Are you playing Age of Empires 4 through Steam or Xbox app for PC and getting a connection lost error? Is the game getting disconnected after 4-5 minutes? Let’s find out how to fix the error by implying easy troubleshooting steps.

After waiting for so long, you can now enjoy the fourth installment of the Age of Empires series. The game is available to play on a Windows 10 PC through the Steam client or the Xbox app with a game pass for PC.

Age of Empires 4 is a newly launched game and a successor to its second installment. With every passing day, game users are seeing new errors and bugs on their PC screens. In this article, we’ll explore what does the “Connection lost” error means and why game users are experiencing this issue.

What is the C00T01R-2x-01 connection lost error?

Quite a few Age of Empires 4 users are reporting that every time they start the game through an Xbox or Steam client app on their PCs, they get a C00T01R-2x-01 error code that disconnects them from the game immediately. This specific error code means that the game has lost the connection to your Steam or Xbox Live account.

The connection lost error is one of the most recent issues players are experiencing in the Age of Empires 4. Relics have been trying hard to fix the error. However, there are some troubleshooting steps that you can try at your end to fix this issue.

Why I’m getting a connection lost error on Age of Empires 4?

Why I'm getting a connection lost error on Age of Empires 4?

If you are getting a connection lost error on the Age of Empires 4 game, it could be due to any one of the following reasons.

  • Date and time settings are out of sync
  • Antivirus and firewall settings are blocking your access to Xbox Live and Steam account services
  • The Age of Empires 4 installations files are corrupt and needs reinstalling

How do I fix a C00T01R-2x-01 error?

How do I fix a C00T01R-2x-01 error?

Want to fix the C00T01R-2x-01 error code popping up on your PC screen while playing Age of Empires 4? Try these troubleshooting steps.

Update AOE4 game

The Age of Empires 4 game developers are aware of the C00T01R-2x-01 error and have been releasing patches that may include a permanent fix for this issue. Therefore, make sure that you have the latest updates for the game. To enable automatic game updating feature on the Steam client app:

  • Launch the Steam client app and navigate to the game Library
  • Scroll and find the Age of Empires4 game
  • Right-click on the game and access its Properties
  • Next, under the Updates option, select the “Always Keep This Game Updated” feature

Disable antivirus and firewall

The official statement of Age of Empires 4 developers states that if you can’t connect to your Xbox Live account or Steam account, your firewall or antivirus may be blocking you from accessing their live service.

This statement means that disabling your antivirus and firewall settings can potentially fix the C00T01R-2x-01 connection lost error. If you have a third-party antivirus program, disable it from your Windows 10 system tray. For users who are running built-in Windows Defender antivirus, do the following steps to disable it.

  • Navigate to Windows Start button –> Settings
  • Select Update and Security and then pick the “Windows Security” feature
  • Navigate to the “Virus & Threat Protection” feature and select “Manage Settings”
  • Next, turn off the “Real-time protection” feature

To disable Windows firewall:

  • Navigate to Windows Start button –> Settings
  • Select Update and Security and then pick the “Windows Security” feature
  • Now click on the “Firewall and Windows Protection” option
  • Under the “Windows Security” feature, turn off the Microsoft Defender Firewall option

Reinstall Age of Empires 4

Only a few games in your Steam library may be popping up the connection error while other games are working fine. Therefore, it is a good idea to reinstall the game to get rid of the corrupt files that are causing the error. To reinstall Age of Empires 4:

  • Click on the Steam client app on your Windows 10 PC
  • Navigate to the Library section and right-click on Age of Empires 4
  • Select Manage from the list and choose “Uninstall
  • Next, restart your PC and launch the Steam app to reinstall the game from the Library section

Set time & date automatically

Quite often, if the date and time settings are incorrect on your Windows PC, it may prevent you from accessing your Xbox Live and Steam account services. Steam and, especially, Xbox Live needs your system time to be synced according to your time zone to execute gaming services properly.

You can set your time manually on your PC. However, we recommend that you opt for the automatic time setting option by doing the following steps.

  • From your Windows 10 desktop, click on Start and go to Settings
  • Under the “Time & Language” option, click on the “Date & Time” tab
  • Now turn on the “Set Time Automatically” option

Re-login to the Xbox app

This particular quick-fix is for the Xbox app for PC users. A lot of Xbox app users are theorizing that the Age of Empires 4 C00T01R-2x-01 connection lost error is related to the Xbox app login. Therefore, singing out from the Xbox app and signing in again, often, resolve the error.

To do this, first, sign out and sign in from your Microsoft Store account and then do the following steps for the Xbox app.

  • From the Windows Start menu, launch the Xbox App
  • Now press Windows key + I on your keyboard and navigate to Settings
  • Select the Xbox account associated with the Age of Empires 4 game
  • Next, you’ll see an option to Sign out, click on this option
  • Now a Sign-in option will appear, select this option and type in your Xbox account credentials


The C00T01R-2x-01 connection lost error mostly occurs due to a sign-in issue, date and time settings, or antivirus and firewall settings. The fixes in this guide are applicable for both Steam and Xbox app users and will help you troubleshoot the error to get back to enjoying the Age of Empires 4 game once again.