Along with Spotify being available on any mobile device and desktop, you can now listen to Spotify with a Fitbit, Garmin, and Apple watch.

You’ve just downloaded all your favorite songs, and now Spotify won’t sync to Apple watch.

We have created this easy-to-follow guide for you to help you in fixing this issue as soon as possible so you can carry on listening to your favorite tunes without any interruption.

How do I Sync my Apple Watch with Spotify on my iPhone

Spotify and Apple Watch

Spotify Won’t Sync to Apple Watch

In order to have Spotify synced on your Apple watch, you first need to make sure it has been installed.

This can be done in a few simple steps;

Step 1. On your iPhone, open up Apple watch icon

Step 2. You will now be in your apple watch, scroll down until you can see the heading ‘Installed on Apple watch’

Step 3. If Spotify is not under this heading, carry on scrolling until you come to ‘Available Apps’

Step 4. Find Spotify and click on ‘Install’

Step 5. Spotify should now be showing up on your Apple watch

You have successfully installed Spotify onto your Apple watch, and can now sync your apple watch with your Spotify;

Before you start syncing with your Apple watch, there are key pointers you need to know;

  1. You need to make sure you have the latest version of Spotify
  2. Spotify premium is required if you want to be able to listen to music offline
  3. Ensure you are connected to Wifi or your Mobile network

Step 1. Open your Spotify app on your iPhone

Step 2. Go onto the playlist or album you want to sync onto your Apple watch

Step 3. Select the three dots that show up at the top of the playlist

Step 4. Click on ‘Download to Apple watch’

You have successfully synced your Apple watch with your Spotify app on your iPhone.

Why isn’t my Spotify connecting to my Apple watch

Apple Watch of Wrist

Spotify won’t sync to Apple Watch

There are a few standard reasons as to why your Spotify won’t sync to Apple watch;

  • Your Apple watch is not a Series 3 or newer
  • You do not have WatchOS 6.0
  • Spotify app on your phone needs updating
  • Bluetooth headphones are needed

You have all the necessary settings in place for your Spotify to connect through to your Apple watch, so why is it not working?

Reason 1. Internet Connection

Before you go checking everything else on your device and Apple watch, first check that you are connected to the same Wifi for your phone and watch.

Reason 2. Bluetooth is not enabled

Your Bluetooth needs to be active on your mobile and your Bluetooth headphones are working if that is what you are using to listen to your music.

You can make sure your Bluetooth is on by going into Settings > Bluetooth

Reason 3. Software needs updating

Your Spotify app and Apple watch both need to be updated with the latest versions.

If you are using outdated software, this can interfere with the syncing and connection of your apps successfully.

Reason 4. Reboot required

Your mobile and watch may be needing a reboot to refresh the connections to be able to connect properly.

Doing a reboot is beneficial as it can clear any bugs that have arisen during your device being on for a long period of time.

Reason 5. Resyncing of device required

Your Apple watch may have had a glitch while syncing to your Spotify or mobile device in general. Completing a resync can get rid of any malfunctions.

If you require assistance in resyncing your Apple watch, or to unpair and pair it again, you can use this link.

Friendly reminder, if you have the Standard Spotify app, there is only so much you will be able to do on your Apple watch, perhaps look at getting Spotify Premium for more benefits.

Does Apple watch work with Spotify without phone

Spotify on Phone

Image by tomasi from Pixabay

Can Spotify play on Apple Watch without phone?

Your Apple watch can indeed work with Spotify without a phone if you have the Spotify Premium subscription, and you are connected to Wifi or a mobile network.

Ensure you have the following to be able to listen without your device;

  • Series 3 or later version of Apple Watch
  • Apple Watch is OS 6 or higher 

You can do this in 3 easy steps;

Step 1. Open your Apple watch and go into Spotify

Step 2. Select your Library 

Step 3. Click on the ‘Device’ option and choose ‘Apple Watch’

You will now be able to listen to your tunes with your Apple Watch.

Note, You will only be able to listen to music on your Apple Watch without your phone offline if you have the premium service with Spotify.

How do I play Spotify through Bluetooth headphones on my Apple watch

One thing to keep in mind when using your Apple watch directly is that if you do not have Bluetooth headphones, your music will play through your iPhone.

You will need to have Bluetooth headphones to be able to listen with just your Apple watch.

The first step would be to pair your Bluetooth headphones;

  • Make your headphones discoverable
  • Go into the ‘Settings’ on your Apple watch
  • Select ‘Bluetooth’
  • Find your Bluetooth headphones in the list and choose them

Now that your Bluetooth headphones have been paired to your Apple watch;

  • Go into ‘Settings’ on your Apple watch
  • Check that your Apple Watch is connected to your Bluetooth headphones
  • Get into Spotify on your watch
  • Force press the screen by pressing down onto it
  • Choose ‘Source’ from the options that will pop up
  • Select ‘Apple Watch’

You can now successfully listen to your music on your Apple watch through your Bluetooth headphones.


With Spotify being worldwide and supplying millions of songs to listen to at just a touch of a button, as well as podcasts, it’s no surprise we have become accustomed to having it readily available to us.

Spotify Premium is also only £9.99 a month, and with all those extra features and benefits it gives you, how could you not?

Now that you are able to listen to Spotify on your Apple watch, certain extra issues may arise, which is what we have covered for you.

We hope you can come away from this guide with completing a successful sync between your Apple watch and your Spotify app, and that you can use this guide again for when you may experience any potential issues in the future.