Don’t know what to do when the Call of Duty: Warzone error code 2048 pops up? Well, this article is all about solving this issue with three easy fixes.

warzone error code 2048

Why Do We Face the Error Code 2048?

2020 released free-to-play battle royale Call of Duty: Warzone has seen several bugs already, one of which is the error code 2048. The most critical thing about the error is that the prime cause is still unknown. Many claim a recent update to be the reason behind the issue, while others consider server downtimes as the culprit. Whatever might be the reason, the good news is we have simple solutions to it.

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How to Fix Warzone Error Code 2048

#Fix 1: Check if You Have the Latest Version of the Game

update to fix warzone error code 2048

The first thing you need to do to resolve the Call of Duty Warzone error code 2048 is to check if you are running the latest version of the game or not. 

  • Launch the game 
  • From the main menu, hover over to the update section.
  • Check for the availability of any updates. If available, download and install the same.
  • Once done, restart your device to make sure everything is fresh before launching the game.

#Fix 2: Check if the Game Servers are Working Fine

server check

Most of the time, the games that operate online face multiple issues because of server failures. Suppose the error code 2048 isn’t resolved even after updating your game to the latest version. In that case, the next thing you can do is check for the game server status.

For doing this, you can visit websites like Downdectector. On visiting those websites, if you come across any issue, wait for some moment until the game developers resolve the same. However, if the 2048 error code continues to bother you, try the next fix.

#Fix 3: Reinstalling the Game

install game

If neither updating the game to the latest version nor checking for server issues helped you resolve the error code 2048, the ultimate fix you are left with is reinstalling the game entirely.

For PC:

  • Head over to the control panel
  • Find and click Uninstall a program
  • Search for Warzone and click on that
  • Follow along the process until the game gets removed
  • Restart your PC
  • Launch Battle.Net
  • Log In to your Account using the required credentials
  • From the main menu, find Call of Duty: Warzone
  • Click Install
  • Once done, restart your device to be on the safer side.

For PS4

  • From your PlayStation dashboard, hover to the library section
  • Under the Games section, find and tap the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.
  • After that, press the Options button and click Delete.
  • Once done, hit back to the Warzone game page in the Store menu to download and install the game.

Note: Make sure to restart your console before launching the game.

For Xbox:

  • From the main menu of your console, hover over to the game installs section
  • Find and uninstall Warzone
  • Launch 
  • Log in to your Blizzard Account using the required credentials.
  • Find and select Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.
  • Click the Install button to download and install the game.
  • Once done, restart your device, launch the game and look if the error is resolved.

Final Words

Although the prime reason behind the issue is still unknown, we expect the game developers to come up with an update for resolving the error real soon. Until then, these fixes are there to make sure you have an uninterrupted gaming session throughout.