Founded in 2006, Spotify has been reshaping the global music scene for more than a decade. Thanks to this music streaming app, we’ve all been able to put cassette tapes and CDs behind us. Perhaps what helps Spotify stand out from the rest of the crowd is how accessible it is. Ocallnally, the Spotify music platform encounters the error code 24 which is the runtime error.

Spotify grants 24/7 access to your favorite tunes, whether you’re a premium user or not. Users can discover pleasant music by browsing via their favorite albums, artists, or even collections of their friends on their laptops, tablets, phones,  and more.

While the app is excellent in so many ways, it does run into some issues and this is usually in the form of error codes. These can be especially nettlesome when the error seems to have come out of nowhere and is vague. However, this guide will assist you to resolve this Spotify issue and highlight what this error is and how one can fix it

What is Spotify Error Code 24?

Spotify Error Code 24

Runtime Code 24, otherwise known as Spotify error code 24, occurs when the app crashes while it is running. Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean that the app is faulty in any way. It simply means that the app didn’t work during its run time.

After this error is encountered, the software notifies its developer. Spotify AB can then correct this error in the master source code, providing a better version available for download.

This message will appear on their screen constantly unless handled and rectified by a user. 

Signs You Could Run into Spotify Error Code 24

Spotify Error Code 24 fix

Generally, Spotify Error Code 24 occurs with little to no warning. A random error pop-up can come up on your device’s screen at any time. Sometimes, it tends to come up again and again if not appropriately handled. 

However, there are a few instances where you should anticipate this issue. These are usually when older files get deleted, or newer ones appear. You may be thinking: “isn’t this a symptom of a virus infection?”. You’re not wrong. However, keep in mind that a virus is also what can cause a Spotify Error Code 24. 

Another sign you’re about to encounter this error is a sudden drop in your internet’s speed. However, this isn’t a telltale sign. 

What Triggers a Spotify Error Code 24

spotify code 24

During software design, developers work on their app, keeping potential errors in mind. However, no app is perfect, and it is normal for widely used software such as Spotify to incur problems.  Next, we’re going to talk about the three leading causes of the Spotify Error Code 24

  • Error 24 Crash— The Spotify error code 24 seizes up any input and causes the machine to crash. This is a common trigger when Spotify’s software or your computer/ device is unable to handle the unique input data. 
  • Error 24 Memory Leak— This is perhaps one of the most common triggers for the error. It happens when Spotify detects a memory leak. The software gradually slows down its operating system and then wholly depletes its system resources. We suspect that this code is tied in with incorrect coding. This ultimately leads to an infinite loop. 
  • Error 24 Logic Error— This error is the byproduct of Spotify AB’s faulty source code. Essentially what happens is that the PC produces the wrong output. This can be despite the fact the user (you) has entered the correct input.

How Do I Fix Error 24 on Spotify? 

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While the Spotify error code 24 is an irritating error to come across, we believe it is pretty simple to resolve. Read on to check out four ways you can resolve this issue. 

1. Close Any Confliticign Programs

Having conflicting programs running on your computer can cause an error 24 to occur. Follow these steps to resolve this problem:

  • Hold down Ctrl+Alt+Del to open Task Manager on your Windows. You can find a list of all the programs currently running in the background from here. 
  • Manually stop the programs one by one. You can do this by navigating to Processes,  selecting each program, and then clicking End Process. 

2. Update Your Anti-Virus 

You could run into a Spotify Error Code 24 due to a virus, as we mentioned before. Thus, it makes sense not to update your anti-virus program. Ensure you re-install an updated version and run a rigorous scan to fix any hidden problems. 

3. Reinstall Runtime Libraries

Sometimes, this issue is incurred because a program packet hasn’t been installed correctly. We suggest taking out the time to uninstall and then reinstall this packet. Follow the steps below: 

  • Navigate to the Programs and Features options on your computer. Find and select the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package. 
  • Click Uninstall. 
  • Next, reboot your computer and download the latest distributable package. 

4. Reinstall Graphics Driver 

According to our experts, there is a chance you’ll run into this error code in case your computer is missing its graphics driver. This issue is prevalent in both Mac and Windows. Check out the steps below: 

  • On your computer, access the  Device Manager and find the Graphics Driver
  • When you see the Video Card Driver, right-click and click the uninstall option. 
  • Lastly, restart your computer and re-install the Graphics Driver. 


Don’t let the Spotify Error Code 24 keep you from enjoying your favorite music streaming app. There is a high chance that our four solutions will resolve the error and restore your streaming. If not, then there is a chance that Spotify might be facing technical difficulties. Just wait for 10 to 15 minutes before retrying our solutions to fix your error.