated RAM. Make sure that they are not running in the background as well.

Restart your device

Sometimes the simplest of solutions can solve the hardest of problems. Have you tried restarting the device you have Zoom on after the previous multitasking step? If not, then do it right away.

Rebooting your device will refresh the RAM you have just cleared and leave it in a default state so no instructions can damage the functionality of the Zoom app.

Restarting will also eliminate any lingering bugs not related to this problem, but it fixes all the small but noticeable issues of your device. 

How do I fix Zoom’s inability to connect?

Update the Zoom app

zoom update

Having an outdated version can cause several problems, such as Zoom Error Code 1054 or Zoom Error Code 3113. It’s best to update right away to the latest version before even more problems begin to show. 

If the auto-updates are disabled,

  • Firstly, check for an update by going to the App Store or Play Store.
  • If there is an update icon, press it and wait for a few minutes.
  • Clear multitasking and restart Zoom after the update has finished.

For laptops or a PC, click your image profile on the top left, scroll down to ‘Check for Updates’, click and follow the instructions.

After you’re done updating, Go to log in and type in your credentials. If you can join the meeting, then your issue has been fixed.

Use a VPN if Zoom is not connecting

Using a Virtual Private Network has solved connectivity issues for a large number of Zoom users. Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs, encrypt your IP address and display the IP of their server. With VPNs you can use different IP addresses around the world. If Zoom service is down in your area, city or country, you can use a VPN to try and connect to a different IP in another country and see if the issue is fixed.

We highly recommend using a Paid VPN service like Nord VPN to ensure no leakage of personal data and no security concerns are present. This is because free VPNs usually record your activity while using them as data and sell them to make revenue.

Final thoughts on Zoom not connecting

We hope we solved your problem of Zoom not being able to connect to meetings and hope you can get back into your meeting in no time. If not, then don’t hesitate to contact Zoom Support.

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