Does Safari keep crashing when you first open the program, or when you are browsing the web?

This hindrance will occur if you are accessing an internet page that contains corrupted software, or, you could have a certain extension enabled that is causing conflict between Safari and the website.

A simple update of your macOS or iOS can help prevent this issue from occurring, as well as erase the cache files from your browser history.

We have generated this easy to read directory to guide you through all the necessary steps that will help fix Safari from crashing, so you can get back to surfing the web without your browser quitting unexpectedly.

Why does my Safari browser keep crashing?

Safari keeps crashing

Safari keeps crashing

Safari will keep crashing when you are browsing the web if your device’s CPU (central processing unit) is overloaded with too many requests to process different instructions at the same time. This will occur if you have too many browser tabs open. If these web pages contain a large amount of data that needs to be downloaded, the CPU on your Mac or iPhone will crash.

If you only have one browser tab open, and Safari is still not performing, it could be due to one, or a few of the following reasons;

Reason 1. Safari extension

If you have multiple, or even just one extensions enabled, it can interfere with your web browser loading successfully.

This could be due to the extension trying to block an ad or one of its certain features being faulty.

Reason 2. RAM is too full

If the RAM (random access memory) on your device has reached maximum capacity, your Mac (or iPhone) will take longer to process requests, resulting in Safari crashing.

RAM is one of the most important components in the performance of your device. It keeps the information your device is currently using so it can be accessed quickly, hence why Safari will crash if the program cannot get to its saved data.

Reason 3. macOS outdated

Your macOS or iOS software may be due to be updated.

When macOS has an update available, this will normally automatically include an upgrade to the Safari browser.

If Safari keeps crashing, this will be because your current operating system contains corrupted files.

Reason 4. Faulty cache files

Every time you open your browser and load web pages, cache files are stored on your device to save the information to improve the pages loading times.

These files can become faulty over time, and cause Safari to crash when trying to launch a web page.

Reason 5. Suspicious web page

Safari could be crashing because you are loading a suspicious web page that contains corrupted software.

There may be a virus or unsupported data that your web browser cannot process, without failing.

How to stop Safari from crashing

Safari keeps crashing

How to stop Safari from crashing

You can stop Safari from crashing while you are browsing the web by relieving the CPU on your device from too many requests that need to be processed all at the same time. This is done by closing down several open tabs on your browser, so only a few instructions need to be processed, rather than an extravagant amount.

If Safari keeps crashing on the opening of the program, or during the time you are on a web page even though you only have a few tabs open, you can fix this by actioning one, or all of the solutions that will now  be explained;

Fix 1. Disable extensions

You could have an enabled extension that is corrupted or causing conflict with your Safari web browser. If you have multiple different extensions turned on, they could be incompatible.

Switch your extensions off and see if this stops Safari from crashing;

Step 1. Launch Safari

Step 2. From the Safari menu, select ‘Preferences’

Step 3. Access the ‘extensions’ tab

Step 4. From the list of extensions, turn all the enabled ones off

Exit out of Safari before reloading your desired web pages.

Fix 2. Clear RAM

If you have too many applications or programs opened on your device all at the same time, your RAM will reach maximum capacity and start to slow down.

Close any programs you are not actively using while launching Safari. Before opening Safari again, restart your device to make sure all data has been erased.

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Fix 3. Update operating system

If Safari keeps crashing on your iPhone or Mac, your operating system could be due to an update.

Updates are continuously rolled out to improve your device’s performance and get rid of any faulty files that could be interfering with apps loading.

How to update Mac OS:

Step 1. Access the Apple Menu and select ‘System Preferences’

Step 2. Click on ‘System Update’

Step 3. Allow your Mac to check for an available update

If there is an outstanding update, press ‘Update Now’.

How to update iOS:

Step 1. Click on ‘Settings’

Step 2. Select ‘General’ followed by ‘Software Update’

Step 3. Your iPhone will check for an available update

If there is an update, click on ‘Download and Install’

(Did you know; When Safari was released in January 2003, it was the only web browser that could do ‘tabbed’ browsing.)

Fix 4. Empty Safari cache files

Clearing out the cache files on Safari will free up storage space and eradicate any contaminated data that is causing Safari to quit unexpectedly.

Step 1. Open Safari

Step 2. Click on ‘Preferences’

Step 3. Under ‘Advanced’ turn on ‘Show develop menu in menu bar’

Step 4. Press ‘Develop Menu’

Step 5. Now choose ‘Empty Cache’

Relaunch Safari and see if the crashing error persists.

Fix 5. Restart device

You may have been accessing a web page that is not genuine, and contain suspicious software. If this is the case, rebooting your device will erase any data that has been downloaded onto your Mac or iPhone from the browser page.

If this does not help, you can reset Safari. How do I reset my Safari browser? A reset can be completed in a couple of steps;

Step 1. Open the ‘Preferences’ section in Safari

Step 2. Access the ‘Privacy’ tab

Step 3. Select ‘Manage Website Data’

Step 4. Now press ‘Remove All’

This will erase all browser history, including saved autofill passwords, so keep in mind you might need to re-enter your passwords.


If you have followed through with this easy guide, you should now understand why Safari keeps crashing, as well as know how to fix your web browser from quitting unexpectedly in five simple steps.

If none of the solutions provided has helped your Safari from staying open, we suggest you contact Apple support as there could be an underlying issue with your device. You can make use of their chat feature, or speak to one of their support staff by opting to call them.

(Quiz Time; If you have an excessive amount of browser tabs open on Safari, what unit will this affect?).

If you know the answer, feel free to fill out our ‘Contact’ form with your name and email address, with the answer in the comments section.