Wondering “Why is my O2 SMS not working?” Don’t worry, youre not alone. Many people have reported not being able to send and receive SMS messages via the O2 network. This can be a huge inconvenience, especially when you need to communicate with someone urgently. Keep reading to know why this happens. 

Virgin Media’s O2 platform has quickly become the leading provider of connectivity services in the UK. The platform supports four different mobile virtual networks: Giffgaff, Sky Mobile, Tesco Mobile, and Lycamobile.

Although the platform is responsible for providing a large percentage of the population with 4G and SMS features, it’s not immune from issues. Before we dive into “Why is my o2 SMS not working”, let us talk about what the SMS services by O2 are. 

What is O2?

What is O2?

Virgin Media O2 was launched in June 2021. It is an amalgam of the UK’s most extensive and most dependable mobile network. It includes a broadband network that offers the fastest widely-available broadband speeds. O2 is a corporate brand venture (50:50) between Liberty Global and Telefónica SA and are one of the UK’s most prominent businesses.

Virgin Media O2 offers its clients a range of connectivity services, all in one place. The company boasts of nearly 45 million UK connections across broadband, mobile, TV, and landlines. 

One of their most recent services is the Short Message Service (SMS). 

SMS Messaging Services From O2

SMS Messaging Services From O2

With Virgin Media O2, youre able to communicate with your employees and clients in the most efficient way possible. There are three common ways people use the O2 SMS services:

1. Notifications:

 You can use the platform to send one-way messages to i9ndividuals and groups of mobile subscribers. As a business, these one-way features can be beneficial to you in that you’ll be able to send bulk information to your target audience. 

You can also send personalised information such as billing statements via SMS. Moreover, your clients can be notified about new retail sales etc., via apps theyve installed. 

2. Two-Way Communication: 

SMS messaging services from O2 can be two way as well. That’s right! As an organization, you can now send your clients and opted-in contacts an SMS containing links to online surveys. This also helps send SMS surveys that require the clients to answer questions by texting back. 

Moreover, you can text your bank for the latest statements. 

As an individual, you can also text the bank details of your travel dates and even notify your city councils to report crimes or accidents. 

3. Channel Integration:

Through channel integration, messages are created once and can be delivered using the right channel for your client. This could mean that you can convert voice messages and emails into SMS messages to be delivered to the client. This can work the other way round as well. 

A scenario where this is useful is in case of a network outage. If one does occur, an SMS can be sent to your team notifying them that they will be entered into a conference bridge. 

Why is My O2 SMS Not Working

Why is My O2 SMS Not Working

There are a couple of reasons why your O2 SMS isn’t working. Users usually encounter this error after any kind of network issue. Did you recently experience a widespread network outage? 

Another reason why your O2 SMS isn’t working is that youre using an incorrect sender ID. This is primarily due to the fact that different countries and carriers have different rules as to what can be entered into the “from” field. 

Tips for Resolving O2 SMS Issue 

Tips for Resolving O2 SMS Issue

Now that we’ve answered the question of “Why is my O2 SMS not working?” let’s figure out how to fix this problem. Check out some quick tips and tricks below: 

Contact the Message Center

Ensure that you have the correct number for your message centre saved on your phone. Open your SMS app and change your message settings to check. 

  • The Pay and Go number is  +447802092035
  • ThePay Monthly number is +447802000332

Make sure you’re including the plus (+) sign before the number. 

Problems Receiving SMS Messages:

In the event that you’re encountering issues receiving a text, there are one or two simple steps you can take to resolve this issue on your own. Occasionally dust and debris can accumulate on your sim card and cause a hi8nderance in its function.

To clean your sim card, turn off your mobile and remove the sim card. Wipe the gold tab delicately with a dry, lint-free cloth, blow into the sim compartment within the versatile, and after that, put it back in your mobile and turn it back on. 

Reconnect with Your O2 Network 

We suggest you try to force your phone to disconnect from the network and then reconnect. This usually refreshes your mobiles’ connection to O2. This can usually help your undelivered messages push through. 

To perform a manual network selection, within the ‘Network Selection’ settings of your mobile, select ‘manual’ rather than ‘auto’.

Your mobile will begin looking for available networks. This only takes a few minutes. Next, select Vodafone, and you’ll get an error message similar to ‘Connection Failed. Repeat this once more, but select O2, and you’ll get a ‘Success’ or ‘Connected’ message or something along these lines.

Experiencing Problems with One Contact 

If you’re encountering issues with just a single contact, it is more than likely that the number has accidentally been blocked. Another possibility is that it’s been included in the blocked list either by yourself or the other person. 

Blocked lists can be separate in SMS apps and call settings, so it is crucial that you check both lists, both by yourself and the other individual. Check the lists within the phone’s SMS app settings and the call settings menu.


We hope that you found this guide on “Why is my O2 SMS not working?” helpful. In order to resolve this error, begin by first checking whether you can send/ receive an SMS message from one contact or if it’s more people. If you find yourself still running into these issues, consider getting in touch with O2’s customer care.