Wondering why your O2 app keeps stopping? There could be a host of reasons why this is happening. Your service app crashing can be a big inconvenience. But, don’t worry, youre not alone. Many people have run into this issue over the years. Keep reading to find out why this happens and how to resolve it. 

Virgin Media’s O2 is one of the UK’s leading network providers. According to statistics, they service over 98% of the population. Moreover, the platform supports four different virtual mobile service providers: Giffgaff, Sky Mobile, Tesco Mobile and Lycamobile. 

However, even with its vast clientele, the connectivity service provider isn’t completely bug-free. Before we discuss some ways you can fix this issue, let’s talk about Why your O2 app keeps stopping. 

Why is My O2 App Not Working?

Why is my 02 app not working?

Perhaps a primary reason why your O2 app keeps stopping is because of your phone. One of the most common explanations is that your phone is low on memory or has a weak chipset. 

Another reason your app may be crashing is because of an issue on the side of Virgin Media’s O2 platform. In fact, in January of 2020, many mobile phone network users reported errors with their apps. This left hundreds of thousands of people in the IK without any signals. 

When this happens, there isn’t much you can do. The error needs to be resolved by the app developer. In case of O2 software problems, a team of O2 developers in the Czech Republic ensure that the app doesn’t disappear or restart on its own. 

What to Do When O2 App Keeps Stopping?

What to Do When O2 App Keeps Stopping?

As we’ve mentioned, one of the most common reasons for why the O2 app keeps stopping is an issue on the part of the developer. However, there are a few things you can do to try and assuage the error. 

Keep in mind that your O2 app will only work smoothly in combination with your phone’s operating system. Thus its always essential to take the following measures in order to keep things running smoothly on your end: 

Force Stop the App

The first thing you can do to ensure there isn’t an issue is force stop the app. Do this by following the steps below: 

  • Navigate to your phone’s Settings
  • Select the app (O2) that keeps crashing. 
  • Next, Tap on the app’s name and then tap “Force Stop”. 
  • Try opening the app and check if the issue is resolved. 

Clear the App’s Data

If the first step doesn’t work, you can try cleaning out the app data. Here’s how you do that:

  • Go to Settings 
  • Find your App folder
  • Select the app that’s giving you issues. In this case, that would be the O2 app. 
  • Click on “Clear Data” or “Clear Storage” 

Keep in mind that they erase any data that you have saved. You will need to reinstall these once again. 

Restart Your Device

Another solution you can apply when your O2 app keeps stopping is restarting the device. By doing this, youre able to end the process and restart it. Moreover, it also clears your phone’s memory. This also facilitates your O2 app when it’s running slowly. To restart your device, do the following: 

  • Press and hold down on your phone’s power button 
  • In case your phone doesn’t have a restart option, you need to conduct a manual restart. Power it off and turn it on. 

Reinstall the O2 App 

If the above steps haven’t helped you, then perhaps you can try reinstalling the app. To carry this out, all you need to do is go to your Apps folder, find the app O2 app and then hit the uninstall button. Once the process s complete, head to the Play Store (for Android) or Apple Store (for Apple). Search for the app and then download it again. 

Check App Permissions 

Newer versions of both Apple and Android allow you to deny permissions requested by apps. It’s possible you may have unwittingly turned these permissions off for your O2 app. This could explain why your O2 app keeps stopping

Although most apps should still function even when denied permission requests, some poorly coded apps could run into errors. Do the following to ensure this isn’t an error with your app: 

  • From your phone’s home screen, navigate to Settings.
  • Find and click on your Apps folder
  • Next, select the O2 app.
  • Tap on App Permissions and then allow the ones you’ve denied earlier. 

Keep Your Apps Updated

Apps are being updated regularly. These updates contain bug fixes and other ways the developer has improved on the app. Thus, it’s essential to keep your apps up to date. If your O2 app keeps stopping, we recommend checking to see if you have the updated version. 

How Can I Boost My O2 Signal?

How can I boost my O2 signal?

Although the O2 provides fast and stable connectivity services to its clients, there are some instances where you might run into issues with the signals. Don’t worry! Just follow some ways you can boost your O2 signals. 

  • Fix SIM Issues: If youre running into choppy signals, you may benefit from fixing any SIM issues. Oftentimes, the main reason you run into this problem is that your SIM isn’t inserted correctly.
  • Remove and Obstructions: If youre in an area with thick forestry or high mountains, we highly recommend you find a better spot. These tall obstructions are notorious for disrupting phone signals
  • Make Sure Power Saving Mode is Off: Power saving mode can sometimes disrupt your signals. Here is how you check to see if your power saver mode is on: Apps> Settings> Battery. 


While Virgin Media’s O2 is a formidable connectivity service provider in the UK, it does face standard issues other companies run into. We hope this guide was insightful on why your O2 app keeps stopping and how to resolve this problem. If you feel that the problems still persist despite trying these remedies, we suggest getting in touch with O2’s customer care service