Trying to join a video call but the Zoom error code 1054 prevents you from going into the meeting window? Here’s everything you need to know about this issue with Zoom meeting app and how you can resolve it.

Even before the global pandemic of COVID-19 took over our way of life and forced family gathering and office meetings to happen over the web, video conferencing was rapidly becoming the norm. With the enforcement of social distancing, the meteoric rise of Zoom web conferencing app has not been a secret, with millions of users connecting into the service.

Although the video conferencing service has been up and running most of the year, users have reported issues with the app from time to time. For instance, the occurrence of the Zoom error code 1054 when trying to log into the service or trying to join a video conferencing request, has been among the common issues.

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Why does Zoom Error 1054 Occur?

Although Zoom Help Center has an entire webpage dedicated to the most common error codes and what they mean, the one we’re hoping to resolve here is not on there. Apparently, the error code 1054 in Zoom appears when the user is trying to use the wrong, or an old (expired password to log into a Zoom meeting.

The main culprit behind this critical issue is Zoom itself, and the policy it has in place of invalidating a user’s account password after 30 days. After setting up your account, you will need to change your password once after 30 days, or the service will automatically expire the password, which will cause the Zoom error code 1054 to pop up.

How to Fix Zoom Error Code 1054

Before you begin to give up on the video calling app entirely, here’s a quick and easy solution that always seems to work for error 1054 in the Zoom app.

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  1. Open a web browser tab and head over to the Zoom website.
  2. Press the Sign In button and click on the Forgot Password button.
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  3. The page will ask you to enter your Email Address and hit the Send button.
  4. Zoom service will send the Password Reset Link to your registered email address.
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  5. Open the email, click on the Reset Link and enter the New Password you want to set for the Zoom account.

Once you have reset the password, use the new password to log into the Zoom app, which should very well resolve the error code 1054.

Final Words

Since the feature of the password expiring every 30 days can seem more like a bug than a feature, we recommend that you change this setting. Zoom allows you to set the duration of automatically resetting the password in 30, 60, 90, as well as 120 days, so choose the time period you are most comfortable with.