Creating videos is only half of the work you need to put into TikTok if you want to get noticed. Like most social media platforms, growth can be time-consuming. However, simple things such as creating a good bio make a difference. With an empty profile and a lack of engagement, it is likely your TikToks won’t get noticed. By amplifying your profile, you’re more likely to gain followers, get engagement and even get your profile noticed more. Sound too good to be true? Keep reading to find out how to create a good TikTok bio and build your following.

How to add a bio to your TikTok profile

Whether you’re new to TikTok or just wanting to writing a bio, finding out where to do it can be difficult on the site. If you’re unsure where to start and how to add a bio to your profile –  here’s how to do it:

  1. Tap the profile icon at the bottom of the screen, where you have a picture
  2. Tap Edit profile
  3. Next, click the part where it says ‘No Bio yet.’
  4. Fill in your bio
  5. After you’ve done this, press save, and you should update your bio!

How to create a good TikTok bio

How To Create a Good TikTok Bio

Image by David Farfan from Pixabay

Some key elements make up a good TikTok bio. If you’re unsure as to what these are and want to find out. Here’s how to capture the attention of people who click on your profile. Before they even view your videos! With only 80 characters for your whole bio (for reference, Instagram allows 150), you’re going to be creative with the information you include. Here are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to creating a TikTok bio.

Sum up your TikTok account/brand

One of the unique things about TikTok is the ability to post anything, no matter who are you are. Whether you like cooking, comedy, dancing, drawing, or something completely different, include your niche in your bio.

By letting potential followers know what they’re likely to find on your page, may encourage them to follow (and stick around) due to shared interests.

Get creative

Making a good first impression is ideal, so get creative and show off your fun side. Many TikTokers use emojis in their bio, especially if they have a lot to say. By showing what you make/do in emojis can save characters and make it easier to read.

Don’t make it too long.

When reading a social media bio, the last thing anybody wants is an essay, so keeping your bio short encourages people to read to the end. Be sure to keep it short and sweet.

Showcase who you are

With A-list celebrities being active on TikTok, it’s more important than ever to showcase what is unique about you. Especially on such a busy platform. Your content might be fantastic, but it may not gain the views it deserves without the right people seeing it.

Create a strong ‘call to action.’

Like most social media bios, creating a strong call to action is essential. Some examples of good ‘call to action’ in a TikTok bio include:

  • Follow me here
  • Check out my blog
  • Please find out more about my brand in my bio
  • To follow me on all of my socials

Keep it unique and fresh

Creating a bio that is all about you, which is regularly updated, is likely to engage users of the platform as they know what to expect, and it shows you are on top of the game.

By including an action in your bio and within your posts, creates more engagement. Usually, an excellent call to action results in staying on your content, e.g., your website or another video.

Do I need a TikTok bio for followers?

You don’t need a bio to gain followers. However, having one encourages users to subscribe as they already know what to expect. An empty bio also looks like a lack of effort put into a profile, which may also put viewers off following. Even if your bio is small, it encourages followers to stick around to find out more.

Should I use hashtags in my TikTok bio?

TikTok Bio

Photo by Jan Baborák on Unsplash

Using hashtags is a must on TikTok. Like Twitter, Instagram and similar social media sites, they provide a boost to your content. The hashtags work as a group to showcase your content to those looking to find similar content. If you’re looking for videos about hair, for example, searching for a popular hair hashtag will show you a lot of content in that sector.

If you’re unsure of hashtags, search on Top Hashtags for popular hashtags to use for your niche.

TOP TIP: Be sure not to spam hashtags, as this may come across as unprofessional, hard to read and cluttered.

What should I include in my TikTok bio

If you’re still unsure of what to put in your TikTok bio, here are some suggestions of what you should put in your bio.

  • Information about you, e.g., your name, age, etc. Whatever you feel comfortable posting.
  • What your brand is about and what viewers can expect to see, e.g. ‘dancer with interest in makeup’
  • Your call to action – here’s how you follow me or check out my link in the bio – if you’re looking to get followers on multiple platforms, use a 3rd party site such as link tree.
  • Relevant hashtags for your content/what your interests are

Whether you’re a newbie to the platform or an avid user, keeping your bio updated and fresh is important.

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What not to do in your bio

If you’re unsure of what not to do in your bio, the following may be helpful:

  • Don’t directly copy another bio, be you and be unique – inspiration works too though
  • Be offensive – sharing backward views or offensive words can put people right off and make them not want to follow
  • Only rely on emojis- as much as they work well in a TikTok bio, words also fit right beside them.