If you’ve made considerable amounts of progress overcoming the challenging battlegrounds with your squad in Battlefield 2042, you are probably hesitant in uninstalling the game off your console in case you will lose everything.

As long as you have an EA account, your in-game data will be saved to EA’s online server and not your device, as long as you are connected to the internet.

We have produced this informative guide to provide you with everything you need to know about uninstalling Battlefield 2042, so you can get back to the battle without worrying your achievements, rewards and medals won’t be saved.

If I uninstall Battlefield 2042 will I lose everything

if i uninstall battlefield 2042 will i lose everything

Will I love everything if I uninstall Battlefield 2042?

No, If you uninstall Battlefield 2042 off your current device, you will not lose everything. When you download a game, the software will be saved onto your account, and not your actual device. 

Modern games now include an ‘Automatic Save’ feature where your in-game progress will be uploaded to the gaming server, and certain game files will be updated in their folders.

In Battlefield 2042, every time you complete a mission, the game with auto-save. There is no option to manually save your progress.

How do you know if your mission has been saved? You will see a little white circle in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

It’s important to know that if you turn your console off during the saving process, the progress you have just made could be lost. Only turn your device off once the saving icon has disappeared.

Note, make sure your console is connected to the internet at all times during the auto-saving moments.

What happens if I uninstall and reinstall a game?

Uninstalling Battlefield 2042:

If you uninstall Battlefield 2042 off your device, you are only removing the local copy of the data, the original will already be synced to the cloud, and linked to your account.

Uninstalling the game will free up space, and get rid of any issues that may potentially be due to faulty files on your device.

Reinstalling Battlefield 2042:

Once you have uninstalled the game, it will still appear in your library, under ‘My Games & Apps’.

You will be able to reinstall it onto your console, as long as you have enough storage space.

Note, depending on what console you are using, you will have a tab called ‘Ready To Install’ where you will find your uninstalled games.

(Did you know; Battlefield is named 2042 because it is set 20 years after the War of 2020 in Battlefield).

How do you uninstall Battlefield 2042?


If I Uninstall Battlefield 2042 Will I Lose Everything

Uninstalling Battlefield 2042 off your console is quick and easy;

On PS5:

Step 1. From your home screen, click on the ‘Settings’ button

Step 2. Scroll down and select ‘Storage’

Step 3. Press ‘Games and Apps’

Step 4. You will be presented with all the games you currently have installed. Find and tick the box for Battlefield 2042

Step 5. Click the ‘Delete’ button at the bottom of your screen

Confirm you want the game deleted and leave your PS5 to complete the process.

A quicker way to delete the game would be;

From the Home menu > Select Battlefield 2042 > Options > Delete

Note, this will be the same for PS4.

On Xbox:

Step 1. Click on the ‘Xbox button’ on your controller

Step 2. Find and select ‘My Games & Apps’

Step 3. Choose ‘Games’

Step 4. Find Battlefield 2042 and highlight it to click on it

Step 5. Press ‘Manage Game’

Step 6. Now click ‘Uninstall All’

Confirm you want the game to be uninstalled.

On PC:

Step 1. Access the ‘Control Panel’

Step 2. Find ‘Programs’ and choose ‘Uninstall a Program’

Step 3. Right-click on Battlefield 2042

Step 4. Now select ‘Uninstall’

Battlefield 2042 will now be removed from your computer.

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If you would prefer to restore your PC to before Battlefield 2042 was downloaded, you can follow this method;

Step 1. Make sure all opened programs are closed

Step 2. Find ‘My Computer’ and right-click on it

Step 3. Press ‘Properties’

Step 4. Choose the ‘System Protection’ tab

Step 5. Now click on ‘System Restore’

Step 6. Choose the point when you want the restore to take place (this should be the time and date just before Battlefield 2042 was installed)

Step 7. Confirm you want the restore

Once this has been completed, Battlefield 2042 will be removed from your PC.

When will Battlefield 2042 not load

Battlefield 2042 will not load if the server is down.

If the server is not online due to an outage or planned maintenance, the auto-save function will not process successfully, and you will not be able to reinstall the game onto your console.

You will not lose everything if the server goes down while you are playing, however, your progress may not be saved.

If you witness longer then usual loading times, you should check the service status of Battlefield.


With your mission progress, customized character, and weapons, it’s important to make sure you will not lose this saved data if you had to uninstall your shooting game.

We hope this guide has supplied you with enough information to make you feel confident in uninstalling your game off your console or PC, knowing that you will still be able to come back and level up from where you left off.

You can contact the EA through their customer support page if you have any other issues you would like to query.

There is also a dedicated Twitter Page for Battlefield 2042, that will keep you up to date with any changes, or issues regarding the multiplayer game.