Minecraft provides so much fun to its users along with the freedom to do whatever they like, still, it is inevitable that glitches will occur. Luckily, this article helps you understand the problem and tells about the possible solutions when Minecraft keeps glitching. 

Minecraft is a supreme sandbox title for all types of players alike such as experienced and inexperienced. It allows doing unrealistic things such as building a house underwater, all the way to weird things such as playing it using a bob-it. 

No matter how perfect a game is, bugs and glitches will always be present in one form or another. Minecraft is no exception in terms of lagging problems. Though many of these glitches are not harmful and also won’t damage the user’s experience.  

Types of Glitches in Minecraft

Types of glitches in Minecraft

Various types of glitches and bugs could appear in Minecraft and cause trouble for you. Let’s look at common types of glitches that can be fixed easily.

Ghost Lighting

It is one of the common types of glitches that occurs in Minecraft. The game has gorgeous lighting which is enhanced by fan-made mods and texture packs. Moreover, a day-night cycle also helps to keep your experience smooth. 

But when a group of blocks is not lit up correctly then it would be extra odd and depicts glitches. It is mostly caused when Minecraft is not loading correctly in the chucks and sub-chunks.

Chunk Glitching

As appeared from its name, Minecraft keeps glitching because a chunk of the game rapidly and spastically shifts between biomes. It is quite a panic thing to see this glitch when you are in the middle of the gameplay. It can result in a poor gaming experience. 

Infinite Loading Screen

This glitch is quite common among other types. The name of this glitch tells you everything. It means that the game will load forever if these bugs appear. And you are never able to get around the good stuff to enjoy your game. Lots of players face this problem around the world, especially if they are paying for version 1.16 on the Xbox or PlayStation. 

The best solution for this type of problem is to uninstall the game from your device and reinstall it. Similarly, if you are playing on PlayStation or Xbox, then you don’t need to worry about retaining your world. The saving will be retained in the cloud after it finishes reinstalling. 

Visual Glitches

This type of glitch is common for brand new users of the game. You probably hear about it that Minecraft is a game that can be run on any computer. It may have been true in the early days of Minecraft, but today it has much more advanced features. 

Still, it does not need a high-end gaming source to run, of course, but it can’t thrive on the tech which once was standard. The visual glitch is mostly caused by outdated technology. In this case, the user probably using a graphic card that is six years old and now doesn’t exist. 

Don’t worry you may not need to buy a new graphics card or a computer. If you have a PC, then many people can help you go through this issue online. 

Magician-In-Training Glitch

Those who have craze about Minecraft will probably feel magic about this game. But the blocks should not be pulling tricks in the middle of the gameplay. Some players have experienced a block disappearing issue that looked like a magic trick. 

This disappearing issue occurred whenever players try to mine blocks and noticed these mining is occurring way too fast caring the block looks invisible. 

You can solve this problem by simply going into your game settings and modifying the view distance. In this way, invisible blocks will go away. 

The Infamous “Late for School” Glitch

This is another infamous glitch that can occur to any player during the gameplay. This glitch means that player cannot leave their bed after they go to sleep in the game. While other features work properly such as chat, your character just changes out there on the bed. 

The simplest solution for this problem is to use a command to teleport your character elsewhere since the chat feature is available. But if it fails to work then simply leave the game and reinstall it. This will force the character to leave the bed. 

How to fix the Glitching Issue?

Minecraft keeps glitching fixes

Now that we have discussed the individual problem that can occur in the game. And also discussed solutions for each problem, it is time to look into overall glitches problems and their solutions.

Change Video Settings

High video settings can bring you high-resolution pictures but they can also force your computer to lower the gaming speed which could be the reason for glitches. So set the game in low settings that can make Minecraft run faster

Set Java on your preference list

As we all know, the game is written in Java and developed by Mojang. The runtime environment of Java can impact the computer to reduce the speed of the game. Therefore, always set Javas on the preference list to reduce glitches when you launch the game.

Must have enough RAM

RAM is crucial for smooth gameplay. If you don’t have enough RAM on your mobile or computer then glitching issue is inevitable. We recommend at least 4GB of RAM for the game but don’t lower than 2GB. 

Close the Background Apps and Cleanup Disks

This is also an important aspect of glitches in your Minecraft. High usage of the CPU can also affect the game speed. So it is crucial to close all background apps and clean up the disks to make room. 


You can get rid of the glitching issues in your Minecraft by following the mentioned solutions in the article. Moreover, if you face in-game problems as mentioned in the article, then it is important to comprehend the issues and follow the guidelines to resolve Minecraft keeps glitching issue.