Are you trying to stream a video but Amazon Prime has no sound?

This playback issue can be a result from many different reasons. If you have not configured your audio settings correctly, the sound will not play through the correct speaker.

Have you checked that your Amazon app and device’s operating system are both up to date with the latest firmware? If this software is outdated, this can also cause your online video service to have no sound.

We have created this simple guide to help you understand why Amazon Prime has no sound, and what steps you can take to fix this issue, so you can get back to streaming your favourite movies and shows without any further playback errors.

Why do I have no sound on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime no sound
Amazon Prime no sound

Amazon Prime will have no sound when you stream a video if your audio settings are incorrect. If you make use of an external speaker, you need to ensure you configure the input and output settings so correctly, so that the sound will play through the connected speaker, and not the internal one from your smart device. If your audio settings do not match with the device you use to play the sound from Amazon, your video will be mute.

Additional reasons why Amazon Prime may have no sound include;

1. Volume settings

Sometimes, your volume settings may be on mute or too low for to be able to hear anything. You may have accidentally set your sound to mute on your remote.

2. Faulty HDMI cable

Do you make use of an external device to play Amazon Prime? If you have an HDMI cable that connects to your smart TV, and it is damaged or faulty, this can create sound issues when you try and stream a movie.

The HDMI cable can be the problem, or, the port that it connects into.

Your HDMI cable may also be incompatible with your device.

3. Pending software updates

Your smart TV or Amazon Prime app may be due a software update. If one, or both of these operating system’s function on outdated firmware, Amazon playback issues such as no sound can occur.

4. Corrupt Amazon Prime app

The Amazon Prime app downloaded onto your device could be the reason why you have no sound.

If you interrupt the download, corrupt files will install on your device, and interfere with the performance of Amazon’s streaming quality.

How do I fix the sound on my Amazon Prime video?

Amazon Prime no sound
Watching TV

Check your audio settings to fix the Amazon Prime no sound error. If you make use of an external speaker, check that your input and output sound settings are correct. If you did not change your sound setting to play through a speaker, it will be set to the internal speaker of your device. On a smart TV, you can confirm the sound configuration by going; Home > Settings > Audio Mode > Select correct audio setting.

If your audio settings are correct, you can proceed with one of the following solutions to fix the Amazon Prime video no sound issue;

1. Check volume settings

Check that the sound on your smart device has not been set to mute, or that the sound has been set too low.

2. Replace HDMI cable

If you make use of a HDMI cable, first make sure that it is not faulty or damaged. Use it with a different device to check that it will work.

Change the HDMI port to confirm the cable connects to a working input. If the HDMI still does not operate, replace it with a new one and test an Amazon Prime video.

3. Update software

The Amazon Prime app, and your smart device’s operating system needs to be on the latest available firmware version.

To update the Amazon Prime app, simply go to your app store and find Amazon. In the details section, you should have an ‘Update’ button that you can select.

To check your smart TV’s software, go to; Settings > Support > Software Update > Update Now

Tip, once the updates are complete, restart your device to refresh the changes.

4. Reinstall Amazon Prime app

If your Amazon Prime contains corrupt files, you will need to uninstall and reinstall the app to erase the faulty software, and download a clean version.

Delete the app off of your device, and download it again from your app store.

Amazon Prime no sound on Chromecast

Amazon Prime no sound
Amazon Prime no sound

Your online video service will have no sound through Chromecast if your device has not been connected to your TV successfully. This could be due to a faulty or damaged Chromecast cable, or a broken port on your smart television. Sometimes, your Chromecast won’t supply enough power to your smart TV, which can result in playback issues such as the no audio, or video problems. This error will also interfere with your mobile/tablet to pick up the Chromecast device.

Other reasons why Amazon Prime will have no audio on Chromecast are;

  • TV sound settings are incorrect
  • Chromecast and device are not paired
  • Faulty Chromecast device
  • Wrong Wifi network

You can troubleshoot your Chromecast to fix the Amazon no audio issue;

  • Check audio settings
  • Reconnect Chromecast
  • Change HDMI cables
  • Reset Wifi pairing

If none of these tips work, your Chromecast device may have a hardware error, and need to be replaced.

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Why is Amazon Prime buffering?

Two guys watching TV
Amazon Prime no sound

Amazon Prime will buffer when the app has been unable to download the necessary amount of data to stream a video. This issue occurs when Amazon operates over a slow internet connection. Prime Video requires a minimum download speed of 5Mbps in order to stream content in HD quality without playback issues. 1Mbps Is required for standard quality videos. If these speeds are not met, Amazon will begin to buffer.

To make sure your network connection is adequate, you can check your internet speeds. You may need to change your video quality setting to match how fast your network is.

Other reasons why your Amazon Prime video may buffer include;

  • Outdated Amazon app
  • Faulty HDMI cable
  • Incorrect Amazon configuration

For a more in depth look into why Amazon Prime video keeps buffering, and how to fix this problem, we have already created this guide for you.

Keep in mind, if the Amazon Prime server is down, this will interfere with the performance of the app, and can be the cause for playback issues.

Fortunately, you can check the Amazon service status to confirm whether or not the buffering or audio issue is due to a problem on your side, or Amazon’s.


With this easy to follow guide, we hope you now understand why your Amazon Prime had no sound, and that you were able to rectify this audio issue with one of the five simple solutions provided.

If you’ve tried all methods, and the issue persists, we suggest you contact Amazon Prime direct. You can make use of their online Help Support page where you will be able to search their forum for a solution, or make a direct enquiry to their support team.

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