If WhatsApp won’t send messages, you may also be having issues with receiving texts on the platform.

Have you completed the initial verification process properly, with an active mobile number on a device that is paired to an internet connection?

WhatsApp not delivering messages can be caused if your background data has not been enabled on your device, or the instant messaging server is down.

You can fix WhatsApp not sending messages by reinstalling the app or switching power saving mode off if you have enabled the feature on your device.

We have created this extensive directory to guide you through why you are experiencing this error, and what you can do to fix WhatsApp, so you can get back to communicating without any further delays.

Why won’t WhatsApp messages send?

Whatsapp won't send messages

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WhatsApp will not deliver your messages if you have not completed the first verification process when you initially set up your WhatsApp account. Your account details need to be successfully verified before messages can be exchanged between you and your recipients. This is to confirm that you have a functioning mobile number and that you are connected to a working internet connection.

If you have completed the verification process on WhatsApp but your messages are still not being delivered or received, you may be missing the requirements. These include;

  • Only the number you own can be verified
  • Your number needs to be able to receive messages and calls
  • Call blocking settings need to be disabled
  • Stable internet connection
  • You have made a digit error in your number

If your verification process went through successfully but your instant messaging app is still not processing your texts, this could be due to;

Reason 1. Number is blocked

You may have forgotten that you blocked a number from your contacts list. If a contact has been blocked, messages will not get delivered, and the blocked contact will not be able to send a message to you.

The recipient could have blocked you from their contact list.

Reason 2. WhatsApp server is down

If the WhatsApp server is down, messages will not be exchanged between users, and only ‘one-trick’ will be visible in your chat section.

This is because the request from your device to send a message to your recipient will not reach the WhatsApp server and be processed.

Reason 3. Incorrect number

If your messages are not delivered to a specific number,  you could have saved the number incorrectly, missed a digit, or altered its sequence.

An international number will need to have its region code included in the front of the number, without the (0).  You may have saved a number without its international code or the incorrect one.

Reason 4. Mobile data disabled

Your mobile data needs to be enabled if you are not connected to a Wifi connection.

If your mobile data is on, but your messages are not delivering, you may have run out of data, or your network service provider is down.

Reason 5. Background data disabled

Having the background data enabled on your device will allow your WhatsApp app to receive messages when you are not active on the platform.

You will also be able to reply to messages through your notification without having to open WhatsApp.

Reason 6. Outdated app

Your WhatsApp app may be due to an update.

Updates are done to help improve the performance of the app and get rid of any corrupted files currently stored on your device.

Reason 7. Power saving mode enabled

Turning on power-saving mode on your device will save your battery, but restrict WhatsApp functioning at its optimal level as less data will be used to process requests.

This mode may stop messages from being received and may stop your messages from being delivered.

How to fix WhatsApp won’t send messages

WhatsApp won't send messages

WhatsApp won’t send messages

You need to make sure you have completed the first time verification process on WhatsApp.  To ensure the verification goes through successfully, your number should already be active and connected to a working internet connection. If you are unable to receive texts and calls to your mobile, the verification step will not work.

How do I verify my WhatsApp number?

Are you certain you have verified your mobile number and done so correctly?

Before you go through the verification process again, make sure you;

  • Have the correct country and region code
  • Note not to include a ‘0’ in your number, and your digits are correct
  • Your mobile is connected to a stable internet connection
  • Call blocking settings are disabled

Step 1. Input your number on WhatsApp, choose the correct code and remove the 0

Step 2. Click on ‘Next’

Step 3. You will receive a six-number code via text that you will need to type in

Your WhatsApp account should now be verified.

I didn’t receive my WhatsApp code

The WhatsApp code can take around ten minutes to come through. If the code does not come through, do not guess a combination as this can lock you out.

You will be given the option to receive a code via a phone call. Click on ‘Call Me’. When you answer, an automated voice will give you a new code.

If your account is verified, but WhatsApp still won’t send or receive messages, you can troubleshoot the application by actioning the following steps;

Fix 1. Restart your device

Your device may need to be refreshed before accessing the WhatsApp server.

Switch mobile off > Wait at least thirty seconds > Turn it back on

Try to send a message on WhatsApp after your device has reconnected.

Fix 2. Reinstall WhatsApp

To uninstall and reinstall your instant messaging service will get rid of any potential corrupted software that is causing your app to not send messages.

It may have been installed with faulty files during its original download.

Delete or uninstall the app off your device, then install it again from your app store.

You may need to reinput your mobile number and complete the verification step again.

Fix 3. Check WhatsApp server

How do you know if WhatsApp server is working?

You can check if WhatsApp’s server is down by clicking here. This page will keep you updated if there is an issue with WhatsApp, and when it has been resolved.

If WhatsApp is down, messages will stay undelivered until their server is fixed.

Fix 4. Check number details

Have you saved your contacts details correctly on your mobile?

If their digits are incorrect, or you have not used an international code, their profile will not appear on your WhatsApp’s contact list, and you will be unable to send them a message.

Fix 5. Confirm internet connection

If you are connected to a Wifi network, make sure the service provider is up and functioning without any interferences.

WhatsApp needs to be connected to stable internet to process messages between recipients, and get them delivered.

(Fun Fact; WhatsApp is worth more than some of the largest companies, for example, American Airlines (over 15 billion USD), and Harley Davidson (around 6 billion USD). 

You can refresh your Wifi connection by resetting your router after unplugging it for a few minutes.

If you are using WhatsApp on mobile data, you need to make sure your network has been switched on, and that you have enough mobile data on your device to connect to the internet.

Fix 6. Enable background data

Turning your background data on will ensure WhatsApp will receive messages, and function without you opening the app.

How to enable background data for WhatsApp:

On iPhone;

‘Settings > WhatsApp > Enable Background App Refresh’

On Android;

‘Settings > Data Usage > Cellular Data Usage > WhatsApp > Turn Background data on’

You now won’t have to launch WhatsApp for it to work.

Fix 7. Disable power-saving mode

Although the power-saving mode is good to use to prolong your battery life, it restricts applications from operating 100% as the required amount of data needed to process requests will be limited.

If you have this feature switched on while using WhatsApp, turn it off and try sending your message again.

What is WhatsApp beta?

WhatsApp won't send messages

WhatsApp won’t send messages

WhatsApp beta is a multi-device version of WhatsApp that allows you to use the app via the web, desktop or portal once your devices are linked. This version will give these linked devices access to your WhatsApp account without needing your mobile to stay connected. 

If you have joined beta, this version can block your messages from being delivered or received. You can leave this version of WhatsApp, and join again, however, this option can interfere with WhatsApp’s performance.

How do I uninstall WhatsApp beta?

Step 1. Open WhatsApp

Step 2. Access ‘Settings’

Step 3. Click on ‘Linked Devices’

Step 4. Select ‘Leave Beta’

Note, If your WhatsApp has had a recent update, it may have automatically joined you to the beta version.


We hope this guide has provided you with enough knowledge to understand what could be causing WhatsApp to not send your messages, and that you were able to execute one of our seven easy solutions to fix this problem so you can send and receive messages through your app.

If you have attempted all steps, and WhatsApp still won’t send messages, we suggest you contact the messaging service directly.

You can send a message via their online form. Alternatively, if you can access your WhatsApp account, you can go to Settings > Help > Contact Us.