HTC Vive is a great way to enjoy virtual games, but if the Vive keeps going grey, it means there are some errors in your virtual reality headset. The virtual reality headset can stop working for many reasons, and it’s important to know the details before trying to fix it on your own. 

HTC Vive is a virtual reality headset used for gaming, education, and other purposes. HTC Vive has two sensors that keep track of your movement across the room. It comes with a Link box, a power adapter, HDMI cable, and a USB cable.  The two Vive controllers consist of power adapters, lanyards, and micro-USB cables. 

Virtual reality is the next step in the scientific revolution. HTC Vive is currently being used to give students virtual tours in educational facilities. It offers an immersive experience for gamers. below are a few quick fixes to this problem.

 Why Does My Vive Keeps Going GREY?

Vive needs a high technology computer to support it throughout the day.  If your Vive keeps going grey, there are certain problems in the internal wiring. Before trying to fix the errors, make sure the link box is properly attached. Ensure that all the wires are plugged in their sockets, and there are no external errors. If you are still facing errors, try out the given solutions.

  • Incorrect Installation

When installing the HTC Vive, make sure all the components are properly connected. The wires connecting to the USB port must match the HDMI slots in the Link Box. The slightest error in attaching the link box and the main computer will cause problems in Vive.

  • Incompatible Computer Or Motherboard

If your computer is not properly powered then it might not support the HTC Vive. An incompatible motherboard can also cause problems in the USB connectivity leading to a grey screen.

  • Incorrect USB Plug-Ins

The screen can go grey if the HTC Vive is not plugged in properly. According to the HTC Vive specialists, it should be plugged into USB port 2.0 instead of 3.0.

  • Outdated USB Drivers

The USB drivers on the motherboard that connect the sensors with Vive Headset might need an upgrade.

  • Web Camera Drivers Interfering With HTC Vive

The link box in other devices contains HTC Vive drivers. The HTC Vive drivers could disconnect and lose tracking of the controllers, and the screen turns grey.

  • Reflective Surfaces In The Room

Vive is highly sensitive to reflective surfaces that turn grey if it detects one in your room. Check the whole room for exposed reflective services.  

  • Overheated Vive Wireless Adapter

If the Vive wireless adapter can overheat when used for a long time. It can cause Vive to turn grey.

How Do I Fix My HTC Vive Grey screen?

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The VR sets of Vive are sensitive machines. They require precise settings when it comes to USB drivers, Steam VR, controllers, and base sensors. Like most virtual reality devices get disconnected, so does the Vive if not properly connected. Check to see if the following helps you resolve the issue. 

  • Unplug the Power Cord

If you are having a problem with the screen, the power cord in the link box might not be plugged in properly. Unplug the power cord, wait for sixty seconds and plug the cord again. See if this fixes the problem.

  • Interference Between The Head Set And The Receiver

An improper connection to the receiver can cause your HTC Vive to show you a green screen. Make sure you have a clear part between the headset, the receiver, and the transmitter.

  • Charge The Batteries

If you are trying to use a Vive headset with low batteries, it will affect the overall visual experience. Charge the batteries of your Vive headset and check to see if the problem is resolved.

  • Reduce Overclocking

If any of the components of the Vive are overclocking i.e., running at a higher speed, it may be the reason your Vive keeps turning grey.  After overuse, the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) fades to grey. Make sure you keep using it at its given capacity to avoid grey screen in the future.

  • Reboot Your Vive

Reboot the Vive headset if the grey screen persists. Your problem will resolve after a reboot, but please give it some time. 

  • Get A New USB Card

Check to see if the USB cards for your Vive and Index are compatible. Once the HTC Vive and the Steam VR are using compatible USB cards, you will not face the grey screen problem. 

How To Upgrade Softwares To Fix Vive Grey Screen Issues?

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When the Vive keeps going grey after taking all the precautionary measures, you might need to upgrade your software. Taking time to upgrade the software will remove many problems from your HTC Vive. All types of virtual reality headsets can run into errors, but these can be fixed in various ways.

  • Upgrade The USB Drivers

Outdated USB drivers can cause the Vive to turn grey. Contact the HTC Vive customer service to download the latest versions of USB drivers for your USB ports.  This should fix the error. You can resolve your issue by installing new USB drivers after connecting to your Vive.

  • Upgrade Your GPU

If the Grap Processing Unit is not up to the mark, it may cause problems on the screen. Make sure your GPU has GTX (Giga Texel Shader eXtreme) power of at least 1070. 

  • Update The BIOS

Ensure your Vive works properly by updating your motherboard. Update your BIOS by checking the latest updates on the internet. Download the latest version. This should resolve the issue.

  • Get A New USB Port

Buy a USB port that can support the high-powered Vive. Once you get the new port with four outlets, connect all the wires in the right ports and start the HTC Vive. If the Vive doesn’t turn grey then your problem is solved, and you can enjoy the latest games on your Vive headset. 


We have provided a step-by-step guide to check all the components of the HTC Vive. If your Vive keeps going grey, you will have found the solution by applying the information we provided. Make sure you follow all the instructions carefully and check all the links in your link box to fix the problem. The problem lies in the USB ports or USB cards most of the time, leading to disruptions. If you are experiencing a different problem with the HTC Vive you can contact the Vive specialists, and they will help you out with the problem.