Nobody wants their Spotify to keep stopping during a stream of their favourite playlist, which is why we must not have our account logged in to multiple platforms simultaneously.

If there are too many programs running in the background of your device when you are using the app, your Spotify will buffer, or shut down completely.

Clearing the cache files on your mobile, or reinstalling the app will help fix your songs from stopping.

We have generated this simple to follow guide that will provide you with all the information you need, to help you understand why the problem is occurring and how to fix it with 7 easy solutions.

Why does Spotify music keep stopping?

Spotify keeps stopping

Why is Spotify music stopping

Your Spotify account will keep stopping if the app’s software is corrupted, or you are trying to use the app in an area that is not receiving a good network connection.

Reason 1. Spotify software is corrupted

In-app issues will transpire if its software has been corrupted.

This could either be from the initial installation onto your device or from accessing the app over time.

Reason 2. Your account is logged into on a different device

You can’t use your Spotify account on two different devices at the same time.

If you accessed your music somewhere else and forgot to log out, a friend or family member could be using your Spotify when you’re trying to get into your library.

Reason 3. Poor internet connection

Spotify needs around 2Mbps to stream without any interruptions.

If you are in an area that does not have good network coverage, your Spotify app will not be able to secure a strong connection, which is why your Spotify will keep stopping.

Reason 4. Compromised account

Similar to leaving your account logged into on a different device, if your profile has been hacked, someone could be trying to play music off your account while you are accessing the app.

Reason 5. Conflicting apps running in the background

You may have multiple apps running in the background on your device.

If there are too many, or ones that conflict with Spotify’s software, your streaming will be interfered with.

Reason 6. Built-up cache files

Spotify will automatically download ‘temporary data files’ onto your device to improve the app performance and decrease loading times for when you launch the program.

Over time, the cache files can become too full, and become corrupted which will impact the streaming service negatively.

Reason 7. High definition streaming

You should be able to stream on high quality without any issues.

However, if you are on HD quality while on a poor internet connection, or your software is contaminated, your device won’t be able to handle the higher request to emit a higher quality sound.

Reason 8. Saver modes enabled

Battery saver and Data saver mode restrict the amount of energy and data Spotify can use when playing your songs.

Keeping these settings enabled will stop your music app from performing at its optimal level.

How to fix Spotify stopping

Spotify keeps stopping

How to fix Spotify stopping

Fix 1. Reinstall Spotify

If your Spotify software is corrupted, your best bet to get rid of the data is to uninstall your app off your device and reinstall it.

Step 1. Find the Spotify app on your device and delete or uninstall the program (depending on your device)

Step 2. Restart your device to ensure all remaining data has been removed from your device

Step 3. Access your app store and install Spotify

Once Spotify has been downloaded, launch the app.

(Did you know; Spotify was founded in Sweden in 2006, launched in 2008, and only introduced into the USA in 2011.)

Fix 2. Sign out of all devices

Signing out of all your devices will stop other individuals from having access to your account if you unintentionally left your profile logged in on a different device.

Step 1. Log into your Spotify account

Step 2. Click on your ‘Profile’ and select ‘Account’

Step 3. You should be taken to the ‘Account Overview’ page

Step 4. Scroll down to the bottom and press ‘Sign Out Everywhere’

Note, if you have devices that are paired to your Spotify account, you will need to go into ‘Apps’ and ‘Remove Access.’

Fix 3. Check internet connection

The app needs at least 2Mbps if you want to stream music without Spotify having to buffer.

You can check how well your internet connection is performing by doing a speed test.

If  your bandwidth is not what it should be, you can reset your Wifi router (or mobile data) by;

Turn modem off > Unplug > Wait a few minutes > Plug it back in > Switch on

(If you are on your Smartphone, switch it off and turn it back on.)

Fix 4. Change audio quality

Updating your audio to a lower quality will help Spotify play songs without stopping.

Decreasing the quality is specifically good for you if you are in an area with a low network coverage.

On PC:

Step 1. Open your Spotify app

Step 2. Click on your ‘Profile’ followed by ‘Settings’

Step 3. Under ‘Audio Quality’ change your ‘Streaming Quality’ to a lower option

On mobile:

Step 1. Launch your app

Step 2. On the ‘Home’ screen click on the ‘Settings’ image

Step 3. Choose ‘Audio Quality’

Step 4. Change the audio quality to be lower than what it is currently set to

You can do this for Wifi and cellular streaming.

Fix 5. Empty cache files

On mobile:

Step 1. Open your app and click on ‘Settings’

Step 2. Select ‘Storage’

Step 3. Press ‘Clear Cache’

Confirm you want to proceed. Your downloads will not be deleted.

Fix 6. Disable power saving modes

If you have ‘Data Saver’ mode enabled on your Spotify app, turning this off will help your music play better;

Step 1. Launch your app

Step 2. In ‘Settings’ select ‘Data Saver’

Turn this off.

If your ‘Low Power Mode’ is enabled on your mobile, switch this off in your settings.

Fix 7. Close other running apps

If you have multiple other programs still running while you’re trying to access your Spotify account, you will need to exit out of them.

On PC:

Step 1. Press down on ‘CTRL’, ‘ALT’ & ‘DEL’ at the same time

Step 2. Select ‘Task Manager’

Step 3. Go through the list, highlighting apps and programs and clicking ‘End Task.

Note, make sure you close Spotify before opening up your Task Manager.

On iPhone:

Scroll up to bring up app previews > Exit running app by flicking them upwards

On Android: 

Settings > Apps > Choose running app > Force Stop

Log out of Spotify before you remove background apps.


With the 7 easy fixes we have provided, we hope you have put them to good use, and successfully fixed your Spotify from stopping during a tune.

If, for some reason you are still experiencing issues on your music app, you may need to send Spotify a message.