One of the most common complaints among VR users is that their Oculus screen is blurry. While this may seem trivial, it can take away from your digital gaming experience. it is hard to enjoy cross-platform games when youre distracted. As bothersome as it is, it is easy to fix. 

Oculus is a brand of virtual reality headsets owned by Meta Platforms (formerly known as Facebook). These headsets have changed the VR landscape. Not only are they better designed, but they also support more accessories and have better touch controllers. 

While this VR technology is far superior to its counterparts, it does come with its share of hiccups. A few users have reported that their Oculus screen is blurry. Before jumping into all the quick and easy solutions for this, let’s find out why you encountered this issue. 

Why does my Oculus look blurry?

Why does my Oculus look blurry?

Your VR is supposed to help you experience video in an immersive way. In the case of low-end headsets like Google Cardbox, the usual suspects are poor quality headsets and lenses. However, Oculus is known for its quality VR set. Keep reading to find out why your Oculus screen is blurry

Eyebox Issues

An Eyebox is that sweet spot in your headset that provides the best viewing experience. There are a couple of reasons why this could be lacking. Firstly. make sure that you have the proper lens spacing. This refers to the distance between yoru eyes and the screen. This changes from person to person, so make you’ve adjusted it according to your needs. All you need to do is adjust the headset’s strap or padding. 

Secondly, it may just be that your screen is foggy. This happens when there isn’t enough isolation between the lens padding and your headset. This means your screen will go up every time you breathe. 

Lastly, if you experience better resolution in the middle of the screen than you are in its periphery, this is because your VR set may be old. This Eyebox issue indicates that your set has reduced in quality over time. 

Low-Quality VR Games

Your compromised Oculus screen maybe because youre streaming low-quality games. This doesn’t have anything to do with your VR set. If your Oculus screen is blurry, it could depend on the individual game youre viewing. Perhaps they simply have bad quality. We recommend playing clearer quality games. 

How do I make my Oculus less blurry?

How do I make my Oculus less blurry?

Now that we’ve talked about the potential reasons why your Oculus screen is blurry let’s move on to how to fix this error. 

Solution 1: Keep Your Headset Clean

The single most important thing you can do for your set is keep it clean. This will prevent its quality from being diminished over time. We recommend cleaning it twice a day if you use it frequently. 

You may not think it, but even the smallest dust particles can leave residue on your glass surface.  A tiny amount of oil from your skin or hair makes the image blow out massively. Keep in mind that using a damp cloth or other ordinary fabrics will only leave more smudges. We highly suggest you run a microfiber cloth over your lenses. Make sure the cloth is used only for your VR and keep it clean. 

Solution 2: Wear Your Headset Correctly

Everyone’s head measurements are different. In order to ensure that the headset rests perfectly and your eyes align well with the lenses, be sure to adjust your strap. As we’ve mentioned before, there must be near perfect isolation between the lens padding the headset. This prevents any fog from building up. 

For an optimal viewing experience, rest the lower edge of your headset on your cheekbones. Make sure your headband cups the back of your head. 

Solution 3: Adjust the PSVR Scope

Did you know that oculus can play with PSVR? Adjusting your scope to get a more focused image can help a lot if your Oculus screen is blurry. Here is how you adjust the PSVR scope of your headset:

Step 1: Go to your PS4’s home screen and click Settings. Once youre there, navigate to Devices. 

Step 2: Select PlayStation VR and check how to put on the VR headset. 

Step 3: Adjust the set until you see all the letters clearly

Step 4: Move your head around in all directions until you notice the letters are in focus. 

Step 5: Turn on the dial adjustment on the back of your headband until youre comfortable. 

Solution 4: Adjusting the PSVR Eye Distance

Eye distance can make a massive distance in whether or not your Oculus screen is blurry, Here is how you can calibrate your eye distance in PSVR: 

Step 1: PS4 home screen > Settings > Devices. 

Step 2: Click on PlayStation VR Eye Distance 

Step 3: Customise your eye distance. The default is 63mm. 

Step 4: Save your settings to your profile. 

Solution 5: Adjusts the PlayStation Camera 

If youre playing on your PS4, try positioning yourself and your environment correctly. This helps PlayStation frame you within that boundary limit. However, if youre unable to do this, then try adjusting yoru PS camera. Adjust the settings correctly to see through your PSVR. 

Additionally, your Oculus headset will make you see unclearly due to dimmer lights. A quick fix to this is turning on your lights in the room. 

Solution 6: Increase TAA Sharpening (PC)

Though many people recommend the opposite, we believe that increasing your Temporal AA sharpening can help solve some of your blur problems. 

While some games give you this option within themselves, you may have to have to do this manually for others. This can be done through Windows. 


We hope this guide has helped you overcome this issue of your Oculus screen being blurry. We recommend you start with the basics—cleaning it properly and making sure it sits nicely on you. Contact Oculus for more assistance if you find that the problem still persists despite following all our tips. 

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