Are you encountering Smite Error Code 10011 while trying to play with your buddies? Is it frustrating that Smite Error Code 10011 wastes everyone’s precious time? Don’t worry, we’ll bring you all the help you need to solve this error.

Smite is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game similar to Steam juggernauts Dota 2 and League of Legends. It is a five vs five-team battle where your teammates are usually your friends, so that’s why Smite Error Code 10011 affects your ability to play and your friends as they do not have a complete team to compete with.

Frequent errors are not unheard of in the MOBA game scene. Smite is also no stranger to having multiple problems. But seeing the passionate fanbase, we will help you bring any issue, including Smite Error Code 10011, to an end.

What Does Smite Error Code 10011 mean?

error code 10011

Throughout history, online gaming and hackers and cheats go hand in hand. From the early days of Valve multiplayer games to modern and recently launched titles like Call of Duty: Warzone has seen some fair share of cheating. Smite is also no stranger to this phenomenon.

Ever since Valve launched its anti-cheat system back in 1999 with the ever so famous Counter-Strike, anti-cheat systems have become a norm in multiplayer games. Smite also has its anti-cheat system. It activates the moment you try to launch Smite on your PC.

That’s is why Smite Error Code 10011 occurs when the anti-cheats engine doesn’t let you open the game and fails its launch with a prompt.

Why Did I Get Smite Error Code 10011?

smite error

Now don’t worry about hacking or accidentally cheating. Anti-cheat engines can sometimes go off with things other than straight-up cheating. Anything that manipulates the game files in an unintended way will trigger Smite’s anti-cheat system. So before you jump to conclusions, we will share different ways why you got Smite Error Code 10011.

As Smite is downloaded from Steam, deleting a Public Test Server dependency from another game also downloaded from Steam may affect Smites’ anti-cheat engine, prompting an error.

Another common cause of this error is if your anti-cheat engine is completely disabled. This gives the game an instruction that a hacker has jammed an anti-cheat, so it pulls off an emergency abort. 

Regardless of why you got Smite Error Code 10011, we will go through the most common fixes in the next section.

How Do I Fix Smite Error Code 10011?


Reinstall Anti-Cheat Engine

If you have deleted a PTS (Public Test Server) from another game, a standard sharing file may also be deleted that is of use to Smite’s anti-cheat engine. The disable might end Smite’s anti-cheat engine grip over its functionality.

If you are in this scenario or any other scenario, it’s best to first reinstall the Smite anti-cheat engine. Reinstalling can bring that one annoying file in the PTS you deleted back online.

To reinstall,

  • First, open File Explorer and navigate to the location where you installed the game.
  • Once you’re there, look for the Easy Anti Cheat installer (usually named EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe).
  • When you locate it, right-click on it and choose Run as Administrator from the drop-down menu.

Once the installation is complete, restart your computer so the changes can take effect.

Enable Anti-Cheat Engine

There may be a chance that your primary anti-cheat engine setting is set to disable by default. The disable can happen from accidental user input or by optimizing software such as a speed booster to increase performance in certain areas by limiting it in others.

Check the Services utility of the anti-cheat engine. To do this,

  • Press win + R on your desktop and enter services.msc in the run dialogue box.
  • If access permission is prompted, click yes.
  • In the services tab, scroll down until you find EasyAntiCheat.
  • Right-click EasyAntiCheat and go to its properties from the drop-down menu.
  • Go to general settings and locate start-up settings.
  • From there, you can enable and disable Smite’s anti-cheat engine. Restart your computer so the changes can take effect.

Final Thoughts

Even though the Smite Error Code 10011 seemed quite intricate, we could solve it with a few simple steps. If you liked this guide, please check out others on our website. If your issue still exists, contact the developer’s team on Steam. We also have other game fixes like How To Quick Fix League Of Legends Error Code 003How to Fix WoW Error 132 – Fatal Exception, and How To Fix Age of Empires 4  Crashes When Starting here.