You may have heard of errors regarding YouTube not loading or the sound not working. But what about when YouTube sound works but video doesn’t? Although this may seem confusing, not to worry, as we are here to help. With these easy fixes, you will be able to watch (and hear) your videos once again.

YouTube sound works, but video doesn’t?

YouTube sound works but video doesn't

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If YouTube sound works, but video doesn’t, there are several potential problems. But don’t worry, there are plenty of solutions and ways to troubleshoot. Sometimes videos have issues with loading correctly, but it’s often fixed with a simple refresh of the page. But if this doesn’t work, here are some different methods to consider. 

Clearing your cookies and cache on YouTube

Another method to fixing this is to clear your cookies and cache from your browsing history, and this will often improve the situation and help a YouTube video play. 

If a YouTube video doesn’t play, a standard method is to sign out of YouTube and use YouTube as a guest. You should be able to resign into YouTube if videos work on the guest login. 

Check your internet connection

Always be sure to check if your Internet connection has dropped without notice. If this happens, YouTube videos may be partially loaded from when you last had an Internet connection. Check that you are connected to the Internet. Alternatively, using a public Wi-Fi connection may be busy with other users so that you could experience problems streaming content such as YouTube videos. 

YouTube video won’t play.

YouTube offers a wide range of video qualities to play at, ranging from 144p to 4k. If your YouTube videos don’t play, try changing to a lower rate first. If your connection isn’t suited to play high-quality video, it will struggle. It will also look like the video won’t play if it can’t play high-resolution video. 

Some Internet connections with a lower bandwidth may have issues playing higher resolution content. Double-check what quality your videos are set to play at; adjusting the rate can fix videos that don’t play. 

If you are concerned about your device that’s stopping the video from playing, try loading the same video on a different device or a different web browser. This is why you will be able to see if it’s your device experiencing issues or not. 

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YouTube sound works but video error.

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If you are getting a Youtube video error, but the sound works, the problem may reside within your web browser. Reopening and closing your web browser does not work. Try loading the video into a new browser. You may find that YouTube plays in a different browser if you don’t have another browser installed on the web. Here are some to try:

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari
  • Opera

Is my antivirus stopping me from watching YouTube videos?

Antivirus software can interfere with your Internet connection. Check what your antivirus is blocking in case it is blocking features on the web.

If your antivirus does not trust YouTube, the YouTube video errors may persist. Try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies. 

Furthermore, if you’re still having antivirus issues, you can try disabling hardware acceleration. On Google Chrome, click the three dots icon in the top right-hand corner. Click the drop-down menu, find settings. On the left-hand side, find ‘advanced.’ Under ‘system,’ you’ll see ‘Use hardware acceleration when available.’. Make sure that option is not selected, and this option may be preventing YouTube videos from playing correctly. 

Why am I getting a black screen on YouTube?

YouTube sound works but video doesn't

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Sometimes browser extensions or plugins can cause issues for YouTube videos. If the problem persists, try opening YouTube in a private browser. Whether the black screen is just stopping video or if the sound isn’t working either will shed more light on the issue.

This means that you won’t be signed into YouTube, and your browser will not have plugins enabled, and if the YouTube video plays, the problem may be an extension or plugin you have enabled.  

Alternatively, you can try opening YouTube into another browser to see if videos play this way. Sometimes the browser you are using may be the problem why YouTube videos won’t play properly. If your browser is out of date, make sure it’s updated regularly. 

If you are unsure why YouTube videos aren’t playing, look to see if YouTube is down or not. You won’t be able to access Youtube properly when it’s down. Don’t worry, and it shouldn’t take long for the site to be back up and running. Problems like this can be widespread and affect almost any website. 

Is Adblock stopping me from watching videos on YouTube?

Adblock can have some errors where it stops the user from viewing YouTube videos. Sometimes browser extensions can cause problems when watching videos. AdBlock sometimes won’t play YouTube videos. If your AdBlock does stop you from watching YouTube videos, there’s an easy solution. 

Try disabling the Adblock just to see if the AdBlock is causing the problems, and you can easily reenable it. You may need to reinstall Adblock if it prevents you from watching YouTube videos, alternatively try another adblocking software. 

Always make sure that any browser extensions are running up-to-date software. If they are outdated, this might cause problems for your web browser. Browser extensions should update automatically, but always be sure to check that they are updated.