Are you an Apple user and have a Spotify account, but your Spotify won’t work on your iPhone?

Spotify is available across all platforms, providing unlimited content of media for you to listen to by streaming online through your network connection.

So why won’t Spotify work on iPhone? If you are facing this issue on your device, you could be experiencing malfunctions with the software either from the Spotify app or from your mobile.

We have generated this easy-to-read guide, for you to be able to gain a clear understanding of why this issue is happening on your iPhone, and what steps you can take to be able to rectify this error when Spotify won’t work on your iPhone

Why Spotify is not working on my iPhone

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Why is Spotify app not working

If your Spotify app is not working on your iPhone, this is a momentary issue and can be corrected.

Spotify not working on your iPhone is mainly due to issues relating to corrupted software on your device from the app itself, as well as internet issues.

Spotify may be having planned maintenance on their server, which is causing the app to experience downtime. This can be checked by you by using this link. 

Keep in mind, the Spotify server being down is out of your control, and you would need to stay patient while it gets fixed.

Another possible reason as to why Spotify won’t work on iPhone could be due to your app being outdated, and requiring a software update.

If your iPhone has low storage space, this may cause the app to crash.

How to fix Spotify not working on iphone

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How to fix Spotify on iPhone

Fixing Spotify on iPhone can be completed with a few easy troubleshooting fixes that will improve your Spotify apps performance.

Fix 1. Check your internet connection

One of the main reasons as to why your Spotify is not working on your iPhone is because your internet connection is playing up, or not providing adequate bandwidth for your app to reach the server successfully.

If you are using your Spotify over mobile data, they do recommend switching to Wifi, however, you can put ‘Data Saver’ mode on to help the usage;

Step 1. Go onto the ‘Home’ screen on Spotify

Step 2. Click on the ‘Settings’ icon

Step 3. Turn the ‘Data Saver’ toggle on

You can also change the quality of your music, if you are listening to your tunes at a higher quality level, this will use more data.

Note, if you are a Premium user on Spotify, you have the functionality of being able to download your music so you are able to listen to them even if you are not online.

Fix 2. Update app

Using an outdated Spotify version will hinder your apps performance.

Your app gets continuously updated to help get rid of bugs and corrupted data that transpires during the usage of the current version of the app.

Keeping up to date with Spotify’s software will only help improve functioning of streaming your music.

Check to see if there is an ‘Update’ option in your app store. If the app can be updated, click on this so it can override your current version on your iPhone.

Fix 3. Check your Profile settings

There has been instances where the Spotify app will not allow you to login on your iPhone.

If this is the case, you would need to log into your Spotify account via a web browser, and ensure your profile settings are correct, eg; your country of origin. 

If you have found your country or any other settings is incorrect, correct it and try logging into your Spotify account on your iPhone again.

This issue has arisen before in the past due to Spotify experiencing an internal bug in their software.

Step 1. Click on the ‘Settings’ icon

Step 2. Go into ‘General’

Step 3. Select ‘Language and Region’

Make sure your region is correct.

Fix 4. Delete and reinstall the app

Deleting the Spotify app off of your iPhone will remove all its data off of your phone which will eradicate any faulty software.

iPhones do not have the option to uninstall an app, you will have to delete the app completely, and reinstall from the app store.

These fixes will all help stop Spotify from crashing on your iPhone.

How do I clear Spotify cache iOS?

Making use of Spotify over a long period of time will cause its cache files to become too full. This in return creates problems when you are trying to stream your music because your storage space can’t take any more data.

Clearing the Spotify cache on iOS is a simple task and will only improve the performance of the app on your phone.

Step 1. Go into ‘Settings’ on the home screen

Step 2. Click on ‘Storage’

Step 3. Press on the ‘Delete Cache’ button

Is it safe to delete Spotify cache? Once you have selected this button, it will confirm for you that your downloads will not be removed from your app.

Completing this step will only improve your Spotify’s performance, and give you more space.

Spotify iPhone lyrics

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Spotify released the availability of a song’s lyrics to show on the app while you are listening to a tune.

To view the lyrics on your iPhone;

Step 1. On your desired song, click on the ‘Now Playing’ section on the app (the song needs to be currently on)

Step 2. From the end of the screen, swipe up

Step 3. The lyrics of the song you are currently listening to will now appear

You will now be able to sing along to your favorite tunes without misinterpreting the lyrics.


With Spotify now including the lyrics feature on their app, they are becoming more and more popular worldwide, with over 365 million users.

You can log into your Spotify account on mobile and PC platforms, allowing you to listen to your individual playlists wherever you are.

We hope this guide has assisted you when your Spotify won’t work on your iPhon, and that you were able to get back to listening to your all-time hits without any further drawbacks.