Are you using a Vodafone phone or SIM-only deal, but the service won’t let you send picture messages to your recipients? Does the issue occur on Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go plans? Don’t fret; this guide will show you how to send picture messages to your friends, family, or business contacts.

Vodafone Group is a multinational British telecom company headquartered in Newbury, Berkshire, England. The company offers its telecom services in different parts of the world by entering into arrangements with other network operators.

Vodafone offers minutes, texts, and data plans to its subscribers. However, quite a few users report that they can’t send picture messages to other numbers. Let’s find out why this problem occurs and what troubleshooting steps can help correct the issue.

Why can’t I send pictures Vodafone?

Why can't I send pictures Vodafone?

If Vodafone is not letting you send picture messages, it could be due to any one of the following reasons.

  • Your phone has not been set up to send picture messaging.
  • You are trying to send picture messages over a weak network.
  • You are sending a picture message while in an area with Vodafone coverage issues.
  • Incorrect Vodafone carrier settings and network settings in your cellphone are causing MMS interference.
  • Vodafone cellular data is experiencing slow internet speed.

How do I activate picture messaging on Vodafone?

How do I activate picture messaging on Vodafone?

If you can send regular text messages but cannot send picture messages, you have not correctly set up your phone to send or receive picture messages. Do the following steps in a sequence to activate MMS on your Vodafone.
  • Tap on the Settings icon on your cellphone Home screen.
  • Select Mobile Networks under Settings.
  • Next, tap on your SIM card and select Access Point Names.
  • Tap on the + Sign on the top or Add New APN option.
  • Under Name, type Vodafone MMS and tap Ok.
  • Now tap on APN and type and tap Ok.
  • Select the username option and type wap, then press Ok.
  • Type wap under the Password field, and press Ok to continue.
  • Move on to the MMSC option and type in and tap Ok.
  • Now go to the MMS Proxy option and type 212.183. 137.012 and tap Ok.
  • Under MMS port number, type 8799 and tap Ok.
  • To select the country code, write 234 under the MCC option.
  • Next, enter the network code 15 under MNC and tap Ok.
  • Select authentication type to None.
  • Under APN Type, tap and hold the Default option to turn it off
  • Next, tap and hold the MMS option to turn on the feature and tap Ok.
  • Tap on the Menu icon and tap on Save.
  • Finally, return to the Home screen and send a picture message to verify that you have activated the MMS settings correctly.

How do I fix Vodafone MMS not working?

How do I fix Vodafone MMS not working?

Vodafone MMS is activated, but you can’t send the picture messages? Turn on the MMS messaging under Message Settings of your phone. If the MMS problem persists, do the following troubleshooting steps.

Turn off Airplane mode

If you have left the Airplane mode on, your cellphone will pretty much do nothing. You won’t be able to make phone calls, send texts, or use mobile data. Therefore, check and turn off the Airplane mode and send the picture message.

Check Vodafone signal bars

You often try to send a picture message while you are in an area where Vodafone is experiencing coverage issues. It could be a basement of a shopping mall, an underground station, or an open country with no Vodafone coverage.

So, first, check that you are getting enough Vodafone signal bars on your cellphone and then send a picture message.

Test internet connectivity

Picture messages are sent over your cellphone’s internet connection. The quickest way to check for an active internet connection is to send a picture message using your mobile data plan. To do this, turn off WiFi and enable mobile data on your cellphone.

Now try sending an iMessage. If the picture message goes through, it means the problem lies with your WiFi connection. However, disable mobile data and test picture messages with another WiFi network if the issue persists.

Delete Messaging cache

You may often face MMS issues because of the corrupt Messaging app cache. However, clearing the app cache can often solve the picture message sending issues. To do this, navigate to Settings –> Apps Management or Apps Manager –> Messages. Now go under the Storage option and tap on the Clear cache and Clear Data option.

Afterward, send a text picture message to verify the fix.

Update carries settings

Vodafone push carrier settings update your cellphone to enhance your cellphone connection to the network. Your cellphone could experience picture messages issues if the carrier settings are outdated.

When a carrier setting update is available, it may pop up on your iPhone or Android phone screen. However, if you missed the chance to implement the update, you can do it manually in the following way.

First, head to Play Store or App Store –> Profile icon –> Manage apps & devices. Now tap on the Updates available option. Scroll to find the Carrier services app. Tap on the Update button next to the Carrier services app. Next, send an MMS over your mobile data or WiFi network and see if this fixes the issue on hand.

Do a soft and hard reset

If the above fixes fail to fix the picture sending issue on Vodafone, the next fix in line is to perform a soft cellphone reset. To do this, turn off your cellphone, remove its back cover and pull its battery out. Now, wait for one minute and put the battery back in your cellphone. Next, switch on your phone and try sending an MMS.

If the problem is still there or your cellphone does not allow you to pull the battery out, do a hard reset. Hopefully, this will fix the picture messaging issue.


Hopefully, you can now send picture messages to your friends and family after activating and troubleshooting the MMS settings on your phone. You can also try resetting the network settings and applying the above troubleshooting steps. Contact Vodafone support or visit your nearest Vodafone outlet if all else fails.