While playing Call of Duty: Modern Warzone, do you often encounter the Dev Error Code 6068? Does it always happen when you’re trying to clutch for your team or crash when you just drop in? Don’t worry, we’re here to help you sort out this mess so you can get back into action in no time.

Call of Duty has been one of the most influential FPS franchises since the early days of gamers playing online. Many of us fondly remember the Xbox lobbies being constantly filled and having fun all night long with our squad.  

COD Modern Warzone is the newest release in the Call of Duty franchise. Released in 2020, it quickly rose in popularity due to its insane gameplay and realistic graphics. It soon became one of the most streamed games on platforms like YouTube and Twitch. But having such high-end gameplay and graphics on your PC or console comes at a cost.

What is Warzone Dev Error Code 6068?

Warzone Dev Code 6068 Error

You most probably would receive a Warzone Dev Error Code 6068 when running outdated gaming drivers. This error also occurs with issues in your graphics settings. Any occurring problems related to graphics will eventually be prompted as Warzone Dev Error Code 6068. As you already know, Warzone is a very graphics-heavy game; hence such errors are widespread among players.

What causes Warzone Dev Error Code 6068?

Fixing Dev Error Code 6068

There are several reasons why you would receive a Warzone Dev Error Code 6068. Many players have encountered this error mainly due to the wrong graphics settings. Not having minimum requirements such as processing power and VRAM is also a common root of the error.

Having the latest graphics cards is increasingly growing more and more important for players. Online high-res games are usually optimized for best performance on their highest settings. These are only achievable on very new and expensive graphic cards. Nowadays sadly, graphic cards are in short supply. Crypto is taking over the hardware market, and many gamers are left stranded without a stable graphic card. This is due to Crypto Mining also being heavily reliant on graphic cards. 

With such shortages, many players are below the threshold for a demanding and unoptimized game like Call of Duty Modern Warzone. Nevertheless, people still put all their heart into the game even when it’s not feasible to have the best Call of Duty experience possible. 

Reasons for Warzone Error Code 6068

Below are some of the common reasons, the Warzone error Code 6068 appears:

  • Outdated graphic drivers
  • Outdated Windows OS
  • Random software bugs
  • Damaged game files
  • Incorrect graphic settings
  • Unsupported or below threshold graphic card or processor

In this guide, we go through the most common factors and tried to deduce what is causing the Warzone Dev Error Code 6068 to show up. The following section is a  step-by-step tutorial on how to fix Warzone Dev Error Code 6068.

How to get rid of Warzone Dev Error Code 6068?

Update Windows

Windows update

Keeping all your software updated is the best way to prevent unwanted errors. This is especially true if your Windows OS isn’t updated. Call of Duty Modern Warfare is updated in regards to the latest Windows Update. Updating Call of Duty Modern Warzone is mandatory when you want to play online, so its assumed that you are on the newest update. However, you can go months without updating Windows as there are no significant prompts on installing it. It is best to keep your Windows OS constantly updated.

To check for Window’s updates,

  1. Go to the settings app. 
  2. Select update and security.
  3. If you see a pending update, go ahead and download it.
  4. Install the update.

Update graphic drivers

Drivers are software components that let the operating system and hardware device communicate and share control. A graphic driver is the software that controls the output of the graphics card of your computer. 

Warzone Dev Error is based on graphic issues, so updating your graphic drivers wouldn’t hurt, especially if they are outdated or incompatible. Before you go and download any extra programs to update drivers “easily”, we’ll help you update them right from your control panel.

  1. Press and hold win+r keys to open Run.
  2. Write “devmgmt.msc” and press Enter.
  3. Search for display adapters and select it, this will show your graphics card(s).
  4. Right-click the graphics card your Call of Duty Warzone uses and select Properties from the pop-up menu.
  5. Select the Drivers tab, then confirm the “Update Drivers” option.
  6. Windows will prompt you on how to update. Select “Search automatically for updated drivers.”
  7. Windows will now download and update drivers for you.
  8. After installation, restart your PC
  9. After booting up again, start up Call of Duty Modern Warzone.

Use DirectX 11.0

There have been many reports of various bugs on DirectX 12. This has led to many users switching over to the previous version, DirectX 11. 

DirectX is a collection of components, programs, and software needed to run most gaming, multimedia, and rendering applications. DirectX is required because of the ambiguity of the hardware that the user will use. Unlike consoles that have set components, a PC user can have millions of different combinations of hardware. This would make it impossible for a game developer or programmer to design a well-optimized game. DirectX enables programmers and developers to bypass such issues and can create games for a wide variety of systems.

Here is what you need to do to run Call of Duty Modern Warfare using DirectX 11.0.


Modern warfare Battle Screen

  1. Run the Battle.net launcher.
  2. Click on the Blizzards logo drop-down menu.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Navigate to Game Settings in the new menu.
  5. Check the “Additional command-line arguments” option under Call of Duty Modern Warfare.
  6. Enter “-d3d11” in the box that appears.
  7. Save then relaunch the game.

Final Thoughts

After trying all the above mentioned solutions, if your issue still remains unresolved, get in touch with Activision Customer Support.  We hope our guide helped fix your Warzone Dev Error Code 6068. We have solutions for Warzone Error Code 2048 , Dev Error Code 6034  and Call of Duty Error Code 664640 here too. Check them out too.