Funimation’s dubbing services have made a lot of anime content accessible. The effort is well-founded, but a few problems do still exist. Lately, Funimation won’t let me watch in English, and it appears quite a few of you are also facing the issue. The error also seems to occur randomly despite working fine before.

Sony-owned Funimation is among the top streaming choices for international content. It is ranked fourth among on-demand streaming services of 2022. The site hosts over 800 titles, with 5 million subscribers. It also has an estimated 120 million+ users worldwide. When it comes to East Asian media, Funimation is the top choice.

However, Funimation has been known to cause a few problems with streaming here and there. Some of these issues have led to a diminished user experience. Keep reading to find out why this happens and how to resolve this issue.

Why can’t I watch shows in English on Funimation?

Funimation Won’t Let Me Watch in English: How to Resolve This Issue

The issue behind the dubbing block is a bit unclear. Many users have reported the issue to occur even after it had been working fine just moments before. There are a few possible reasons why Funimation won’t let me watch in English:

  • App glitch that disrupts streaming if paused or closed in between viewing
  • Issues with the uncut version that may be missing the English dubbing
  • System overload while running the app
  • Incorrect language preferences set for the show you are trying to watch
  • Streaming on the free version of Funimation that limits language options
  • Outdated version of the app in use
  • Server outages prevent episodes from loading properly

The app itself has had some performance issues reported by users, and it appears you will have to take some corrective steps yourself. As for this issue, here are some suggestions many users have found handy in fixing the problem.

How to fix error when Funimation won’t let me watch in English

Funimation Won’t Let Me Watch in English: How to Resolve This Issue

Sometimes system overloads can cause an app to crash or stop working. It can affect the performance and cause some aspects to temporarily malfunction. The simplest solution you can try is to close the app and relaunch it again. If this doesn’t work, you can try some other fixes for the problem.

Playback and stream

This is a popularly-tested hack for the English play issue. It does, however, require some patience on your part.

Step 1: Go back to the previous episode that was playing in English

Step 2: Play that episode towards the very end, allowing it to stream naturally

Step 3: From here, click to proceed to the next episode without exiting the streaming video

The continued stream sometimes helps resolve the issue, and you can continue watching in English. If the problem arises again, simply repeat the above steps. Just keep in mind this is not a permanent fix, so it won’t actually resolve the issue.

Change language settings

Language settings may have been changed accidentally or switched by default app preferences. In this case, you simply have to change your language settings:

  • Open the show you want to watch in English on the app or browser
  • Click on the Settings icon located on the bottom right of the video settings for the specific episode you want to watch
  • Under the language setting, select English

This step will probably reload your video to put the change into effect. You can also make English the default language through your Account settings. Only users who have a paid subscription to Funimation can make changes to language preferences.

Buy a subscription

Funimation offers a free version of the app and browser streaming. Many users who don’t use the streaming service regularly prefer this option. While free, it seriously limits user options. Oftentimes, a video dub is only available in one language, therefore causing the issue.

Other times, being a free user limits your ability to do something about it. Your best course of action if you plan on using Funimation regularly is to just buy the $6 subscription. You also get a lot more streaming options with the paid version.

Check for app updates

Out-of-date apps can often cause serious glitches. This includes the app crashing without warning and not playing videos like it used to. Apps usually update automatically, but it is still best to check.

Step 1: Open the app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Step 2: If the app is pending an update, an Update button will show. Update the app, and try playing the video again.

You should also check for software updates. Some apps may be incompatible with older software versions. Install any pending updates and check to see if the issue is resolved.

Are the shows on Funimation in English?

Are the shows on Funimation in English?

Funimation purchases the rights to dub shows. These include but are not limited to English dubbings, and you can get a lot of options and language choices. The shows that are only available in the English dub are simply so because of licensing issues. Funimation owns the license to only dub the show in that language, therefore limiting choices.

Why has Funimation stopped dubbing?

Why has Funimation stopped dubbing?

Funimation is by no means out of the business of dubbing anime. The dubbing process was slowed down as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Lockdown and SOPs made the dubbing process difficult, therefore slowing down availability. As things return to normal, Funimation is picking up the pace and is getting back on track.


Funimation as a streaming service certainly has its position in the digital market. While it offers good quality shows with dub, some issues have users frustrated, which is understandable. If Funimation won’t let me watch in English, then it becomes limited in its use. However, the fixes I have listed above are helpful in resolving the issue.

Some of these are temporary fixes rather than solutions. If none of these techniques work, it’s best to seek some official support. You can report the issue to Funimation directly. They can also help you figure out where the problem is coming from.