Are you wondering, “If I Uninstall WhatsApp, Will I Lose Everything? If yes, follow along as this article talks about the ways of securing your chat data.

If I Uninstall WhatsApp, will I Lose Everything?

There might be many situations when users need to get WhatsApp uninstalled from their smartphones. But before doing so, most of them encounter a common query if their messages and other chat data like the media files are safe even after removing the app.

Thankfully, the answer rests on the positive end. Although the process is different for different operating systems, keeping your data safe even after uninstalling WhatsApp from your mobile is possible. 

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Uninstalling WhatsApp on Android: What Happens to the Chat Data?

WhatsApp for Android comes with an automatic update feature. With this feature, WhatsApp automatically backs up daily chat data and saves it on mobile devices. It also allows users to schedule regular backups on their Google Drive account, which is linked to WhatsApp. However, it is recommended to have still your data backed up manually before uninstalling the app.

Creating Manual WhatsApp Backup

Whatsapp chat backup

  • Launch WhatsApp
  • Find and tap the “Settings” option.
  • Hover over to the “Chats” and select “Chat Backup.”
  • Click on Backup (Make sure to toggle the option for including videos, if you wish to back up your media files along with chats)
  • Wait for some moment until WhatsApp finishes creating a backup file on Google Drive.
  • Once your data is backed up, you can uninstall it and still have your messages safe.

Retrieving Messages from Local Backup or Google Drive

retrieve whatsapp chat

As soon as you reinstall your WhatsApp, proceed as follows to retrieve your chat data

  • The first thing you will need to do after launching the app is to verify your mobile number.
  • Once done, you will immediately come across an option to “Restore.”
  • Click on that and wait until all the recently backed up data gets restored to your WhatsApp platform.

Uninstalling WhatsApp on iOS: What Happens to the Chat Data?

Unlike WhatsApp for Android devices, the one for iOS doesn’t come with an automatic local backup feature. However, you can enable automatic updates by logging in to your iCloud account and selecting the “Auto Backup” feature. Besides, creating manual backups before uninstalling the app is also a way to ensure you don’t lose your messages and other chat-related data.

Creating Manual WhatsApp Backup

restore iOS Whatsapp

  • Launch WhatsApp
  • Tap on the “Settings” option from the bottom right corner of the screen
  • Navigate to “Chats” and select ‘Chat Backup.”
  • Tap on “Backup Now.”

Retrieving Messages from iCloud

Retrieve iOS messages

  • Once the app is installed, launch it and have your mobile number and iCloud ID verified.
  • You will then come across a prompt saying, “Restore Chat History.”
  • Tap next and select “Restore Chat History.”
  • Wait for some moment until the chat data gets restored from the cloud servers.

Final Words

There you have it: the best ways of securing your WhatsApp data to make sure you never lose them even after uninstalling the app. Whether you decide to uninstall WhatsApp or not, we still recommend having your data backed up regularly to be on the safer end.