You have just finished a busy workday. You probably want some time to relax an unwind. Maybe you decide to play your favorite battle royale, Fortnite. But when you try to access the game, you encounter some weird error and wonder why Fortnite won’t let you log in. Don’t worry; in our guide, we’ll help you solve these problems so you can get back to your Victory Royales.

Battle Royale games have risen in popularity over the past few years. They are the most viewed genre of gaming on Twitch and YouTube gaming. Whichever game on-trend on these websites, goes viral. Fortnite also rose in popularity due to streamers playing the Battle Royale, but it still maintains it loyal userbase of gamers after four years due to its fun, fast-paced, innovative gameplay and virtual world creations.

Now and then, even a game such as Fortnite could have a problem spike up. Currently, thousands of users are reporting that they are unable to log in to their Fortnite account. We found the solution to this problem and hope to solve your login issues ASAP.

Why is Fortnite not letting me log in?

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There can be several reasons why Fortnite won’t let you log in and join the game. Some of the most common reasons are related to server issues. Fortnite is a viral game, and it is not uncommon for it to have problems with its servers. This is mainly because the developers could not have predicted Fortnite would be one of the most played games in this modern era. 

To handle the load of all its increasing player base, Fortnite needs to regularly update their servers and keep up with the demand. No server space could mean new players can’t register, and the game can not function. But when adding new servers and their updates regularly, developers cannot realize or don’t have the time to deal with some bugs. Some of these bugs can be causing you not to log in into Fortnite.

Other than issues on Fortnite’s side, there can be a problem with your internet connection. With weak or no network, Fortnite won’t use its most basic functions, including log in. This is because Fortnite is an entirely multiplayer online game with no offline single-player option. This means an internet connection is always required when opening up Fortnite and trying to log in.

We’ll walk you through some of the most common fixes when Fortnite doesn’t let you log in .

How do I fix Fortnite not letting me log in?

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Restart and check internet

As discussed above, your Internet connection being weak or disconnected could cause Fortnite not to let you log in. First, you have to see whether the network is active or not. Try using the internet on another device and see if any online service operates. If not, then your internet is disconnected from your Internet Service Provider.

If it is connecting, then try taking a speed test on the device you play Fortnite on. In case the speed is below 1MB/s or your ping is more than 300, you are having speed and connectivity issues. Therefore you do NOT have the minimum juice required for Fortnite to run.

The solution to both is to restart your internet device(router/modem). You want to unplug your modem and leave it off for at least 60 seconds. After that, turn it back on and try to reconnect with your device. If the issue still persists, then you may need to contact your Internet Service Provider.

Change DNS settings to log in to Fortnite

A DNS and IP issue can also cause Fortnite log in issues. DNS allows us just to use names to access websites without memorizing their IP addresses. In this scenario, a faulty DNS can cause connectivity issues when it cannot recognize the name, such as Fortnite. To fix this, you can flush your DNS and change its settings.

To do this:

  1. Press the Windows Logo/Start button key and the R key at the same time on your keyboard. This will open the ‘run search’ box.
  2. Type “cmd” in the search bar and then press Ctrl, Shift and Enter. This will directly open up the Windows Command Prompt in administrator settings.
  3. In the Windows Command Prompt, type in “ipconfig /release” and press Enter. This will flush your DNS settings.
  4. Now write “ipconfig /renew” and press Enter. This will set your DNS settings back to default.

You can now try launching Fortnite. If the issue persists, try updating your drivers and try this step again.

Final thoughts

We know not being able to play in your free time can be annoying and if the issue still persists,

We hope our guide helped solve your problem of being unable to log in into Fortnite.