The PS5 flashing White light is a normal occurrence on your console when it is about to shut down completely.

Are you, however, seeing the PS5 blinking White light continuously without your console doing anything else?

If you’ve answered yes, this will indicate that there your console has most likely frozen. This error state can be caused by a few different reasons.

Have you tried a reboot on your PS5? In this easy to follow guide, we will explain what the PS5 flashing White light means, and what you can do to fix this error, so you can get back to playing without any further interferences.

What Does it Mean When the PS5 Light is Flashing White Light

PS5 Flashing White

What does the PS5 flashing White light mean?

Your PS5 will display a flashing White light when it is in the process of turning off. The blinking White LED will keep pulsing during this transition as your console will be shutting down any games or applications that may still be running. Once the system is completely off, the flashing White light will disappear. 

If, however, your PS5 is showing a blinking White light continuously without turning off, this will mean something entirely different.

In this case, your PS5 will display a flashing White light to inform you that there is an error with your console, and you need to restore your Sony device so it can function properly again.

Why is My PS5 Flashing White?

Your PS5 is flashing White because the console is in a frozen state and is unable to process any requests.

This includes starting up, launching games and completing any updates. Coherent with the PS5 blinking White light, your TV screen may show a ‘No Signal’ error.

Along with the flashing White light, you may see the PS5 blinking or solid Blue light which will mean the same.

How to Fix PS5 Flashing White Light

PS5 Flashing White

How to fix PS5 flashing White

You can fix the PS5 flashing White light issue by rebooting your console. This will involve unplugging your Sony PlayStation from its plug point and waiting no less than one minute before you plug it back in. Ensure you have powered off your PS5 before you complete this to avoid losing any data.

If your PS5 is displaying the blinking White light before you have opted to shut your console down, this is a normal procedure and you will not need to do anything to your console.

To fix your PS5 from being frozen additional solutions you can follow include;

1. Force Shut Down PS5

A forced shut down on your PS5 can help get your console out of the frozen state, and bring it back to start up successfully.

Step 1. Press down on the ‘Power’ button for around 15 seconds

Step 2. After you hear two beeps, let go

Step 3. Wait for one minute

You can now restart your console.

2. Relaunch PS5 in Safe Mode

Safe mode on your console is beneficial for not only restarting your console but also avoiding any faulty software that may be on your device that is causing your PS5 to get stuck.

Step 1. Turn your PS5 off by pressing the power button down for roughly three seconds

Step 2.  Wait ten seconds and hold down the power button until you hear two sounds

Step 3. Insert the USB cable to connect your PS5 controller

Step 4. Click the PS button

Your Sony PlayStation will now be in safe mode. Note, this mode will only supply you with the basic functions of your console.

3. Check PS5 Cables

If your PS5 HDMI cable is damaged or faulty, this can interfere with the normal functioning of your console and may be the reason why you have the PS5 White light of death.

Test out the different ports available on your console, and exchange your HDMI for a different one.

What do The PS5 Colors Mean?

PS5 flashing White

What do the PS5 colours mean?

Besides the PS5 flashing or solid White light, your console will display a few other colours, which will mean different things. They are otherwise known as the PS5 ‘Power Indicator Lights’ and these colours include Blue, Orange and Red. Sony has done this to help users be aware of their console, and warn you if there is an issue that needs to be fixed. 

These PS5 colours mean;

  • No light = Your console is off
  • Blue to White = The PS5 is currently turning on
  • Solid White = The PlayStation on on and operational
  • Blinking Orange = Your PS5 transitioning into rest mode
  • Solid Orange = Rest mode is now active
  • Blinking White to no light = The console turning off
  • Flashing Red = PS5 is overheating

With this knowledge you will be able to always understand what status your PS5 in, and ensure it is always functioning.

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Why Won’t My PS5 Show Up on My TV?

Video gaming

PS5 HDMI not working no signal

Your PS5 will not show up on your TV if the HDMI cable that is connecting your console to your television is damaged. The TV will not receive the necessary data from your PlayStation which is why the ‘No Signal’ error will appear. Your cable may be fine but if the port is broken, no information will be able to be transmitted between the two devices.

You may also find that your PS5 is displaying a Black screen on your TV.

Along with your PS5 flashing White being a cause for why your console will not show up on your TV, additional reasons include;

  • Your television has been set to the incorrect channel
  • Your PS5 is connected into the wrong HDMI port on your TV
  • The HDCP setting on your PS5 is conflicting with your display
  • Resolution setting is too high

How to Fix PS5 Not Showing on TV

To stop the ‘No Signal Detected’ error from appearing on your screen when you connect your PS5, you can action the following troubleshooting tips;

  • Check you have your TV on the right channel to display your PS5
  • Change HDMI port
  • Update the resolution setting to a lower quality
  • Disable the HDCP configuration setting

Note, the HDCP on your PS5 is a default setting that automatically enabled. It is a certain type of technology that protects digital content from being copied. This can however, be a problem if your TV does not support it.


We hope you now understand why your PS5 is flashing White, and that you were able to get your console out of its frozen state with one of our easy solutions provided.

Along with all the other PS5 colour displays, you now know what they all mean, so you can keep your console active, and prevent any problems like overheating from causing more serious issues on your PlayStation.

If you are still experiencing problems with your PS5, we recommend you make use of the PlayStation Support page. If you are having difficulty accessing this portal, the PSN server may be down.

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