Without Wifi, we have Mobile Data.

Generally speaking, everything we do on our mobile phone uses the internet, which is why it is essential we have a good internet connection when we are not connected to Wifi.

Sky is not an independent network provider, it runs using O2’s configuration which is not a bad thing as O2 has a strong 4G signal that connects over 99% of the population in the UK.

All mobile data providers experience some sort of downtime at some point, but more than likely we encounter a problem with our phone connecting to our mobile network.

With that being said, we have created this easy guide to follow to help you fix your Sky mobile data not working on your cellphone.

Why is my Sky mobile data not working?

Mobile Network Connectivity

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Mobile data is sensitive to just about anything, from location, how insulated your walls are to even how thick the cloud cover is in your area.

If you’ve tried turning your phone on and off and your mobile data is still not working, it could be due to the following reasons;

  • The internet is down  (you can’t do anything about this and would need to wait for it to get back up and running)
  • Certain infrastructure can block a good connection to the cell tower
  • Your location is too far from the nearest tower. Check your coverage here
  • Weather conditions
  • There is an overload of people trying to connect in a certain area
  • Your APN settings are incorrect

If you are new to Sky mobile, you may just be needing to activate your Sky mobile data.

How do I activate my Sky mobile data?

On and Off button

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You’ve decided to go with the award-winning Sky network, and now needing to activate your mobile;

Step 1. If you are doing this online, choose your plan and Sky will send you a SIM via mail

Step 2. Once you have received your SIM, message ‘PAC’ to 65075 to receive your code

Step 3. Create a Sky ID online if you do not already have one

Step 4.  You can now activate your SIM online here

Step 5. Enter the PAC code you received

Your Sky sim and mobile data should now be activated.

What are the APN settings for Sky mobile?

Spanner fix settings

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It is important to make sure your APN settings are inputted correctly.

Sky mobile APN settings for Android

  • APN – mobile.sky
  • MMS Proxy –
  • MMS Port – 9028
  • APN type – Internet+mms

Sky mobile APN settings for iPhone

  • APN – mobile.sky
  • MMS: APN – mms.mobile.sky
  • MMSC –
  • MMS Proxy –
  • MMS Max Message Size – 307200

How do I set up my APN settings for Sky mobile?

Your APN plays an important role in being connected to the internet, so it is good to know how to make sure yours is connected correctly.

On Android

Step 1. On your home screen, go into ‘settings’

Step 2. Choose ‘Wireless and Networks’

Step 3. Once you have chosen ‘Mobile Networks’ select ‘Access Point Names’

Step 4. Choose ‘Menu’

Step 5.  Choose ‘New APN’

Step 6. Complete the APN settings for Android

Step 7. When you have filled out the APN information, choose ‘Menu’ and then ‘Save’

Step 8. The name chosen should be ‘Sky Mobile’

On iPhone

Step 1. Go to Settings on your home screen

Step 2. Choose either ‘Mobile Data’ or ‘Cellular Data’

Step 3. Complete the APN settings for iPhone

Step 4. Once you have filled in the APN information, click on the arrow in the left of the screen 3 times

Step 5. Now choose the home button

Your mobile should now be connected with the correct APN settings. You can confirm this by making sure you can see 3G, G, H, or E on android, and 3G, 4G, GPRS, or E on iPhone.

Sky Mobile Data Roaming not Working

No internet connection

No Roaming Internet Connection

Sky offers free-roaming (using your current data plan) with a roaming passport to a selection of different European countries, which you can check out here.

You can roam outside of the EU with a Roaming Passport Plus.

If you are traveling and needing to use your Sky mobile data, it is best to have your roaming activated beforehand but you can still contact Sky abroad using +44 131 278 3778.

Why is my Sky mobile roaming not working?

Your Sky mobile roaming may not be working for a few reasons;

  • You do not have a roaming passport with Sky
  • Your maximum monthly spending limit is set too low
  • Sky roaming has not been activated
  • The software on your phone needs to be updated

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How to Activate my Sky Roaming Data

You can activate your roaming via the My Sky app or logging in to Sky with your Sky ID and following these steps;

Step 1. If you are on the app, choose ‘Mobile’ from the bottom menu

Step 2. Choose your specific plan number or mobile number

Step 3. Go to the bottom of the screen and select ‘Resend Network Settings’

Step 4. Click on ‘Request Settings’

Note, Once you have requested the settings, Sky will send you a message with instructions for the next step. If you are on an Android device, it may ask you for a PIN which will be 1111.

Activation of your Sky mobile data roaming should now be completed.


If you are an individual who prefers to have all their packages consolidated with one provider, you can do this with Sky as they offer Sky TV, broadband, and as we know, mobile data plans.

With Sky being such a huge provider in the UK, and also relying on O2’s infrastructure, it is no surprise that you will experience an issue with your Sky mobile data not working at some point.

We hope this guide has given you the necessary steps and information to help you fix your Sky mobile data issue and that you will now stay connected without any hassle.

If for some reason you are still experiencing connectivity issues, or you prefer to talk to an individual directly, you can contact Sky’s customer service hotline on 0333 7591 018.