A Disney Plus black screen is not what we want to see as soon as we attempt to log into our account, or while we are trying to stream a movie.

A blocked IP address will prevent you from having access to the streaming service, which can be caused by an unusual login activity.

Or, have you changed your email address on multiple occasions while still using the same web browser to get a free trial on Disney+?

Getting rid of the black screen problem can be done by resetting your internet connection, or disabling extensions that may be blocking your device from accessing the Disney server.

With this easy to read directory, you will understand what could be causing this dark image display on your screen, and what you can do to fix this error, so you can get back to enjoying all of Disney’s latest content.

 Why is Disney Plus black screen?

Disney Plus black screen

Why is Disney Plus black screen?

If you log into Disney Plus and your screen comes up with a blank display, this can be due to Disney blocking your IP address so you are unable to access their content. This will either be because there is ‘suspicious’ activity being flagged up from your profile, or, the service is stopping you from having access to a new ‘free trial run’ from a different email address.

You should only use one email address to register an account with the service, however, Disney Plus can pick up on the same IP address being used with different email accounts.

This could be noted as ‘suspicious’ behaviour, with another form including an unusual login activity.

Other reasons why you may be experiencing a black screen on Disney Plus include;

Reason 1. Enabled extensions

If you are accessing Disney Plus through your web browser, or the app on your PC, certain browser extensions could be interfering with your app launching.

These extensions can include;

  • Adblocker
  • Plug-Ins
  • Cache and Cookie modifications

If you are making use of a VPN, this can also interfere with the communication request between your device and the Disney server.

Reason 2. Faulty Disney server

If the Disney server is currently down, this will interfere with the normal functioning of the app.

Sometimes, a server will be purposefully shit down for maintenance work, or, there could be an unplanned outage.

A faulty server can cause your Disney Plus app to display a black screen when you try and access its services. You can stay up to date with the service status of Disney.

Reason 3. Corrupt application files

The Disney Plus app installed on your device may have corrupt files included in its software.

The files could have become contaminated over time, or possibly during a previous update.

Corrupt files will cause issues when you try and access the Disney server because you will not be able to get a clear request through from your device.

Reason 4. Disney Plus internet connection error

With Disney Plus being an online streaming service, a strong, stable internet connection is vital in the app being able to load and stream without any buffering issues.

If your network provider is unable to supply a strong connection with adequate internet speeds, Disney Plus will be affected, and incur the blank screen issue.

Reason 5. Disney Plus cache files

Every time you launch Disney Plus, temporary files called ‘cache’ get automatically stored onto your device.

This is to improve the overall performance, however, over time the files can become too full and corrupted which will result in issues like a blank screen on startup, or streaming problems.

How to fix Disney Plus black screen

Disney Plus black screen

How to fix Disney Plus black screen

If Disney has blocked your IP address from having access to the Disney Plus server, you can contact one of Disney’s support team members to unblock your IP address, otherwise, you can get in touch with your network service provider to rectify any issues on your IP.

If you are unable to change your IP address, or Disney cannot unblock it, you can try launching the app on a different Wifi network.

Instead of changing your email address to get free trial runs on the service, you can register an account with Disney to solidify your details.

Refrain from trying to log into your account on multiple different devices in a short period as this will be flagged up as ‘suspicious login activity’.

If your IP address is not blocked from Disney, there are 4 easy fixes you can try to help get rid of the black screen;

Fix 1. Disable extensions

Your extensions could be blocking your access to Disney Plus, which is why your display is presenting you with a greyed out screen.

If you have adblocker’s enabled, turn these off, as well as any plug-ins or modifications.

Once these are disabled, restart your device and open Disney Plus again. Your display should be back to normal when you get to the login page.

Fix 2. Check internet connection

Disney+ requires 25Mbps to stream on 4K, and at least 5Mbps for standard quality.

A black screen can occur while a program is playing if Disney is experiencing buffering issues.

Check your internet speeds and reset your Wifi router to improve its connection to get rid of any intermittence, or lagging.

To reset your router, it is recommended to unplug it and wait a couple of minutes before reconnecting.

Fix 3. Reinstall Disney+

Your current Disney Plus app may be faulty with corrupted files.

Uninstall (or delete) the app off of your device, followed by completing a restart. This will make sure all current software will be deleted.

Reinstall Disney Plus by accessing your app store, or searching for it on your Smart TV in the ‘apps’ tab.

Once Disney has been downloaded again, relaunch the app and log in.

Fix 4. Remove cache files

Erasing the built-up cache files on your device will free up storage space.

This will also get rid of any corrupted files that may be causing the Disney Plus black screen.

How to clear the cache on Disney Plus on Android (mobile and TV):

Step 1. Access ‘Settings’

Step 2. Click on ‘Apps’ and find ‘Disney Plus’

Step 3. Select the app and press ‘Storage’

Step 4. Now choose ‘Clear Cache’

If you are on iOS, you will need to delete Disney+ and reinstall it to erase the cache files.

Why is Disney Plus buffering?

Disney Plus black screen

Why is Disney Plus Buffering

Disney Plus will be a blank screen if it is stuck on buffering. Buffering will occur when your streaming service is trying to download data onto your device. If this download phase gets interrupted, it will start lagging and be unable to produce an image. 

There are a few factors that can cause your Disney Plus app to buffer;

  • Unstable internet connection
  • Outdated Disney+ app
  • Resolution setting is set too high
  • Faulty system files

How do I stop Disney Plus from buffering?

You can stop Disney Plus from buffering by completing a few of these easy solutions;

  • Reboot your internet connection
  • Update Disney Plus app
  • Restart your device
  • Lower your image resolutions
  • Reinstall the app

(Did you know; Disney Plus was the most downloaded app on Google Play Store and Apple app store in 2019, with TikTok being in second place, and Facebook Messenger third.)


With this guide, we hope you have been able to fix the black screen issue when you come to log into your Disney Plus app.

If you were witnessing a blank screen due to a buffering issue, we hope that it has been resolved with our simple tips, so you can get back to watching all your favourite Disney classics without any further interruptions.

If you are still having trouble with your online streaming service, we suggest you directly contact Disney Plus.

You can also check out Disney Help on Twitter to stay up to date with any current issues.