Have you recently encountered League Of Legends Error Code 0u? Is it annoying that you can’t start your match on League Of Legends? Missing out on those rewards because of this error? Well, you have reached the right place. This guide will help you sort through the mess that is League of Legends Error Code 0u.

League of Legends is one of the most played games in existence. It is a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena game similar to the likes of Dota 2 and Smite. Plyers can level up party’s, form clans and set out on an adventure to conquer the lands. 

But like similar MOBAs trying to get into a match of League of Legends can be quite a challenge. However, unlike most MOBAs, League of Legends has a separate interface where players can interact with their friends or teammates to launch the game itself. Though convenient, it causes several problems for the user, including League of Legends Error Code 0u.

What Is League of Legends Error Code 0u?

League of Legends game play

For the past few days, League of Legends Error Code 0u has been a common occurrence for the famous game’s players. When players try to access the above mentioned separate interface, they will experience unlimited loading time. 

This error will soon precede a prompt stating the PBE client is unavailable. Although League of Legends Error Code 0u started in the PBE client, it has spread its poison to the main game server.

Riot Games have recently acknowledged the issues, but there is no official fix or update for Error Code 0u yet. But don’t lose hope. We will help you fix this error.

Why Did I Face League of Legends Error Code 0u?

The League of Legends Error Code 0u  follows the PBE (Public Beta Environment) interactions. As there is NO official statement by Riot Games regarding how League of Legends Error Code 0u occurs, we can only assume so much. 

How Do I Fix League of Legends Error Code 0u?

League of Legends game play

Use Hextech Repair Tool

The most common fix players have been using to bypass this awful error is using the hextech repair tool. Although it is not an official fix for League of Legends, it still works, according to some users.

Users of the subreddit r/leagueoflinux discovered this fix. Reddit is famously known to host threads where the community themselves deals with common problems, and this problem was no different. 

You need to download the Hextech Repair tool from its website. The tool is optimized specifically for League of Legends so that players can instantly inspect any error they might come across playing league of legends. LOL’s Error Code 0u is also among them. The Hextech repair tool can automatically run troubleshooting sessions while you do other activities on your computer. When any detection of corrupted files is found, then it also helps you to patch them out.

After the download is complete open file explorer, navigate to your downloads Missing out on those rewards because of LOL’s Error Code 0u? Well, you have reached the right place.folder and run the Hextech repair tool. When you are prompted to select a file, you need to choose your PVE client file. This can be located with the name PBE LolClient.exe. You will find a start button in Hextech repair tools interface. Select that button and let the program run its course. After it has entirely run, it is advisable to restart your computer before opening League of Legends again to wipe any data left by LOL’s Error Code 0u.

Reinstall League Of Legends

A time-consuming alternative that is also the last-ditch effort in all error fixes is reinstalling League of Legends. Reinstalling has proven to fix almost any error you might be facing, including League of Legends Error Code 0u.

In the case of  Error Code 0u you will need to delete every League of Legend file on your computer so that the new install would be clean. The reinstall ensures that no errors will form. What makes this task unbearable is how long it takes to do all of this.

Final Thoughts

Not being able to farm materials and level up your team in your precious time can be very frustrating. If your issue has not been solved yet, don’t hesitate to contact Riot support directly or wait until Riot releases an official statement. We hope we were able to solve your issue of League of Legends Error Code 0u.

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