Is the Call of Duty error code 664640 putting a dent in your COD: Warzone online gaming experience? Here’s a guide that explains why the COD multiplayer issue surfaces at times, and what you can do to counter it.

Defining an entire generation of FPS (First-Person Shooter) games that have been played on consoles and computers for almost two decades, the Call of Duty franchise isn’t an insignificant one. While the game has improved in terms of graphics, online multiplayer performance, and gameplay features, there are certain issue with Call of Duty that have carried on from the older versions.

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Why Does COD Error 664640 Occur?

One recurring issue seems to be with the online multiplayer, where Call of Duty error code 664640 seems to the get in the way of users. This particular issue with the game seems to be related to the network connectivity, barring gamers from connecting to the team matches and online multiplayer mode. There could also be issues related to the network settings of the computer or gaming console, along with DNS settings configuration.

How to Fix Call of Duty Error Code 664640

Fix #1 – Do a Quick Boot Cycle

The age-old way to fix issues with any gadget or software is to turn off the system and then launch it again. The same hot fix can be applied to Call of Duty as well, where the first recommendation by most experts is too perform a reboot cycle on the system.

Resolving a Windows Restart Loop – Part 3 | CloudAffinity

  1. On PlayStation and Xbox consoles, press and hold the Power button to perform a hard reboot.
  2. On the PC, exit the Call of Duty game and reboot the Windows system.
  3. Additionally, reboot the wireless router by unplugging it for 30 seconds and then re-plugging it to reset the network connection.

Fix #2 – Check the Server Status

If the Call of Duty error seems to have appeared out of nowhere, with no major change done by you to the network settings, maybe your system isn’t to blame. When browsing the user forums, we noticed a significant number of users reporting the Call of Duty error code 664640 and it seems to be the developers who are at fault.

  1. Open the web browser and head to the Activision Online Services
  2. Make sure that the network servers are operational and the status is set to Online.
  3. Additionally, keep a close look on the Infinity Ward Twitter page to know the server status live.

Fix #3 – Repair the Game Files

If you have been playing the game for quite a while, you’re bound to accumulate update files over time. Some of these temporary files can become corrupt at times, which can, at some point, lead to server issues and error codes such as 664640 to pop up. However, this option is available only for PC users who can use the Blizzard Launcher to scan and repair the game.

How to fix fatal error in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 | Shacknews

  1. Head over to the Blizzard Launcher on the computer.
  2. Find Call of Duty from the game library and open it.
  3. Press the Options (gear icon) on the game and click on it.
  4. Click on Scan and Repair and then press Begin Scan to start the process.

The scanning process will be completed and Blizzard will ask you to restart the computer to bring the changes into effect.

Fix #4 – Change the DNS Address

This particular fix seems to work for both, Windows and console users who have encountered the Call of Duty error code 664640 on their systems. Change the DNS address of the device has been reported to fix the issue for several users, and here’s how you can do it:

Windows 10 Configuration – OpenDNS

  1. Head to the Networking Settings on the PC and console.
  2. Select the option to Add custom or manual DNS address ( as Primary & as Secondary).
  3. Save the DNS settings and restart the system to see if the issue is resolved.

Final Words

Were you able to solve the issues with Call of Duty with the steps we have listed above? Do share your experience with the error code 664640 in the comments section below.