If Shudder keeps buffering when you try and stream a movie, there may be too many devices that are connected to the same Wifi network.

Shudder requires a minimum download speed of 20Mbps in order to play content without any lagging or latency issues. If your internet connection has a weak signal, this will interfere with the performance of the app.

If you access the online video app through your browser, an active adblocker can cause a failed video. A quick power reset on your router, or a redownload of the Shudder app can help rectify this playback issue.

We have generated this easy to follow directory to help you understand why Shudder keeps buffering, and to guide you through five easy methods that you will be able to execute on your device to resolve this error, so you can get back to streaming all your favorite thrill-seeking movies.

Why does Shudder keep buffering?

Shudder Keeps Buffering
Shudder Keeps Buffering

Shudder will keep buffering if you have multiple different devices that connect to the same network that you use to access the Shudder app on. If your internet connection is overcrowded, Shudder may not receive an adequate amount of bandwidth to stream a movie. This will cause latency issues on the online video app. How bad the latency is will depend largely on what activity the other devices are doing.

If other devices in your household are in use to stream online, or play video games, this will increase the playback issues you experience on Shudder due to the high level of bandwidth that they will need to process the activities.

Shudder recommend a minimum download speed of 20Mbps. If your Wifi cannot obtain this, Shudder will keep buffering.

(Did you know; Shudder was first launched in 2015. By September 2020, it had acquired over one million paid subscribers).

Other reasons why Shudder will fail to play a video include;

1. Apps running in the background

If you have active apps running in the background on the device you use to launch Shudder on, these will interfere with the quality of your online video.

2. Enabled browser extension

Specifically with adblockers, if you have a browser extension that is active on your device, it may cause Shudder to keep buffering. These programs will sometimes interfere with the online video app’s access to the internet.

3. Wifi router is too far

The further away your Wifi router is from where you launch Shudder, the weaker your signal will be. A poor internet connection will stop your app from being able to download the necessary amount of data to stream without pausing, or lagging.

The majority of the time, a modem will be set at default to a 2,4Ghz frequency band. This is so the Wifi signal can reach further places, however, it will be slower than a 5Ghz frequency.

4. Faulty Shudder app

The Shudder app on your device may contain faulty files that will cause problems when you want to stream. Corrupt software will hinder the apps video quality and performance.

How to fix shudder from buffering

Shudder keeps buffering
Shudder keeps buffering

Disconnect any other devices that are active on your Wifi network. If they were in use for online streaming or playing games online, exit out of these applications. This will ensure your internet speed does not get throttled and can be used completely for the Shudder app. Make sure the other device do not have apps in the background that will require bandwidth. Once you disconnect them, restart the device you use to launch Shudder on.

Check your internet speed to ensure the app receives at least 20Mbps to be able to function properly. To help refresh your network connection, power restart your router so it can re-establish a connection with your network service provider.

Tip, before you plug your modem back in, leave it off for a couple of minutes.

If you do not have any other devices that connect to your Wifi router, you can help fix Shudder from loading with one of the following solutions;

1. Close apps in the background

Make sure you exit out of any other applications that may be active on your device when you open Shudder. To ensure there are no open files on your device, once you close any other programs, restart your device before you play a movie off of Shudder.

2. Disable browser extensions

Disable any browser extensions that you have active while you access Shudder. You can pause the programs, and re-enable them after you’ve stopped watching Shudder.

Once you turn your adblocker off, exit out of the app and re-login. This will refresh the connection.

3. Decrease distance between Wifi router

Whether you reposition your Wifi router or move closer to it, if you decrease the distance between your Shudder app and your modem, it can help with the connection on your device.

If you can, once the distance has become smaller, change the frequency band on your router from 2.4Ghz to 5Ghz. This will supply a faster signal for your device to connect to, and stream Shudder on.

4.Reinstall Shudder app

Delete the Shudder app off of your device and reinstall it. This will erase any corrupt files that may be interfering with the apps performance and help fix Shudder from buffering.

Before you download the app again, turn your device off and on.

Shudder failed to play video

Couple watching scary film
Shudder keeps buffering

The Shudder app can sometimes incur the error ‘Failed to Play Video’ when you try and stream a video. This playback issue will arise if Shudder upload a video that has the incorrect format, or, contains faulty software that will prevent your device from being able to stream the content. Previous Shudder account holders have advised that this error only occurred through the app, and not via their browser.

A secondary cause for the Shudder failed to play video error to occur is if your smart TV has a build up of cache files and data. Cache files will always download onto your device every time you launch the app.

This is to improve the performance and quicken loading times. However, over time, this data can become congested, and be a catalyst for playback issues.

To clear the cache files on your smart TV, simply go; Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications > Shudder > Clear Cache > Clear Data > Uninstall Actions.

Once the cache is clear, uninstall the Shudder app and reinstall it. Once you log back into your profile, you should be able to play videos without any further playback issues.

How many streams does Shudder allow?

Shudder keeps buffering
Shudder keeps buffering

If you have an active subscription with Shudder directly, you will only have access to stream on one active device at any given time. You will only be able to create one main account to view their library. It’s also important to note that the Shudder app does not currently have the option to download movies to watch while you’re offline. You will need to stay connected to a stable internet connection with at least a 20Mbps download speed.

Although an active profile direct on the Shudder app will limit you to only one stream, you can subscribe for a Shudder account through a third-party program which will give you the availability to have more than one stream.

Shudder as an Amazon Prime Video Channel, or a YouTube add-on will give you the option to stream on three different devices, as well as create six different profiles as opposed to only one on Shudder direct.


With this guide, we hope you now understand why Shudder keeps buffering, and that you were able to fix this playback issue with one of the five simple solutions provided.

If you still experience the failed to play video, or loading problem when you try and stream a movie, we suggest you contact Shudder directly. You can complete an online support ticket where one of their customer support advisors will pick it up and get back to you as soon as possible.

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