Is it worth it to sign up for the Old School RuneScape membership? Do you think it’s good enough to play the game in F2P worlds? This article will explain why you would need a membership, how much the game membership costs, and what you need to play Old School RuneScape.

Old School RuneScape was created in 2013 from a backup of the 2007 game edition for traditionalists who wanted to return to the classic version of the MMORPG and relive the adventure in Gielinor.

The game fans have been asking if the OSRS membership is essential. A membership unlocks 90% of the game content and numerous features. But first, let’s find out the difference between RuneScape and Ols School RuneScape.

What’s the difference between RuneScape and Old School RuneScape?

Runescape membership

Following are the few differences between RuneScape 3 and Old School RuneScape.

  • Users like Old School RuneScape’s nostalgic feeling and charm, while RuneScape 3 has improved graphics.
  • The combat in Old School RuneScape is more like a turned-base system with fewer mechanics, while it is more complex and interactive in RuneScape 3.
  • Old School RuneScape combat works exceptionally well in PVP situations with strong weapons, but PVP in RuneScape 3 is complicated and pretty much non-existent.
  • Old School RuneScape 3 has a higher difficulty level to level up and max out than RuneScape 3.

Is there a subscription for Old School RuneScape?

Runescape membership subscription

Although you can obtain a free Old School RuneScape membership, there are many benefits to a paid membership. You can:

  • Unlock ten various skills to make your gameplay easier and unlock P2P quests to access powerful money-making methods.
  • Get the best armory and weaponry to play the game at its highest potential.
  • Unlock practical teleport methods such as Fairy Rinf Transportation System.
  • Unlock essential Prayers for the advanced gameplay to get more attack bonuses than the regular combat players.
  • Get New potions and foods to make your gameplay easier. You won’t need to pray with potions like the Prayer potion at the altar. Also, you can use Boosting potions to temporarily boost your skills to complete a quest or kill a Boss.
  • Get additional spellbooks rather than a standard spellbook for activities such as training your Prayer to kill Ensouled heads through the Arceuus spellbook.
  • Access 90% of the game map to make money more accessible in the P2P world than the F2P world. For example, Chambers of Xeric raiding or going to Kingdom of Great Kourend to kill Shamans for Dragon Warhammers. Furthermore, you can train combat skills much faster and get high-reward monsters to destroy.

How much is an Old School RuneScape membership?

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You can buy the Old Scool RuneScape membership with money or in-game currency. The game’s one-month membership is non-recurring. However, recurring subscriptions are offered via the in-game interface. You can also win the Old School RuneScape lifetime membership as a part of the competition.

If you are a free player and were never a game member before, you could get a 7-days of membership at no cost. However, the developers canceled the 7-day free special promotion as players exploited it by engaging in Real World Trading.

You can purchase the premium membership at the following prices.

Buy Old School RuneScape 3-Month Membership + OST at USD 29.99
Buy Old School RuneScape 6-Month Membership + OST at USD 49.99
Get Old School RuneScape 12-Month Membership + OST at USD 89.99
Old School RuneScape 1-Month Membership at USD 10.99

How do you get free membership on Old School RuneScape?

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You can obtain free Old School RuneScape membership in two different ways.

7-Day free trial method

When you go to your Old School RuneScape account settings tab and open up the store, you’ll notice that you have a 7-day free trial that you can cancel at any time before you get billed your monthly fee. However, you will need to set up a payment method to do so.

To do this, you need to subscribe to the Old School RuneScape and cancel it right away to get the 7-day membership for free. Once you have entered the payment details for a successful subscription, log out of your account and log in to the member’s world.

Next, a disclaimer will pop up notifying you that your free trial is started, and after seven days, your payment method will get charged. Now, go to the Old School RuneScape website and log in with your account credentials. Go to your account settings –> Manage your subscriptions –> Manage my account and log in one more time.

Afterward, you’ll see your one-month subscription. Choose the cancel option and put in any reason you want for cancellation. Now, you will not be billed any money, and you will still retain your seven-day free trial.

However, the trial method will only work once per Google account. Therefore, you’re not going to be able to spam this over and over again.

Google opinion’s reward method

Another way to get free Old School RuneScape membership is by using the Google opinions reward app. You will answer short surveys to get Google Play credit. To do this, go to your Play Store and download the Google opinions app. Next, launch the app and set up your account by putting in your name, age, gender, DOB, etc.

It is worth mentioning that you have to be honest in setting up the Google opinions reward account and answering the survey questions. If Google thinks that the information your put is superficial, they might stop sending you any surveys in the future.

After setting up the account, the next thing to do is choose a survey and fill in the answers. You may get $0.25 to $1 into your account after the survey is over. When you get enough Google credit, you can use it to buy the paid Old School RuneScape membership of your choice.


Old School RuneScape paid membership unlocks exciting features in the magical MMORPG. Many players choose to pay In-Game Gold for it. However, if you want to support the game, you can buy the subscription with real money. However, new players should test the game with the free trial method and purchase the membership afterward.