Does Netflix have no sound when you try and stream content from the app?

Are you trying to make use of the 5.1 audio setting on a video you’ve downloaded? This setting will only work if you play a movie or series while you connect to the internet.

There will be no sound on Netflix if you make use of an external speaker, and the audio settings have not been changed. Occasionally, Netflix will load a piece of content onto their database that has the incorrect format.

A simple check on the audio settings, and an update of the app can help fix Netflix display a video with no audio.

In this guide, you will learn all the possible reasons why Netflix may have no sound, as well as five easy solutions you will be able to action on your device, so you can get back to streaming with the display and audio together.

Why does my Netflix have no sound?

Netflix no sound

Netflix will have no sound when you play a video if there is a connection problem with your external speaker system. If you do not use the internal audio on your device, issues will arise with your sound if an additional speaker has a faulty connection. This could be from the cable or the port in which you connect the device to your TV with. The speaker itself may also be broken, which is why no audio will play through.

The other main reasons why there will be no sound on Netflix include;

1. Content error

Netflix may upload a movie or series that has a problem with its format. When this happens, the video will stream with playback issues.

The content error can be a cause from faulty software, or the video is missing certain files.

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2. Incorrect audio settings

If the audio configuration on your device is set to the incorrect input or output, Netflix will have no sound.

Your TV or smart device could be on mute or set to a very low volume that you’re unable to hear.

The sound setting on Netflix may also be set to the wrong format for your device.

3. Outdated audio driver

When you make use of Netflix on your PC, the audio driver can interfere with the quality of the sound that the online video app will produce.

It may be due an update, or, contain faulty files that will hinder the apps streaming performance.

4. Netflix app error

Netflix on your device may be corrupt with faulty files. This can transpire over time, or if a previous updates receives interference during the download.

How to fix Netflix no sound

Netflix no sound
Netflix no sound

Check your external speaker connection to fix the Netflix picture but no sound issue on your device. If you make use of an additional speaker, and not the internal one, you will need to ensure that it connects properly to your smart TV. There could be a fault with the cable, or the port that’s on your device. You can make sure these work by using a different port, and testing the cable with a different device.

If you do not make use of an external speaker, you can make use of the following alternative solutions;

1. Check other content

You could be trying to stream a specific video on Netflix that is problematic. If the file on the apps database contains faulty files, or it is corrupt, it will not play properly.

Sometimes, Netflix will upload a movie or series that has an internal error. Attempt to play a different video and see if there is sound.

If there is, you will know the issue is with the video, and not your app or device.

2. Check audio settings

First make sure the input and output audio settings are correct. If you use a speaker, ensure the sound has been set to play through it and not the built-in speaker of your device.

Check that the volume is not set too low, or on mute.

From the Netflix app, you may need to change the audio configuration from 5.1. To do this;

Play the video > Press the Message Box’ picture > If the audio is set on 5.1 change it to a different option

Allow the content to play, and see if Netflix still has no sound.

3. Update audio driver

For Netflix on your PC, you may need to update the audio driver.

Open Device Manager > Select the drop down on Audio inputs and Outputs > Right-click on Speaker > Press Update driver

Allow your computer to complete the download. If you would like to have this step completed for you, you can download a third party program onto your PC.

Driver Easy is a good option to go for if you’re unsure of which application to use.

4. Reinstall Netflix app

If the Netflix app is the problem for the no sound issue, you will need delete it off of your device, and reinstall it.

Tip, before you download the app, restart your device to erase any faulty files still saved.

No sound on Netflix smart TV

Guy watching TV
Netflix no sound

Netflix won’t have sound on a smart TV if you make use of an assistive listening device that has been set to the incorrect audio output configuration. This will include if you use a headset to help the clarity of the sound from Netflix’s videos. To fix this setting, you will need to change the audio output to either ‘Stereo’ or ‘Linear PCM’. If you do not know how to change the settings on your device, you may need to contact the manufacturer directly, or make use of an instruction manual.

Additional reason why Netflix won’t work on your smart TV include;

  • Faulty or damaged HDMI cable
  • Soundbar not connected properly
  • Incorrect audio settings

You will need to check your HDMI and any other cables that need to connect to your smart TV. If they are faulty or broken, replace them with a new or existing one.

Make sure the audio settings on your TV are correct. If you use a soundbar, ensure the input setting is set to the speaker.

Netflix 5 1 audio not working

Couple watching Netflix
Netflix no sound

The Netflix audio 5.1 setting will not work if your internet connection speed is less than 3.0Mbps. This sound configuration will only work on a Wifi network that supplies fast enough bandwidth. You are able to check your internet speed to ensure you Wifi is adequate for Netflix to stream content with a 5 1 audio.

The second requirement for the Netflix 5.1 audio setting is a receiver that can support Dolby Digital Plus. If these two settings cannot be met, Netflix will have no sound on the 5.1 setting.

However, if your device connects to a stable Wifi network, and it support the Dolby, you can execute the following solutions to enable the 5.1 Netflix audio setting;

  • Check speaker connections
  • Make sure your device supports 5.1 audio (Microsoft Silverlight and HTML 5 won’t work)
  • Is the Netflix 5.1 audio setting enabled?
  • Check the Netflix title supports 5 1

Note, downloaded videos from Netflix will not work on 5.1 audio. You will need to delete the download, and watch the movie or series while your device connects to the internet.


With this guide, we hope you now understand why your Netflix had no sound, and that you were able to bring your audio back with one of the many fixes provided.

If your videos are still mute, we suggest you contact Netflix directly. You can do this through their help page. Here you will be able to chat or call them.

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