Having issues with Valorant Error Code 39? Let us walk through the solutions.

fix valorant error code 39

Valorant from Riot Studios is one of the most popular first-person tactical shooter games that are available right now. Despite being fairly new, the game has already started gathering attention worldwide. However, just like any other game, Valorant is home to certain annoying bugs as well, one of which is labeled as the error code 39.

The Valorant Error Code 39 is an issue that majorly corresponds to connectivity failures. When a user encounters this issue, he/she receives an error message on the screen with little to less detailing. Having said that, finding the appropriate fix might get a bit challenging. 

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Best Ways to Fix Valorant Error Code 39:

# Fix 1: Restart Your Game and Try Again

restart game to solve error39

Restarting your game is the very first thing that you can do to solve the error code 39. Besides doing so, you can also go on and restart your device. Restarting your device will help you resolve some other temporary connectivity issues that might also play a crucial part in resolving the error code 39.

  • Hit the required button of your controller/keyboard to get yourself in the game’s main menu
  • From there, find and click on the Exit option
  • Restart your device
  • Once your device boots up, log in to your game once again.

# Fix 2: Make Sure Your Internet Connection is Up and Running

check internet

Poor internet connectivity might also end you up facing various in-game issues like the error code 39. So, it is crucial to make sure your internet connection is well optimized. To check if your internet is working fine enough, head over to your browser and start browsing along with different websites. If you seem to face any trouble, try out the following fixes.

  • Restart your router or whatever device you use for accessing the internet. Make sure you unplug all the internet cables and put them back before continuing with the restart process.
  • If nothing seems to work out, contact your internet service provider.

# Fix 3: Wait for the Game Servers to Get Fixed

server issue

One of the prime reasons for the Valorant Error Code 39 is the game servers getting down for technical failures of some sort. The only thing you are left to do in such a scenario is to have patience and wait until the issue is resolved. As soon as the game servers get back to life, you will be able to start enjoying your game once again. The best way of keeping track is to get updates from the official Twitter page on the Valorant server status.

Final Words

Considering the fact that Error Code 39 is sort of a connectivity issue, the steps mentioned above can come in real handy for resolving the same. However, if it is the game servers that correspond to the major part of the issue, you can expect future updates from Riot Studios that shall fix the error once for all.