If Tinder keeps logging you out, there may be a technical issue with the server that is interfering with the sign-in feature of the app.

Have you recently updated your Tinder program on your device? If you haven’t, an outdated version can be a reason why Tinder logged out by itself.

When you first register on the online dating platform, you will be requested to verify your account information. If you do not do this, you can experience issues with staying signed in on the app.

We have created this simple guide to explain why Tinder keeps logging you out, as well as provide you with easy steps you can follow to fix this account error so you can stay logged in to your dating profile and not miss any recent matches.

Why do I keep getting logged out of Tinder?

Tinder keeps logging me out

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Tinder will keep logging you out of its server if it is experiencing issues. The Tinder database can either be down completely due to maintenance, an unplanned technical problem, or a certain feature of the app has malfunctioned which is why the app keeps signing you out.

Other reasons why this account issue may occur can be due to;

1. Not enough memory

Tinder may crash in the form of logging you out if the program does not have enough memory space.

This can happen if you have multiple different apps open at the same time while you want to access your Tinder account.

2. Cache Files Issue

Cache files are stored on your device every time you launch Tinder. This is to improve the app’s loading times and performance.

Over time, however, these files can become corrupt which could be why Tinder keeps logging you out.

3. Outdated Tinder app

Tinder will frequently roll out updates of its app to get rid of any issues that transpire in the current version and improve its features and function.

If you don’t update Tinder on your mobile device, your app can start to experience difficulty when it attempts to access the Tinder server.

4. Account details not verified

When you first sign up for Tinder, you will need to verify your account details. This can be your mobile number or email address.

If you don’t complete this step, Tinder may keep logging you out until your profile has been checked.

5. Your account has been banned

Tinder will log you out of your account if your account has gone against the community guidelines. You should receive a message from Tinder when you try and sign in.

6. Profile is under review

Tinder will keep logging you out if your account is under review.

This will happen if multiple other users have reported your profile, and Tinder is busy checking it out.

7. Poor internet connection

Tinder needs to be online for you to sign in to your account. If your internet is unstable or not strong enough, Tinder will keep logging you out because it won’t establish a secure connection to its server.

How to fix Tinder keeps logging me out

Tinder keeps logging me out

Tinder keeps logging me out

Check Tinder’s server status to confirm if this is the reason why Tinder keeps logging you out. If it confirms the app is unavailable, due to maintenance or technical issues, you won’t be able to fix this problem on your end. Be patient until the error is rectified by Tinder.

If the Tinder server is fully operational, you can troubleshoot your device with these simple methods;

1. Close other running apps

Exit out of other apps that are currently running in the background of your device. This will free up memory so Tinder will be able to process the necessary requests to log you into your account.

Tip, restart your device to make sure you refresh your memory.

2. Clear cache files

Erase Tinder’s cache files to improve the performance of the app and prevent it from logging you out from corrupt files.

How to clear Tinder cache on Android

Settings > Application Manager > Manage Apps > Tinder > Clear Data > Clear Cache

How to clear Tinder cache on iPhone

There is no option to only erase cache files on an iPhone. You will need to uninstall the app from your device to complete this step.

An uninstall and reinstall of the app on your device can also help prevent Tinder from logging you out.

3. Update Tinder

Update your Tinder app to improve its performance, and get rid of any corrupt files that may be causing the online dating service to keep logging you out.

Launch your app store and find Tinder. If an ‘Update’ button is available, press it and allow the download to take place.

Once it is complete, open Tinder and sign in.

4. Verify your details

If you have not already done so, verify your Tinder account details. This will either be in the form of an email or text message, depending on which one you have opted for.

(Did you know; Smiling in your photos on your Tinder profile will help you gain more matches. Tinder accounts that contain a picture of them smiling have a 14% higher chance to match with someone).

5. Refresh the internet connection

Refresh your network to improve the connection to your network service provider.

You can do this by doing a ‘Power Reset’ on your Wifi router. Unplug your router for at least 2 minutes before you plug it back in.

Once your internet has reconnected, relaunch Tinder and log back in.

Note, check your internet speeds to make sure you receive adequate bandwidth

How do you know if someone logged into your Tinder?

Tinder keeps logging me out

Tinder keeps logging me out

You know someone has logged in to your Tinder account if you have received an SMS verification code that you did not request. This is why you need to verify your account details with your mobile number or email address, depending on which information you have opted to use to access your profile.

If someone has tried to access your profile, they won’t be able to log in successfully without the code that has been sent to your mobile.

Another way you will be able to tell if your Tinder profile has been compromised is if you notice activity on your account that you have not actioned.

If you log in to your Tinder account with the use of your Facebook login details, you will need to update your Facebook password.

You should update your password once this occurs to ensure your account stays secure.

If I log out of Tinder do I lose my messages?

Mobile dating

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No, you will not lose your messages if you log out of Tinder. When you log out of the app, all you’re doing is ‘signing’ out so you do not receive notifications (if you have this enabled) on your device. Your Tinder profile will still be active, and other users will still be able to come across your account.

Even though you have logged out of Tinder, your location will stay set on where you were last active on your profile.

Your Tinder account will not become invisible once you have signed out. All current chats will stay open, with your messages available for when you log back in.

If you would like your profile to be erased, you will need to delete your actual Tinder profile. This can be done from the settings page on Tinder.


With this straightforward guide, we hope you now understand why Tinder keeps logging you out, and that you were able to rectify this issue on your device with one of the easy fixes provided.

If Tinder still keeps signing you out, we recommend that you contact the service directly for them to look further into the problem.

You can submit a request to get in touch with one of their customer support members.

(Quiz Question; What percentage are you more likely to match with someone on Tinder if your profile contains a photo of you smiling?).

If you know the answer, fill out our form, and include any feedback you may have.