If Freesat won’t record, how are you going to catch up on their top picks like Junior Bake Off, and Ghost Adventures?

Your Freesat box will have issues when it attempts to record if there is not enough storage space for a new program to be saved, or its connected HDMI cable is damaged.

Checking your wireless network, and performing a software update on your device can help fix your top box from experiencing a recording error.

We have produced this simple, yet effective guide that will help you understand why your Freesat won’t record, and supply you with eight easy fixes that will help you get rid of this setback, so you do not need to worry about missing the latest episode of Mr Brooks.

 Why is my Freesat not recording?

Freesat won't record

Why is my Freesat box not recording?

Your Freesat box will be unable to record certain programs if there is not enough storage space for new items to be saved, there is a firmware issue either on your Smart TV, or the Freesat box itself, as well as if your internet connection is faulty.

Reason 1. Insufficient storage space

If you are continuously saving recordings onto your Freesat box, over time, the storage capacity will decrease, and you will not be able to perform new recordings if there is not enough space for them to be saved.

Recording S.D or H.D content will determine how much space you will need for the recording to be saved.

Reason 2. Software issue

A firmware issue on your device will interfere with recordings taking place.

If the software is outdated, or it has been corrupted, your files will become faulty. A software issue can transpire directly on your TV or on your Freesat box.

Reason 3. Unstable internet connection

Freesat requires a strong wireless network, or to be connected via an ethernet cable to be able to work on your TV.

If your internet connection is not stable during a recording, and the content gets interrupted, it will not save onto your TV.

An unstable internet connection will also interfere when you try and play content that has already been recorded.

Reason 4. Poor satellite signal

Your satellite dish needs a strong signal to pick up all the channels.

If your satellite is experiencing a weak signal, this will interfere with the performance of recording a specific channel, if it has been affected.

A poor signal can come from bad weather conditions, loose cables or your dish is not aligned properly.

How to fix my Freesat not recording?

Freesat won't record

How to fix Freesat not recording

You can fix the Humax Freesat not recording your scheduled programmes by following our eight easy steps;

Fix 1. Confirm storage space

Your Freesat won’t record if there is not enough storage space for the program to be added to your box.

Checking how much space you have will help determine if you need to remove any recordings you no longer need.

Step 1. Access the ‘Main Menu’

Step 2. Select ‘Settings’

Step 3. You should now be able to choose ‘System’ followed by ‘Data Storage’

Here you will be able to see how much space you have left. If your storage is running low, delete a few items.

(Did you know; The show ‘Only Fools ans Horses’ has been voted the most popular comedy show in the UK.)

Fix 2. Reset your Freesat box

Resetting your Freesat box will get rid of any faulty software that may potentially be preventing your recordings from taking place.

Step 1. Switch your box off

Step 2. Remove the power unit from being plugged in

Step 3. Wait around a minute before plugging it back in

Step 4. Turn your Freesat back on

You can now test your recording feature.

Fix 3. Check your cable connections

Your Freesat box requires an HDMI cable to be connected. If this cable is not secure, it may interfere with the recording function if the cable is moving around.

Make sure all cables are fastened properly.

Tip, if you can, check the cable with a different device to confirm it is not faulty or damaged.

Fix 4. Check for software update

Your Freesat box could be due to a software update.

Step 1. Using your remote, access the menu option

Step 2. Click on ‘Software Update’

Step 3. Your device will check if there is an update that can be downloaded

If you can update, confirm you want to proceed. If not, it will confirm that your firmware is already updated.

Fix 5. Complete a factory reset

Before proceeding with a factory reset, please note all saved preferences and data will be lost (current saved recordings).

Your box will be set back to its default settings, and it will need to be reconfigured.

Step 1. Access the Menu list

Step 2. Click on ‘Settings’

Step 3. Select ‘Information & Reset’

Step 4. Choose ‘Factory Reset’

Step 5. Confirm you want to proceed

Once the reset has been completed, you will need to reconfigure your Freesat device.

Fix 6. Complete the first-time installation

A first-time install is similar to completing a factory reset on your Freesat box. All previous recordings will be lost.

Step 1. With the remote, click the ‘Menu’ button and select ‘Settings’

Step 2. Get to the ‘Other’ tab

Step 3. Press ‘First Time Installation’

Confirm by selecting ‘OK’.

Fix 7. Reboot Freesat box

A quick reboot of your Freesat box can help fix it from not recording. A reboot will also help your device if it has frozen, or you are having trouble getting into the ‘Settings’ menu.

Step 1. Launch the ‘Settings’ menu

Step 2. Select ‘System Settings’

Step 3. Choose ‘Box Reset’

Step 4. Click on ‘Reboot Box’

Your box will now perform a reboot and reconnect.

Fix 8. Check internet and satellite connection

Freesat requires a stable internet connection for its box to connect and operate properly.

You can check that your network is providing adequate speeds as well as make sure your network service provider is not down.

If there are currently bad weather conditions, this can interfere with how well your satellite dish will pick up a signal.

Where have my Freesat recordings gone?

Have your Freesat recordings disappeared?

All scheduled recordings will be moved from your ‘Planned’ menu after it has been recorded.

Once a recording has been completed, it will be automatically stored under the ‘Recordings’ section of your Menu.

How do I know if my Freesat box is recording?

You will know if your Freesat is recording because there will be the letter ‘R’ that appears next to the name of the show you have set to record.

Note, you have to set the recording in place yourself, by highlighting the desired program and pushing ‘R’ on the remote.

How to access recordings on Freesat?

Simply click on the ‘Home’ button on your remote and choose ‘Recordings’.

Here, you will find a list of all the saved recordings you have made.  If you are wonderings how many programmes can you record on Freesat, the maximum number is four channels at the same time.


Whether there was an issue with your Freesat’s software, or you just did not have enough storage space on your box, we hope this guide was able to help you find the cause behind why your Freesat would not record, and that you were able to fix the issue with one of our eight easy solutions.

Freesat does advise that you contact their customer support team if you are still experiencing problems when you try to record a program, as your Freesat box could have a defect and may need to be replaced.

You can email them at customerteam@freesat.co.uk, or call them on 0345 313 0051.

Their operating hours are Monday – Friday, 09 am – 5 pm, and weekends, 10 am – 4 pm.

You can also contact them online, by filling out their General Enquiry form.